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How Juan Manuel Márquez Achieved a Net Worth of $20 Million

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Juan Manuel "Manny" Márquez is one of the world's greatest boxers of all time. He competed in many boxing divisions throughout his more than two-decade career and won the world titles, four different divisions. Growing up in a tough Mexico City neighborhood, his parents taught him and his siblings the value of religion, education and positive activities. Manny followed his father and brother into the world of boxing which helped Manny become a millionaire. Manny's humble background caused him to accept smaller purses for more matches, and they ended up adding up. At almost 47 years old, Manny is retired from boxing and is able to enjoy his career as a commentator and is able to enjoy time with his beautiful family. Here's how Juan Manuel Márquez achieved a net worth of $20 million.


Throughout his career, Juan Manuel Márquez has competed in many weight divisions in the boxing ring. These divisions include welterweight, lightweight, super featherweight and featherweight. Manny won seven world titles in four divisions. These include three titles in the 136 pound divisions, two titles in the 135 pound divisions and one title each in the 130 pound and the 140 pound division. Overall in Juan Manuuel Márquez's boxing career, he has won 56 out of 64 bouts with only seven losses and one draw.


Juan Manuel Márquez began his professional boxing career in 1993 at the age of nineteen. Having trained for eight years, he was ready. He had a successful career through his retirement in 2017. Márquez won many titles throughout his career. His most notable opponents were Manny Pacquiao and Marco Antonio Barrera. In 2008 Márquez lost to Pacquiao in their first bout against each other. In 2012, Márquez earned $5 million in his third fight against Pacquiao. If he hadn't won, Márquez could have had a rematch which would have earned him $10 million. In 2014 Márquez defeated Mike Alvardo after twelve rounds for the purse of $1.6 million.


Juan Manuel Márquez was well known for his skills in the boxing ring that helped him establish and carry on his professional career for over two decades. Whereas his brother Rafael's nature was more outgoing, Manny's has always been more reserved, leading to a mystery in the ring. However, Manny's skills in the boxing ring were always fast, technical and tough. He excelled in combos but could certainly through counter punches as well.

Growing Up In Mexico City

Juan Manuel Márquez was born in Mexico City on August 23, 1973. He is one of eight children of Rafael and Maria Márquez. Manny and his siblings grew up in the poor and rough neighborhood of Iztacalco. As devout Roman Catholics, Rafael and Maria instilled in their children the value and importance of prayer and education. They insured that their children would not succumb to the gang violence and drugs that surrounded them. Manny and his older brother, Rafael Jr., were particularly interested in learning to box. Their father was a boxer and helped train his sons in boxing in a small bedroom in their home. Despite becoming a professional boxer at the age of 19, Manny also completed an accounting degree at a Mexico City trade school. During his early boxing career, Manny also worked as accounting for government agencies.

Following in His Brother's Footsteps

Rafael Márquez Jr. had a successful career in professional boxing. He won the World Championship int he bantamweight division encouraging his younger brother to follow in his footsteps. Both brothers first learned boxing from their father. They both trained under Ignacio "Nacho" Beristain and his assistant Gilbert Márquez. One of "Nacho's" training included taking trainees to the Mountains of Nevada de Toluca to train in the harsh terrain that was isolated with no electricity or running water. Both Rafael and Manny benefited from "Nacho's" tough training techniques.


The Márquez family has always been close. Growing up, Manny was particularly close with his big brother Rafael because of their shared love of boxing. The brothers always hung out together. In fact, when Manny began dating his now wife Erika, his brother Rafael began dating Erika's older sister, Araceli. Both couples are now married. Manny married Erika in 1996. Erika supported her husband's boxing career but wasn't disappointed when he decided to retire. Manny and Erika have three children, Aldo, Juan and Allison ("Gigi"). Manny loves spending time with his children. Although he says he would never push his sons into boxing, he'd certainly support them if that were the path they chose. He's grateful for the effort his father and older brother put into help him become the boxer he could be.


Winnings from his career have helped Juan Manuel Márquez achieve a net worth of about $20 million. The conservative professional boxer often took on matches with smaller payouts but his strength as a boxer helped these payouts add up. Márquez did run into a serious instance where he was taken advantage of for his wealth. In 2015 he found out that a father and son con-artist duo took advantage of him and stole $2.3 million from him in United States tax returns between 2012 and 2013. A lawsuit is pending against Adel and Heber Cotton JP Morgan Chase Bank and Company. The allegations include money laundering and forging a Power of Attorney in Juan Manuel Márquez's name at Chase Bank branches in Los Angeles, California.

With a bout of injuries over the years and a lot of contemplation, Juan Manuel Márquez decided to retire in 2017. He announced his retirement on August 4, 2017. He's grateful for the wonderful career he had as a professional boxer and of course for all of his wins. Since his retirement, Manny mostly loves spending more time with his wife and children. Since 2011 he has served as a commentator for ESPN's "Golpe and Golpe" boxing program and is able to spend more time doing this. Manny is an active member of the PRI, Institutional Revolutionary Party. During his boxing career he was featured in the Fight Round 2 video game and admits to love playing video games with his children.


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