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10 Things You Didn't Know About Ritesh Arora

Ritesh Arora is a businessman and entrepreneur from the country of India. He is the leader of a company called BrowserStack. He achieved success in the world of the executive leadership of a very successful company at a young age. For young entrepreneurs who are just starting, this is a dream come true, but how did Ritesh come to be so successful? We looked into his personal and career history to learn more about Mr. Arora. We made some interesting discoveries that you might just find inspiring. Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Ritesh Arora that may give you ideas of how to go about your own business ventures.

1. Ritesh Arora is the CEO at BrowserStack

According to Crunchbase, in addition to serving as the chief executive officer of BrowserStack, he is also a co-founder of the company. This means that he is also the part-owner of the private for-profit business. He and his business partner established the company in April of 2011. He has been at the helm of the operation for a total of 10 years so far.

2. Ritesh Arora is an angel investor

In addition to running a very successful tech company, Mr. Arora serves as an investor who helps other young startup companies to raise funds. So far, he has made two investments. In November of 2019, he invested an undisclosed amount in a company called GreyAtom. His second investment was in a seed round of venture capital funding for a company called Hashnode. Ritesh invested $2.1 million in the startup.

3. He was educated in India

Ritesh Arora enrolled in classes at the Indin Institute of Technology Bombay in 2002. He spent four years at the institute completing his studies in computer science. He graduated with his BTech in Computer Science in 2006.

4. He leads with humanity and a caring attitude toward his employees

Mr. Arora faced some difficult decisions when the pandemic swept through the world. He responded with swift action to help protect the members of his staff in India and other locations throughout the world. While some may have been considered essential for keeping the business running, he switched the company to a new model that allowed them to work from home remotely. Although this was an expensive decision, he shared openly that the new model was to help protect everyone in the company from the threat of this potentially fatal illness. The work from the home model also allowed everyone to continue working and bringing in the resources they need to support their families.

5. He is a team player

Ritesh Arora leads by example and he shows everyone what it means to be a part of a dynamic and caring team. According to the official BrowserStack website, he has a philanthropic spirit and he has made every effort to help others who are in need during this difficult time. He stated that the well-being of workers is a top priority. He also asked his staff to let him know if they were aware of any students, teachers, or others who required the open-source projects and sponsored subscriptions that were available during the pandemic. He reiterated that everyone is in this fight together and encouraged them to stay safe.

6. Ritesh Arora is an award-winning entrepreneur

Mr. Arora has received accolades for his success and leadership of the tech company BrowserStack. He is credited with leading the company in a positive direction that makes a remarkable impact on the industry and in the lives of the customers that the enterprise serves. BrowserStack has been the recipient of two major awards within its industry niche.

7. BrowserStack is recognized by Forbes

Owners and leaders reach a pinnacle of success when their businesses receive accolades from the prestigious Forbes Magazine. Mr. Arora received this distinction when his company BrowserStack was named to the Forbes Cloud 100 list. The list was developed by a panel of 34 public cloud-company CEO judges, which means that he is respected among his peers.

8. He has expanded his company to international status

BrowserStack was launched in Mr. Arora's home country of India. It has grown and prospered within the borders of its home country and beyond. The enterprise has secured $50 million in funding which is the largest amount ever raised in the history of India's tech industry. BrowserStack also has a global presence with headquarters located in Mumbai, in Dublin, Ireland, and San Francisco, California in the United States. It also received accolades as a part of LinkedIn's 25 most attractive startups in India. Ritesh Arora has a lot to be proud of. The company that he built from the ground up has grown exponentially.

9. He started as a software developer

According to his LinkedIn page, Ritesh Arora listed his first job after graduating from college as a software developer. He worked for a company called Lime Labs LLC. He was employed from August of 2006 through April of 2009, spending 2 years and 9 months in the position. He left the job to pursue his dreams of becoming a business owner and launching a new startup. He gained the necessary experience to venture out on his own.

10. He is a serial entrepreneur

Mr. Arora has founded several companies. After leaving his job at Lime Labs, he joined forces with a partner and co-founded a company called This was his first business venture. The company launched in December of 2007 in Noida Area, India. He stayed with QuarkBase for 2 years and 8 months, leaving in July of 2010. While Ritesh was still working at, he went in on another business venture. He and a partner launched yet another company called in April of 2009, also in the Noida Area, India. He remained with the business for 2 years and 11 months, leaving in February of 2012. He worked two jobs also while working with as he launched his third company, BrowserStack in 2011.

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