The 10 Richest Soccer Clubs in the World

Barcelona, $4.76 Billion

While some sports struggle to get funding and sponsorship, soccer clubs seem to have no trouble becoming profitable. It is because soccer is one of the most popular sports across the globe, with matches and competitions covered widely in the media. The wide media coverage attracts lucrative sponsorship deals, and the clubs also make huge amounts of money from ticket and merchandise sales. Of course, not all clubs are rich, and the level of a club’s wealth usually correlates with its success. Therefore, it is unsurprising that the richest soccer teams in the world are also those that consistently win national and international matches and championships. Here are the 10 richest soccer clubs in the world.

Tottenham Hotspur, $2.3 Billion

10. Tottenham Hotspur, $2.3 Billion

Just making it onto the list with a value of $2.3 million is English soccer club Tottenham Hotspur. The North London club is also known as The Lilywhites, and the team was founded in 1882. ENIC owns the team, and the chairman is Daniel Levy. The value of the club has increased by42 percent over two years, and the club’s 2020 revenue was $494 million.

Paris Saint-Germain, $2.5 Billion

9. Paris Saint-Germain, $2.5 Billion

The ninth richest soccer club is Paris Saint-Germain, with $2.5 billion. The team is also known as Les Parisians or Les Rouge et Bleu, the latter of which means the reds and blues, which are the team colors. Qatar Sports Investments own Paris Saint-Germain, and the president of the club is Nasser Al-Khelafi. Since 2011, the club has won 20 national cups and seven league titles. They were in the UEFA Champions League final for the first time in 2020 but lost to Bayern Munich.

Arsenal, $2.88 Billion

8. Arsenal, $2.88 Billion

A value increase of 23 percent over two years gives Arsenal a value of $2.88 billion and makes it the eighth richest soccer club in the world. Arsenal is an English soccer club based in Islington, London, and the owner is E. Stanley Kroenke of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. Some of the soccer club’s value comes from supporters who are season ticket holders, as the club has the seventh-highest average attendance of all European soccer clubs. The club has retained a position on the world’s richest soccer clubs list, despite making a loss in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chelsea, $3.2 Billion

7. Chelsea, $3.2 Billion

Russian-Israeli billionaire businessman Roman Abramovich owns Chelsea F.C. The club was founded in 1905, and it is based in Fulham, London. It is one of the most successful British soccer clubs, as it has won more than 30 honors, including six European trophies and six league titles. In 2021, the value of the club is $3.2 billion, which is a two-year change of 24 percent.

Manchester City, $4 Billion

6. Manchester City, $4 Billion

Following a two-year change of 49 percent, Manchester City is now worth $4 billion, which means it has risen significantly up the ranks of the wealthiest soccer clubs over recent years. In 2020, the club’s revenue was $609 million. Manchester City was founded in 1880, and they have a long-standing rivalry with fellow Manchester soccer club, Manchester United. The club’s owner is Sheik Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the chairman is Khaldoon Al Mubarak.

Liverpool, $4.1 Billion

5. Liverpool, $4.1 Billion

Liverpool is another soccer club that has a long-standing rivalry with Manchester United. Liverpool F.C. was founded in 1892, and the Fenway Sports Group currently owns it. The club has won six European Cups, which is more than any other English club. They have also won three UEFA Cups, four UEFA Super Cups, and one FIFA Club World Cup. Over the last two years, the value of the club has risen by 88 percent, and its revenue over the last year was $619 million.

Manchester United, $4.2 Billion

4. Manchester United, $4.2 Billion

NBC Sports says that Manchester United has held the top spot on the list of the richest soccer teams for 11 years out of the last 16. However, they have now dropped to the fourth position. However, they are the richest English soccer club on the list. The club’s current value of $4.2 billion is an increase of 10 percent over the last two years, and its 2020 revenue was $643 million.

Bayern Munich, $4.215 Billion

3. Bayern Munich, $4.215 Billion

Bayern Munich is the richest soccer club in Germany and the third-richest soccer club in the world overall. Following a 39 percent increase in the club’s revenue over the last two years, it is now valued at $4.215 billion. Bayern Munich was founded in 1900, and it is Germany’s most successful soccer club. The record-breaking club has won 31 national titles, 20 national cups, and multiple European honors. Currently, the club has 293,000 official members. They also have 4,499 official fan clubs, of which there are more than 350,000 members. In addition to its soccer team, Bayern Munich has departments for gymnastics, chess, senior soccer, basketball, handball, table tennis, and bowling.

Real Madrid, $4.75 Billion

2. Real Madrid, $4.75 Billion

In the last 16 years, Real Madrid has held the top position on the list on five occasions. They narrowly missed out on the top spot in 2021 by Barcelona. Despite dropping down the list, the value of the team is still $4.75 billion, which is a 12 percent increase over the last two years. The controlling shareholders of Real Madrid are the club members.

Barcelona, $4.76 Billion

1. Barcelona, $4.76 Billion

According to Forbes, the richest soccer team in the world is Barcelona. Last year, Real Madrid was at the top of the list, but they have been knocked from the first position by Barcelona. It is the first year that Barcelona has made it to this position. The club’s value has risen by 18 percent in the last two years, and its revenue in 2020 was $792 million. The soccer team is part of the Barcelona Sports Club.

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