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10 European Entrepreneurs Under 30 To Watch out For

Entrepreneurs are priceless gems in all economies because they bring innovation to the world by taking well-calculated risks. That is why regardless of the tensions caused by the controversial and conflicting Brexit, young business minds are still turning upstarts into million global giants and some even hitting the billion dollar mark. The budding billionaires exhibit different aptitudes and philosophies, but they are all hardworking, innovative and risk takers. Europe enjoys over 500 million consumers and the budding consumers just had to answer their needs in a pioneering, innovative and convincing way. By studying the following ten of the following top under 30 entrepreneurs, you’ll pick up some pretty insightful business ideas and corporate strategies.

1. Mate Rimac

The world is rapidly moving from diesel and petrol vehicles to electric cars. That’s why Elon Musk is pretty big, apart from his space exploration of course. Well, Mate Rimac is the young Croatian CEO and founder of Rimac Automobili. He is already enjoying huge profits, but we all know that he is going to have a bigger grasp in the future transport industry. Rimac Automobili develops high-performance electric vehicles. In fact, the company already produced the world’s fastest electric vehicle for public and global consumption. Apart from complex battery systems, aggressive Rimac also started producing cutting-edge and fast electric Greyp Bikes.

2. Kriti Sharma

This young female Vice president is overseeing the UK’s biggest communication tech firm that is fast replacing customer service models for mega-corporates. Her input towards chatbot development is exceptional, and the contribution comes with huge ethical developments. For instance, she is opposed to the development of artificial intelligence that mimics humans. Her major contributions are within the business and financial realms. Through her leadership, AI and Bots at Sage develops bots that guarantee high levels of user-friendliness.

3. Dr. Max Polyakov

This Ukranian is an ambitious businessman with robust capabilities in developing cutting edge medical technology. By bringing innovation to medicine, he has also been able to explore and succeed in making drones, artificial intelligence and space tech through the Firefly Aerospace that he funds via his Noosphere Ventures. He pulled Firefly Aerospace from the gutters of bankruptcy and renamed it from the previous Firefly Space Systems.

4. Konstantin Rangelov

This young Bulgarian co-founded and leads the technical operations of Dronamics. The company is developing a cargo drone that flies unmanned and carries heavy loads over long distances. It is going to change the game of aviation because it will be much cheaper than any commercial cargo airplanes. His future is promising from the prospects that his company will be able to revolutionize global trade via his cheap and unmanned international deliveries.

5. Alice Zagury

This business genius understands that the best way to beat capitalism is to provide capital to the most innovative and industrious startups that are suffering from capital insufficiency. She is French, young and the CEO of the Family that she co-founded. The Family is an accelerator that financially backs more than 270 startups. It also contributes to the growth of the startups under its umbrella by providing them with education and training.

6. Josephine Goube

This French lady decided that she would use her innovation for good and humanitarian reasons. She is widely referred to as the humanitarian innovator with a golden heart, and her selfless ambitions are coupled by brilliant entrepreneurial business acumen. Through her Techfugees, she has been fortunate enough to spearhead the concerted efforts of the global technology family in helping out refugees to apply for refugee status, access education, working opportunities and new citizenships.

7. Gert van Vugt

This guy is from the Netherlands, and he’s done so much for the environment in his less than thirty years of life that he qualifies in this list. His life’s ambition is to completely cut out carbon emissions in the construction industry via his Sustainer Homes. He has overseen and facilitated hundreds of homes and achieved to cut out over 90 percent of the traditional carbon emission incurred in the process. He even aspired to build three robust and eco-friendly neighborhoods by end of 2018.

8. Oliver Dlouhý

Oliver is from the Czech Republic, but he enjoyed profits of over nine million dollars in 2017 alone from flights made globally. No, he doesn’t own any aviation hardware, but he has over 1,700 employees under his payroll. He simply designed and launched in 2012 to provide global travelers with flight price comparisons. managed to make flight ticket sales of over 805 million dollars in 2017, a triple of what it made the previous year.’s annual revenue keeps tripling from its launch in 2012.

9. Christine Spiten

In 2015, this former sailing champion co-founded Blueye. The Norwegian company is run by the passionate sailor, and it has 19 fulltime employees. Christine’s startup develops innovative smartphone-operated underwater drones that are capable of navigating the sea at 150 meters under the water surface. The drone’s robotics borrows heavily from the locomotion adaptations of fish.

10. Erik Gatenholm

Erik is Swedish, and he is surprisingly convincing. That is why he had the guts to start a company that develops 3D printing that creates human organs for medical research. Yes, such innovation requires spirited funding and sales pitches. As co-founder of Cellink, the company under which he operates, he’s been able to win over Takara Bio and MIT as its major clients.

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