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A Closer Look at Lincoln's New Sleek Concept Car

Lincoln's New Sleek Concept Car

Concept cars always have a tendency to turn heads. After all, designers are able to do things with them that they can't necessarily do with all street legal automobiles. It becomes more about the design of the automobile in question than it does all of the details that can make vehicle design seem rather mundane at times. In fact, a lot of people would even go as far as saying that concept cars are more about creating art on wheels than anything else. That is certainly the case with Lincoln's new concept car, something that was surprisingly designed by students from the Art Center College of Design, located in Pasadena, California.

A Moving Piece of Art

The thing that you are likely to notice about this car at first glance is that it is absolutely stunning in its appearance. It genuinely looks like it would be more akin to floating through the stars than traversing up and down a major highway. The students wanted to create something that would reflect what they believe life will look like within the next 20 years. This served as inspiration for the design that they ultimately created. The idea behind the car was an interesting one that turned into something tangible. The initial assignment was to create a virtual experience that would essentially immerse people, through visual and auditory senses, into their memories of the past. Think about it this way. Imagine a place that you have been that holds special memories for you.

More importantly, think about that special person in your life that makes you smile the instant that you think of them. The students were tasked with creating a virtual concept car that was more of an experience than an automobile. The idea was to put people in a Virtual Reality experience that was based on the people and places that are most personal to them. Their favorite places could be played out in images on a screen in front of them, all while the music that has moved them throughout their lives is played through speakers. Images of loved ones and favorite trips would be interspersed into the experience. It was supposed to be a marriage of art and technology between the automobile maker and students. The idea was so well-received that it ended up taking on a life of its own, eventually turning into the concept car that exists today.

Is This The Car Of The Future?

Officials at Lincoln won't necessarily commit to the idea that this is the car that will end up on roads within the next 20 years. Instead, they are more focused on the experience behind its creation. In fact, there is very little information available about how the car would be propelled or controlled, although it is assumed that by that time, everything would be autonomous. It's an interesting prospect. Imagine getting from one place to another in a car that is luxurious enough to allow you to stretch out without feeling cramped, all while immersing you in your most favorite memories while you are in transit. That is exactly what this car is all about. When you consider the fact that the eventual production model would likely be 100% autonomous, all kinds of possibilities open up. It would no longer be necessary to be able to see out the window in order to tell where you're going, because you wouldn't be the one doing the driving anyway. In that sense, it could be a very real possibility to have a car like this that allows you to immerse yourself in your favorite personal experiences as opposed to staring at the same stretch of highway for miles on end. In addition, that puts the focus of the car on the intent behind its creation as opposed to all the limitations that are created by the need for practicality.

A Personal Experience Like Nothing Else

The reason that this particular concept car is so unique is because the prospect behind it is different from anything that has ever been created before. In reality, it isn't about the car at all. Instead, it's about giving people an opportunity to hang onto those memories that are so important to them. These days, people spend such a big part of their day commuting from place to place, time that they can't get back. Many people end up feeling as if they are caught in a rat race, doing the same thing everyday out of necessity without any real drive or passion. This car could potentially give that back to them. As opposed to traveling mindlessly from one place to another, imagine what it would be like to have the capability to relive favorite memories from your past during the same amount of time that you would normally commute.

Instead of spending all of that time doing something that drains you creatively and emotionally, think about what it would be like to have the chance to recharge yourself on a mental and emotional level. More importantly, imagine how it would feel to be able to immerse yourself in an experience that makes you feel like you're really there, especially when those memories involve loved ones that have long since passed. It would be like having an opportunity to go back and be with that person every time you relive that particular experience. Think about what it would be like to have the technology available to allow you to see them so clearly that it would seem almost as if you could reach out and touch them, to hear their voice. This is the reason that this particular concept car is gaining so much attention. It doesn't have nearly as much to do with the car itself as it does with the ability to hold onto the things and the people that mean the most to us. This concept car provides a very real possibility to do exactly that. As such, it creates an avenue for people that simply hasn't existed up until now. That makes it one of the most unique concept cars to come along in a very long time.

Benjamin Smith

Written by Benjamin Smith

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