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How Kawhi Leonard Achieved A Net Worth of $35 Million

Kawhi Leonard

Kahwi Leonard is a superstar in the National Basketball Association who has twice been named MVP in helping his team make it to the finals. His impressive skills and statistics for points scored in gameplay has resulted in Leonard being highly valued by team owners who make sure that a generous contract offer is placed before him when it's time to sign. Kahwi has amassed a fortune that is estimated to be at $35 million as of the Spring of 2020, but how did he get so rich? There are a lot of pro basketball players in the NBA who haven't made this much money from the game. Is it possible that he really made this much playing basketball? We checked out his career history to try to learn more about how he has worked this magic and here is what we found out.

His early years

Kahwi Leonard was born on June 29, 1991. He will be 29 years old on his upcoming birthday in 2020. His home town is Los Angeles, California. His parents, Mark Leonard and Ki Robertson named him Kawhi Anthony Leonard. He grew up in the Los Angeles area. He suffered a tragedy when his father was murdered at his car was center in 2008. Still, Leonard maintained a positive trajectory with his eyes on the prize of becoming a professional basketball player. Kawhi is the kind of guy who is focused and goal-driven. He's aware of his strengths and he works to improve his weaknesses. This is the attitude that we've seen him exhibit throughout his career as a basketball player.

Leonard showed high potential for becoming an amazing basketball player when he was a teen playing for his Southern California high school basketball team. He gained the attention of college recruiters, but in the end, he made the choice to stay close to home for school. He settled on San Diego State University where he was welcomed into the Aztecs team. He spent two years on the team leading the group to the NCAA tournament each season. He achieved a great deal of notoriety as a standout in defense.

He made the NBA Draft in college

After his sophomore year at San Diego State, Kahwi was declared for the NBA Draft and made it in as an overall 15th pick. Although the Pacers scooped him up they traded him to the San Antonio Spurs. During his second season with the team, he had made some huge improvements in his game. By season 3 the stats for the team showed an upward trajectory of 50 wins, then 58 wins, and 62 wins by the end of season 3. When the Spurs made it to the NBA Finals, Leonard impressed everyone with a 61% shot rate and he was awarded the title of MVP for the playoffs.

He showed his worth with the Spurs

Kawhi played for the Spurs from 2011 through 2018, and while he was a member of the team he earned a variety of recognitions and honors. Winning the NBA Championship was among them. By 2015, The Spurs owners recognized his value in their organization and offered him a $90 million contract for a 5-year deal. This increased his salary from a solid $3 million per year to an astronomical $16 to $17 million guaranteed each year. This was a lucrative deal for Leonard, but it was even better for the organization because they were reaping the benefits of his skills, talents, and his charisma that drew out the crowds of fans and spectators that packed out the stands at the games. It was a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Leonard's big move that increased his paycheck

Although he was doing great for himself playing for the Spurs, when his contract expired in 2018, that meant that he was a free agent and he could move on to play for a different team. The Toronto Raptors offered him a deal that would have been hard for any pro basketball player to turn down. He signed a contract with the Raptors that guaranteed his annual salary of $23 million. When we look at Leonard's revenue history, it's fairly obvious that he didn't need to do anything but continue to play basketball and use his skills to take his teams to the finals, then win them if at all possible. He didn't need to make any side investments to boost his net worth because he is so well paid that he's making a fortune with every passing season. He's still contributing adn he doesn't show any sign of slowing down.

Final thoughts

Kawhi Leonard was born to play basketball. He has a natural talent and aptitude for the game that has given him the solid foundation that he's needed to hone and fine-tune his skills. He was good when he started but he goal has been excellence. Throughout the years that he's played professional basketball, he has continually improved his abilities and in most cases, whenever he's on the court he shines. Leonard has proven himself on the court and he's demonstrated his value as an asset to any NBA team that wants to win games. It's no wonder that at the age of just 28 years old he has amassed a sizable fortune. Kawhi has played hard and he's racked up impressive stats through the years. He's shown his worth and earned his place among the basketball greats. Teams are happy to compensate him well for his efforts. The verdict is in and we can say with all confidence that Kawhi Leonard has made a $35 million fortune playing professional basketball, but he's not through yet. The odds are in favor of him racking up the numbers even higher in the next few years to come. Leonard is one to keep your eye on.

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