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10 Things You Don't Know About Kris Hartvigsen

Kris Hartvigsen is the founder and the current CEO of Dooly, a tech company based in Vancouver, Canada. The company eases updating of Salesforce, taking of sale notes, and managing other work-based paperwork. Kris studied Multimedia studies at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Sales, and Marketing degree from The University of British Columbia. Read on to find out interesting things that you didn't know about the technology company CEO.

1. He Began Working Young

His first job was when he was a kid; he was a paperboy. He worked as a salesperson for many years growing up, and his last job as a salesperson was selling windshield cleaners at his university. He would also sell sweaters from Ecuador to pay for his tuition fees. He has a passion for whatever he is doing, which is why he's been able to advance his career as far as he has over the years.

2. He Lost His Dad

Kris lost his father after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Though he had undergone surgery and his family assumed that the worst was over, he passed away. Kris is filled with nostalgic emotions remembering his father and the quality time they spent together participating in activities such as golf. His father's death happened when he was hitting great milestones in his career. A major one is when his seed investment began to become prosperous and became a Series A. This filled him with mixed reactions of joy and great grief. In memorial of his father, he added an API feature called 'Doodad.'

3. He Was an Outstanding Salesperson

Kris started as a mere salesperson. According to LinkedIn, in July of 1994 he was a corporate salesman at a company called Doppler. He worked for Doppler for 2 years and 4 months. In September of 1996, he joined Matrix as a Canadian sales manager, where he went on to serve the company for two years and one month. He later joined Forefront Graphics where he served as a regional manager for two years and five months. In March of 2001, he became a Business Development Manager at Bell Microproducts. He was then a Sales Manager at Sophos since. He began his career with Sophos in early 2004, but he did not spend much time there.

4. He is the Founder of Dooly

Dooly was Founded On December 14th, 2014, and has been in business since. The company's headquarter is situated in Vancouver, Canada. He founded the company for several reasons. He was tired of the job he was already in, and he wanted something different. Additionally, he realized during his earlier career that his time was not being utilized wisely. He spent more time pushing paperwork than doing his actual job, and he realized there was a market for a product that would reduce the amount of paperwork employees were required to handle. Time is money, and he knew that something like Dooly would allow businesses to ensure they were wasting less time and making more money. In collaboration with Justin Vaillancourt, he came up with the idea of starting Dooly. According to, Dooly was created to help reduce paperwork and time spent and increase productivity in the workplace.

5. He Served As an Employee At Vision Critical

He was an employee at Vision Critical for approximately nine years. While at Vision Critical, he took on many roles in addition to being a salesperson. Kris found himself in May 2005 working as the SVP in international and media relations at Vision Critical, where he would handle sales for media and entertainment audiences and corporate international growth. In October of 2008, he was promoted to Managing director of sales and services.

6. He Closed The Largest Deal at Vision Critical

A few years after joining Vision Critical, Kris was promoted to head of client development. After being assigned this role, he showed he was a real asset to the company. He closed one of the biggest deals in the company's history after closing the deal at $1.6 million. He doubled the companies sales force, leading to increased sales. After having his firstborn, he realized that he wanted to move back to Canada, so he became the general manager in products for Vancouver, Canada. His final position at Vision Critical was as an EVP for strategic alliances. This was in January of 2013. He worked alongside the Chief Strategic Officer to help develop and execute an alliance strategy to ensure Vision Critical's products are broadened in product visibility, product distribution, and capabilities. After working at Vision Critical for more than nine years of his life, he made the difficult decision to leave the company and venture out on his own.

7. He Was A Freelance Strategic Advisor

After walking out of Vision Critical, Kris became a freelance Strategic advisor for sales and sales leadership. He would assist brands as they worked on growing their business and their reach by studying every possibility that would be best suited for the growth of the specific brand. He then advised each company on the best course of action for their business.

8. He is Bilingual

Hartvigsen is fluent in both English and French, though his French is primarily conversational. Mastering a second language enough to even use it conversationally is a feat in and of itself.

9. He Enjoys Voluntary Services

Kris served as a volunteer in different organizations beginning with The C100, where he was a member. The organization is focused on Science and Technology. Kris has been a member of the organization since June 2018. He has also been interactive with children when volunteered at Forest Hills Little League from September 2015 until July 2017.

10. He is A Baseball fan

He is a fan of baseball. In 2017 he was the Director of Coaching at North Shore Baseball Association. His role was to help kids learn team spirit, to help them learn the game, and to encourage them to become good sports while also being the best that they can be on the field. He enjoyed that time on the field with those children during his tenure as a volunteer with the program.

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