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10 Things You Didn't Know About Kim Reynolds

Kim Reynolds

Kim Reynolds is the 43rd governor of the state of Iowa. She took her seat in office in 2017 and she is a member of the Republican Party. She has a long and successful history in politics. If you're unfamiliar with her qualifications and history, here are 10 things you didn't know about Kim Reynolds.

1. She is a native of Iowa

The governor of Iowa was born on August 4, 1959, in St. Charles, Iowa. She is currently 60 years old. Her parents named her Kimberly Kay Strawn. She grew up in the state of Iowa and spent most of her life there. After graduating from high school she attended Northwest Missouri State University, Upper Iowa University, and she earned her BLS degree from Iowa State University.

2. Kim Reynolds made history

Reynolds is the first woman to become Governor in the state of Iowa. Previously, the only persons elected to the office were males. She worked her way up to the post serving as the 46th Lieutenant Governor of Iowa between 2011 and 2017. This job helped to prepare her with the skills and knowledge that she would need to successfully fulfill the role of Governor.

3. Reynolds was elected to other political positions prior

Before serving as Lt. Governor, Kim Reynolds had held prior public offices. Her previous elected position was as the Clarke County Treasurer. She had served in this position for a total of four terms. The job gave her more than a decade of experience in governmental financial matters which are essential in her current position.

4. She was also in the Senate

In 2009, Kim Reynolds served in the Senate. She fulfilled her post in the Iowa Senate until 2011. Although she only spent two years in the post, it gave her yet more valuable experience in politics and she got to see firsthand how decisions are made in the governance of the state as well as within the nation as a whole.

5. Kim believes that people can change

When it comes to the criminal justice system, Kim Reynolds has a lot to say about human nature and reform. She has worked very hard to examine the issues that exist within the state's justice system. She has led initiatives for reform to help create a more balanced system that maintains victim rights as a high priority, but she has also considered that there are two sides. She also believes in giving second chances when it is merited and she has a strong belief in redemption which has fueled the initiatives that offer second chances for those who meet the established criteria.

6. Reynolds has been good for Iowa commerce

Kim Reynolds has maintained strong advocacy for agriculture as well as advanced manufacturing as the Governor of Iowa. She has also been around the world telling the story of the state of Iowa. She has also pushed for international trade and has been instrumental in establishing relationships with leaders in the countries of Germany, Brazil, China, Mexico, Canada, Thailand Israel, Vietnam, in South American Countries, and more. She has helped to open new markets in many of these countries.

7. Kim is a common-sense Governor

Kim has set a precedent by becoming the first female Governor of Iowa, but this isn't her only big accomplishment. She didn't return to college for her bachelor's degree until she was in her fifties. She graduated from college at the age of 57. This tells us that she is a lifelong learner. She was elected to the Governor's seat just two years after completing her academic degree.

8. She is a competent multi-tasker

Kim has done a lot of things in her life, especially in the political sector, but she is also accomplished in her personal life. She and her husband Kevin Reynolds have raised a family in Iowa. The couple has three daughters whom they named Jessica, Nicole, and Jennifer. All of their children are grown and married with families of their own. In addition to being a wife and mother, Kim is also the grandmother of 10 grandchildren. She has only been married once and she is still happily married to her first husband. Reynolds maintains strong family values and raising a family has given her some personal insights into what people in her home state go through to make a living to provide for their loved ones. This has been a driving factor in her push to open new commerce within the state and to ensure that there are ample jobs and homes for exporting the agricultural and manufactured goods from local businesses and farmers in the state.

9. Kim just made a controversial decision

Reynolds has made the decision to partially open the state of Iowa at a high point in the COVID-19 pandemic. She plans to apply this partial reopening to 77 counties in the state. While some are very happy to hear this news, there are others that are not happy with her decision. Health experts have warned that she should not loosen the restrictions yet because the worst is yet to come in the state, but she is persisting.

10. The state is warning that employees could lose their benefits

Another unpopular decision that Reynolds made was to issue a mandatory return for furloughed employees. Those who don't return to their jobs when the reopening occurs will lose their unemployment benefits. Even worse, failing to return to work may make it impossible for them to obtain future unemployment benefits. Even those who are at the highest risk for complications, if furloughed currently are not exempt from the Governor's order. This is a hard line that she is taking and it goes against expert advice. There are many who will have to make a choice between their health and safety and bringing in enough of an income to sustain their households. Time will tell if the decision was the best option.

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Written by Allen Lee

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