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How Much Does A Lamborghini Phone Cost?

Lamborghini Phone

In the world of luxury sports cars and accessories, you can expect to pay more for customized accessories that complement your new wheels is style. How much would you be willing to pay for a Lamborghini special edition smartphone? If you think that $1,200 is getting steep for the latest edition of your current smartphone, just wait until you find out how much Lamborghini phones are going for. We were curious about just how much this advertised accessory runs. When we learned the prices of the hottest selling compatible phones, it was a bit surprising. Here is what we discovered about the expense of accessorizing your ride with a matching phone.

The 88 Tauri smartphone

The phone that was made to perfectly complement your Lamborghini was made by a company that is owned by Tonino Lamborghini. He is the son of the founder of the company, Ferruccio Lamborghini. In the tradition of the raging bull, complete with the crest, is the 88 Tauri

The 88 Tauri is a high quality smartphone that features a 2.3 GHz processor quad-core type Android phone. It's the second electronic device made by Tonino Lamborghini. It comes with 64 GB of local storage and 3 GB or RAM with a 5-inch display of 1080 mp and a front facing camera of 8 megapixels. The rear camera is 20 megapixels and its protected in a stainless steel frame with a luxury leather wrap. The matching headphones are extra, but you can pick up an 88 Tauri from Tonino Lamborghini for a mere $6,000.

The Tonino Lamborghini Alpha One Smartphone

There is a less expensive alternative to the 88 Tauri if you're not interested in spending $6,000. The Alpha One is yet another exclusive smartphone created by the Tonino Lamborghini electronics company. This phone is offered by the brand at just $2,450 which is the manufacturer's suggested retail selling price. We noticed that it recently went on sale at the company's website for just $1,200 which is a drastic price reduction, we're assuming in response to low sales from the recent pandemic. Here are the details.


The Tonino Lamborghini Alpha One is a luxury smartphone that spares no expense when it comes to the technology and the materials. It is intended for those who indulge in the finest things that money can buy. The phone with its badging and branding stands for success and opulence with a bit of cool sophistication thrown in.

The Alpha One operates in 3G and 4G networking. The elegant smartphone is made of a strengthened metal alloy that is created from a special liquid metal process. It boasts the durability that is much higher than titanium in strength and resistance to flawing, dents and scratching that surpasses the reliability of stainless steel. The sides of the frame are made of the liquid alloy material. Premium materials are used in the creation of each Alpha one with fine yet thin Italian leather on the back of the phone. The leather is specially dyed with a light aniline dye that is applied in multiple layers by hand. It highlights the natural grain of the leather.

Optical Stabilization

The Alpha One is equipped with a method for dual image stabilization called OIS. This enhances the image quality of the photos taken with the phone. Another feature to improve photo quality is Electronic Image Stabilization technology. The camera takes ultra-high resolution pictures with crisp shooting for nighttime images.

The Audio

Two Hi-Fi chipsets provide the perfect mix for the best possible audio for the Alpha One smartphone. This is further enhanced if you go with the matching premium headphones. The phone itseslf comes with built-in dual Dolby Atmos speakers.


The processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. This is an energy efficient processor that ensures reliable power, complete security solutions and excellent graphics.

SIM Card Support

The Alpha One supports the use fo two sim cards. The second sim card can also be substituted for an extra SD memory card. This makes the Alpha One among the most versatile smartphones.

Fast Charging

Thanks to the QuickCharge 3.0 charging system, it takes just an hour to charge the phone to an 89% power capacity.

Bonus items

When you purchase your Alpha One smartphone direct from the Lamborghini store, you get a TL Alpha One smartphone, a type F wall charger and charging cable, a SIM key, a TL International warranty card, and a user manual.

What makes the 88 Tauri so expensive?

When we compare the price of the 88 Tauri with the Alpha One, there is such a discrepancy that we had to investigate further to find out why this phone is so much higher in price. Here are the reasons why it's priced at $6,000 retail with an occasional discount to just under $5,300.


There is an extremely low number of 88 Tauri smartphones in the world today. This is an exclusive limited edition of just 1,937 pieces. It is a fairly rare phone as well as being a collectible. The stainless steel that frames the phone is gold plated. The leather finish is hand-stitched. The phone is a labor of love that is built with premium materials, innovative technology, and best of all, the Lamborghini badging and style.


Lamborghini has outdone themselves with a phone that matches practically any model of automobile they've released. You have two choices if you're in the market for a smartphone to match your Lamborghini. You could attempt to locate one of the rare 88 Tauri Androids, and pay a handsome price, or you could cut the cost to a more palatable price tag and go with the Alpha One when it is on sale for between $1,200 and $2,450, depending on whether or not the item is still on sale.

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