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The Top Five Hotels in Greenland

Contrary to the saying, you don't have to see the rest of the world before you go to Greenland. If you want to witness first hand the power and magnificence of nature, there are few better destinations to go. The population is scarce, there are practically no roads, and it's by no means an island that sports the latest technological innovations. One would think that the phrases "luxury hotels" and "Greenland" don't belong in the same sentence, but surprisingly it is possible to find comfortable, warm, and relaxing accommodation in the country.

Here are the top five luxury hotels in Greenland.

1. Hotel Arctic

Hotel Arctic

Less than 2.5 miles from Ilulisaat Icefjord and the Ilulissat Museum is Hotel Arctic. On the outside it looks like a simple red building, but inside you'll find great amenities and a very comfortable setting. The property has the distinction of being the northernmost 4-star hotel on the planet, and it also has an on-site 5-star conference center.

The hotel has guest computers and common areas where you can relax, and there are also eateries on site. You can nosh at Hotel Arctic's cafe or have a delicious dinner made from fresh, local ingredients at their Nordic restaurant.

The rooms at Hotel Arctic feature art from local artists, cable television, minibars, tea and coffee making equipment, and views of Greenland's striking icebergs. Sitting areas are in the hotel's upgraded rooms, and you can rent an entire igloo-style cabin in the summer months.

Daily rates at Hotel Arctic start at $368.

2. Hotel Angmagssalik

HOtel Angmagssalik

Hotel Angmagssalik is one of the best places to stay if you want to be in a spot that's close to the sea, icebergs, and Tasiilaq. You'll also find incredible mountain views from most of the rooms, and the hotel was renovated in recent years to give it an updated, modern vibe. One of the highlights is Hotel Angmagssalik's restaurant which is a beautiful, cozy place to enjoy an expertly prepared meal.

Amenities available to all guests include free transportation to and from the airport, boat service that delivers guests to some of Greenland's most remote locations, and the option to arrange a helicopter trip or hiking tour through the hotel.

Single and double rooms are available, and each is clean, quiet, and well-decorated. If you prefer interior design that reflects a modern aesthetic, you'll enjoy the suites here. There's the option to upgrade to a premium room that has even better views and more space.

Rates start at $106 per night.

3. Hotel Kangerlussuaq

Hotel Kangerlussuaq

Hotel Kangerlussuaq is apart of the area's airport -- you can reach your hotel room from the terminal building. If you're looking for convenient accommodation, this is an ideal choice. For its business travelers, Hotel Kangerlussuaq has conference areas and packages.

Some of the amenities that you'll find include paid Wifi and a restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There's also reasonably priced laundry service available at Hotel Kangerlussuaq -- when you consider the fact that Greenland doesn't have laundromats, you'll realize how invaluable this is. There's also gift shops right in the building that you can browse during your stay. The rooms and bathrooms are clean, comfortable, and roomy. Nightly rates start at $194.

4. Hotel Icefiord

Hotel Icefiord

Less than 5 miles from Knud Rasmussen's Museum, Disko Bay, and Ilulissat's town center is Hotel Icefiord, a property that offers some of the best amenities and rooms in Greenland. Its terrace is a nice place to get a view of the bay, see massive floating icebergs, and take in all of the scenery that makes Greenland such an amazing place to visit. There are also cozy common areas indoors as well as meeting rooms, and guests are invited to grill on the terrace in the warmer months.

If you want to do a bit of socializing on your trip, head to Hotel Icefiord's swanky bar and lounge. Hotel Icefiord also offers guests a free breakfast spread every morning and has a restaurant that serves well prepared regional and international fare. The staff there are known for being welcoming, hospitable, and accessible, and the service is excellent. Guests also receive free transfer to and from Ilulissat International Airport.

Hotel Icefiord offers standard and deluxe rooms as well as apartment-style suites. All have nice furnishings and flat screen televisions. The upgraded options offer extras such as balconies, living areas with sofas, and kitchenettes with two-burner stoves and microwaves. Rates start at $197 per night.

5. Hans Egede Hotel

Hans Egede Hotel

The largest hotel in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, and one of the few four-star properties in the country is Hans Egede Hotel. This is a popular site for conferences, and Hans Egede Hotel also has 140 suites and 10 apartments for guests traveling to the area.

There are two restaurants on site, Hereford Beefstouw and Restaurant Sarfalik. The former is a long-time Danish steakhouse chain that serves guests delicious, hearty dishes. Hans Egede Hotel also has a bar, Skyline Bar, located on its top floor that provides an incredible view of the city below.

One of the things visitors to Hans Egede Hotel tend to appreciate most is that each suite there has its own bathroom. That's an uncommon feature in most Greenland hotels that many take for granted. The apartments are located in a tower about a quarter of a mile from the main building and each is serviced by the hotel's staff and has a bathroom and full kitchen.

Another great amenity offered to guests at Hans Egede Hotel who choose upgraded rooms is free internet access. This is another rarity among the country's hotels, which typically charge a fee for Wifi. Each suite is also roomy, bright, and has an airy feel. Free cable TV, flat screen televisions, mini bars, safes, radios, and tea and coffee making equipment come standard with the rooms. Hans Egede Hotel gifts a nice fruit basket to those who book an upgraded suite upon their arrival -- this truly is one of the most luxurious places to stay in Greenland. Nightly rates at this hotel start at $185.

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