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How John Force Achieved a Net Worth of $20 Million

John Force

John Force is an American drag racer, funny car driver, and car owner. He has won the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) championship 16 times as a driver. Still, in the same championship, he won 21 times as a car owner. Due to his dominance in the competition, he has earned the nickname “Brute Force.” John is not the only one in his family fascinated with drag racing. According to John Force Racing, his four daughters, Adria, Ashley, Brittany, and Courtney, are heavily involved in the sport. Much of John’s wealth comes from his drag racing career and business, which we will discuss. Additionally, we will talk about how he has used his wealth. Without further ado, here are details on how he achieved his net worth of $20 million.


In 1971, John drove his first funny car, the Jack Chrisman-built Night Stalker Mustang. As years progressed, he switched to a Corvette, a Monza, and an Oldsmobile Cutlass. John had a rough start in his early career. His driving was so bad that Larry Sutton, the official starter at Irwindale Raceway, once banned him from the track. According to Hot Cars, he was deemed a danger to himself and others. Due to the ban and his driving, it took a while to build his reputation. Nevertheless, he was still able to participate in other drag racing events. Throughout this period, he was nowhere near the top 5. His best performance was when he finished at 8th position, and worst when he emerged number 26.


Things started to look up for John in 1987. By this time, he had a business called John Force Racing, which we will later discuss. The company added expert crew to his team. With the addition of new team members, there was a significant improvement on the track. Eventually, the team beat Hall of Fame racer Ed ‘Ace’ McCulloch. 1990 would be a breakout season for John. He won seven out of seven finals round appearances. Also, he became the number one qualifier ten times and finished the season with an astounding 45-12 round record. The following year, he would continue with his winning streak. He achieved a championship after getting five wins in ten final round appearances with a 48-13 round record.


During this period, he won 12 NHRA championships from 1993-2002, 2004, and 2006. By this time, he had a team of young drivers. That explains why his company was able to dominate the races. The team of young drivers also included his daughters Ashley, Courtney, and Brittany. After John involved his daughters, more people became fascinated with this family. Some people termed them the “first family of drag racing.” As a result, A&E approached them in 2006 to create a reality show revolving around them. The show was called “Driving Force” and ran from 2006 to 2007. Although the show had a short run, fans, sponsors, and the media could not stop talking about his family.


2008 became a subpar season for John since he finished 7th. However, his performance had to do with an injury he had. By this time, his right arm was in a cast since he had broken fingers. That means he began to lose grip on the steering wheel. In 2009, things were not any better as he finished 9th. Luckily, his daughter Ashley finished 2nd, which meant his company won. From 2010 onwards, he got his winning streak back. In 2010, he won the season opener at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona in the 50th Winternationals in California. After 13 events, he managed to get four wins. Until 2015, he won many race seasons, which saw him land a sponsorship deal with Peak Antifreeze.

John Force Racing Company

John Force primarily earned as a driver. However, he does not necessarily need to drive to earn with this company. He only has to identify the best drivers. Fortunately, he was able to identify good drivers. Some of the drivers who helped his company win included Tony Pedregon, Robert Hight, and Brittany Force. The company does not only make money from participating in races. According to Auto Week, it earns from sponsors investing in it. Sponsors also expect to earn profit since it is an investment, after all. So, the company has to win for the sponsors to get their money back. John Force Racing also employs tactics to attract investors. The company gives the investors exposure through car shows, social media, and off-track events. When some investors get this exposure, they will be happy to invite other investors.

He Owns a Stone Mansion in California

The house is situated on top of a high hill. It is wide and long, which enables you to see spectacular views of Catalina and the Pacific Ocean. At night, you can see the Disney fireworks. Inside, the house has eight bedrooms, a sauna, library, gym, wine cellar, several fireplaces, and a formal room with a grand piano. Outside the house, there is a swimming pool and a bubbling fountain.

John revealed in an interview that he built it for at least $10 million. The house would probably fetch a lot more money considering its facilities. However, John and his wife live in the house, so it does not seem like they will sell it. The house is not only a residential area. Part of the house is used as a museum. The museum has been used as a place to sell cars and hold corporate meetings. However, the museum is not only about car matters. John uses it to host weddings, trade shows, and cocktail parties. Occasionally, he uses it as a filming location.


John’s story is inspiring. When he first began, he was so horrible that he had to be banned. Some people in his position would have given up racing after the ban. Amazingly, the ban did not deter him, and he went on to win several championships. These championships have helped him achieve his net worth. Had he given up, he would not be as rich as he is now. Are you a struggling drag racer? If you feel like giving up, kindly remember where John came from.

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