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How Kyle Busch Achieved a Net Worth of $50 Million

Kyle Busch

Some people just have a unique ability to attract wealth. For Kyle Busch, his bank accounted has been padded significantly because of his hard work and dedication to the sport of auto racing. Anyone familiar with the sport will be aware that he is one of the most prolific drivers in NASCAR in the modern era. He is young, passionate, and hard-working. All of these personality traits have gone into making him the success that he is today. Many people will know him as being quite outspoken and at times bombastic, but that is all about him being true to himself. He lets his driving ability speak for itself. This has generated quite a sum of prize money through the years, in addition to countless more millions in endorsements and sponsorships. When it is all said and done, his net worth current sits north of $50 million, while there is every indication that it will continue to grow. While his primary source of money comes from racing, it should also be noted that he owns his own NASCAR team. In the end, he is among the 15 highest paid professional drivers that the sport of NASCAR has ever seen. Continue reading to learn how he got there.

His Career To This Point

When you want to know where the money that Kyle Busch has come from, you must first understand the career trajectory that he has been on for quite some time now. As one of the most well known and successful NASCAR drivers of the modern era, it is incredible to look at his accomplishments. He already has almost too many wins to his name to mention. He has also taken ownership of his own team, meaning that others look up to him enough to want to race under his banner. He continues to drive a car sponsored by M&M’s and Interstate Batteries. That alone explains where some of his money comes from.

As you might imagine, Kyle Busch began to drive relatively early in life. In fact, his parents put him a go-car for the first time at the tender age of six. This would be in Las Vegas, and his father would help him. The seed was planted, and he actually started to race cars back in 1998. At that time, he was 13 years of age. If you look at the years 1999 to 2001, he would win a total of 65 different races in various legends car racing clashes around the country. No matter how you cut it, that is quite impressive. It is also helpful to note that he would quickly move from there to the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series. That would be when he was 16 years of age and he would never look back.

It was in 2004 that Kyle Busch officially joined NASCAR. At that time, he signed a deal with Hendrick Motorsports. He would be a development driver for them. They immediately put him in a Lowe’s Chevrolet sponsored car. He would be Number 5 and drive in the NASCAR Busch Series Hershey’s Kisses 300. This was at Daytona International Speedway. Keep in mind that he was quite young and this was his first ever race. That would not hold him back, however, as he would finish 24th. That was quite impressive, to say the least.

That would really inspire Kyle Busch to continue perfecting his trade, and others began to take notice. He actually won the NASCAR Rookie of the Year Award for the Busch Series. This came on the hills of his five victories in 2004, which was the most that a rookie has ever had in the history of the sport. Perhaps even more impressive than that is that he would finish second in points. It was at the age of 20, in 2005, that he won his first ever NASCAR Cup Series race. This was at the Sony HD 500 that took place at the California Speedway. He would become the youngest ever such drive to claim such a title. At the point, he was beginning to become a household name and the sponsorship opportunities would begin piling up.

More Money Making Opportunities

It was in 2008 that Busch would join forces with Joe Gibbs Racing. This is a partnership that continues up until this day. It was no longer after that when Kyle Busch would establish his own company. It would be named Kyle Busch Motorsports. He did this after buying out the remainder of Xpress Motorsports. He would also purchase a bunch of vehicles from Roush Fenway Racing, from a truck team that had recently gone under. His stock racing team today actually competes regularly on the NASCAR circuit in the Gander Outdoors Truck Series. This continues to generate quite the income for Kyle Busch as well.

Kyle Busch continues to win. He suffered a brutal crash at one point, but would come back and return to his winning ways back in 2015. This amazed doctors who thought that he might never race again. He would do so well that year that he was actually able to make the All-Star race in May. If you think Kyle Busch is slowing down, you would be wrong. Just in 2018, he would win his 51st race in the Cup Series. To do that, he would beat out a host of great drivers such as Bill Elliott and Ned Jarrett. Only one other driver who is active today actually has more wins than Kyle Busch does.

The Future is Bright

The future is definitely bright for Kyle Busch. In 2018 alone, he took home more than $13 million in prize money. He has already won several races in 2019. The money keeps pouring in and he his only in his mid-30’s. It is amazing to consider all that he has already accomplished, and this is how he was achieved a net worth in the range of $50 million.

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