Young Entrepreneur to Watch: Luciano Schipelliti

Luciano Schipelliti

Every once in a while, an extremely bright and gifted person emerges onto the scene in the business world who leaves those around him or her in a state of awe. Luciano Schipelliti is one of those rare people who has not yet failed to impress. His story is fascinating and one that is well worth hearing. He’s a young entrepreneur who is one that bears watching. He’s young and he’s brilliant and when you learn what we did about him, you’ll understand why he’s one young businessman that is going to be worth following as he moves from one success to another.  Currently Luciano has a net worth of $1.2 million but we expect that to rise quickly.

A child prodigy?

At age fourteen, Luciano was already an entrepreneur who rendered Graphic Design services for YouTubers and within a year he founded his first company called This was just one of many companies that he would go on to establish and develop. He’s the kind of business man that is called a serial entrepreneur. Schipelliti already has more than a dozen new businesses to his credit. He’s the kind of guy who is skilled but never satisfied and he’s consistently adding to his skill set as he moves through his very interesting life. He’s creative and takes marketing and technology to the extreme with a diversified grouping of new startups that range from social media services to Cryptocurrency, which is the hobby that is rocketing him to the top.

A passion for Cryptocurrency

When someone like Luciano Schipelliti becomes passionate about something with a high return on investment potential, it’s the recipe for a perfect storm of success. He applied himself to learning about how Crypto works and when he became confident, he established a new company centered around Crypto currency called The business provides services that deliver alerts to customers for purchase and sales of certain types of cryptocurrencies, when it’s time to buy or to sell along with the current prices, amassing a following of 22,000 members. He even offers a program that will teach you how to work with Cryptocurrency if you’re interested. Luciano’s Crypto Crash Course can be found at his Linkedin page. This isn’t a “get rich” scheme, but rather a method of investment but there is a lot to learn about it so his course gives you the basics of how to get started in buying and selling specific types of cryptocurrencies.

His social media assistance company

Vloxer Marketing is another business that Luciano founded and firmly established. It is intended to assist business owners in maximizing the potential of social media in their advertising campaigns. The company serves businesses across a wide range of industries including Real Estate, Graphic and Website Design, restaurants and more with assistance in the creation of social media content and using the various marketing strategies that help companies to elevate their brands (

Real Estate Involvement

Luciano serves as the Administrative IT and Marketing Director for the company Lillian Montalto Signature Properties International, LLC. He joined this company in 2016. It provides new vendors to bring into the network for helping those who are looking for good real estate investments to find the best deals. He’s a whiz at maintaining an excellent media presence for Lillian Montalto Signature Properties International.

The Vero Lusso, LLC company

Schipelliti also spent time with the Vero Lusso company which specializes in marketing for businesses who desire to establish an online presence in order to market their goods. It offers an e-commerce site that assists with design as well as marketing strategies. They also provide services to assist businesses in achieving growth and higher sales. This gave him experience in yet another industry.

Internship at the Cafua Management Company

Another of Luciano’s accomplishments includes completion of an internship with the Cafua management Company. He served as an information technology specialist for the operation since 2015 through 2016, completing an internship in technology to build his skills yet further.

His education

Luciano completed his studies at Windham High School in Windham, New Hampshire. He went on to study at Merrimak College in the Information of Technology program, but he’s continued on with a pattern that indicates to us he’s a lifelong learner. He completed some academic pursuits, but he has made a habit of learning in the real life environments that provide him with opportunities for hands on learning.


As we were looking through Luciano’s LinkedIn profile it became obvious that it’s not about the money, but more about his passion for learning and creating. He dedicated a great deal of time to volunteer activities which helped him to build his skill set even more. Schipelliti helped children to learn about robotics and the STEM aspects, as well as donating his skills in web design and marketing where he felt appropriate.

A phenomenon in the business world

Luciano Schipelliti is only 22 years old and he’s already been an entrepreneur for 8 years. With over a dozen businesses already established, he’s just getting started. He has many years left to continue to learn and grow. He’s the kind of person who is always on the move and the ideas that he generates are successful when he puts them into action in real life.


Luciano is definitely an entrepreneur to watch. He’s already achieved more than some people do in 80 years of living when it comes to business and becoming the owner of a company. In fact, he’s done it several times over. It will be interesting to see which direction he takes his life in the next decade and beyond. One thing is for certain, he’s going to continue to show the world how to set up a successful business and make it prosperous. It’s a talent that he has and he makes it seem effortless. We’re looking forward to hearing about his new endeavors over the next few years, which are almost certain to be yet further successes to add to his already impressive collection.

Quotes Luciano Likes

  • “A goal without a plan is just a wish”
  • “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”
  • “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”
  • “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.”

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