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10 Things You Didn't Know About Kabir Shahani

Kabir Shahani

Kabir Shahani is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of a company called Amperity, a technology firm that is performing beyond expectations under his leadership. To learn more about his secrets to success, we looked into his personal and career history. We made some interesting discoveries that you might find helpful. Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Kabir Shahani that gave us better insights into his success.

1. Shahani is also the co-founder of Amperity

According to Crunchbase, Kabir is not only the leader of Amperity, but he is also the founder of the company. he and a partner launched the venture in January of 2016. They shared the vision of using data and software to help make marketing and analysts more successful in their endeavors to establish respected consumer brands.

2. He is a serial entrepreneur

Amperity is not the first business that Mr. Shahani has established. Before Amperity, he founded a company called Appature. It was a firm that also health with relationship marketing by providing clients with a platform for enabling deeper customer relationships between brands and their clientele. That business was also a tech company that used n integrated data infrastructure with multi-channel campaign tools and analytics.

3. He is an award-winning entrepreneur

Kabir Shahani has been publicly recognized for his business successes. in 2009, he was named by Business Week to their "Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs of 2009" list. Just two years later, he made it to the Puget Sound Business Journal's "40 Under 40" list as an honor. The following year in 2012, Kabir was the recipient of the "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" award by the U.S. SBA. These are significant achievements for a young businessman who has only been active for a few short years.

4. He is skilled in multiple aspects of big business

Kabir Shahani has received a lot of positive attention because of the impressive business track record he has established for himself. He has started two successful companies in the tech industry and led them forward to success. He is familiar with what it takes to bootstrap a young company and run on meager resources to make things work out during the lean times. He also has experience in leading the way through an initial public offering to take a company to the public exchange for trading.

5. Kabir Shahani started in management

According to Bloomberg, before Mr. Shahani became a business owner, he worked for other companies in the tech industry. He worked for Blue Dot Services, Inc as a Director of Business Development. He joined Blue Dot Services in June of 2005, and worked there for nearly a year and a half, leaving in November of 2006 to pursue other business endeavors. While he served as a director, he learned a lot about middle management and overseeing other staff members, motivating them to work together to achieve common goals for the company they all worked for. He understands the value of teamwork and collaboration.

6. He was educated in Seattle

Mr. Shahani attended the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. He studied the discipline of informatics at the institution. He completed his program of study and graduated with his bachelor's degree in the field of informatics. This knowledge that he gained through his coursework gave him a solid foundation for moving forward with his career interests.

7. Shahani's first company was sold

According to the Amperity website, The first company that Mr. Shahani founded, called Appature was acquired by IM Health in 2012. The event took place just six years after it was launched. The funds that he earned, as a result, helped him to move forward with yet another career interest, leading to the founding of Amperity, which is performing very well in its area of the market. His experiences with Appature were educational and it solidified his breadth of knowledge and experience, helping him to hone his skills in the entrepreneurial arena. When he entered into the venture to launch Amerity, he did so with more insight into what works and what doesn't.

8. Kabir Shahani is a Kansas City Native

According to BuzzSprout, Kabir was raised in the state of Kansas, in the Kansas City area during his early years. When he was in fifith grade, his family relocated to the Pacific Northwest, settling in Seattle, Washington, where he now resides and works at Amperity.

9. Kabir was influenced by his parents

Mr. Shahani is a product of his upbringing. Growing up he watched his mother and father work hard to support and care for their family. This is something that stuck with him for his entire life. It is where he learned that hard work is the only way to get ahead in life. He also made a mental note that Kansas City was not a very diverse area, which had a profound effect on him. He felt that he was different because of the lack of diversity. His feelings did not hold him back or prevent him from achieving his true potential. They were feelings that he did not allow to interfere with his belief in himself and the value of getting ahead through diligence and commitment.

10. He has served in multiple leadership roles

Kabir has done a lot in his career. He not only served as a director, but after he sold Apperture to IMS Health, he continued with the company. He worked as its vice president of technology for some time. He left the job and took time off to learn more about himself and think about what he wanted to do with his life. This led him to his next venture with Amperity. He shows us that it can be good to take a break, clear your head and think about your next move before committing. Amperity has expanded its offices to include Seattle, New York, and Denver affiliations.

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