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The Legend of Arizona's Slaughterhouse Canyon

Arizona's Slaughterhouse Canyon

Have you heard the stories of people hearing bumps when asleep, or people seeing flickers of light crossing over the sky at night or shadows when walking in rural forests during adventure walks? You may not be alone; many Americans have experienced odd phenomena and come up with frightening stories and legends tales to try and explain them for many years. Some urban myths and legend stories are considered ridiculous. Some may be terrifying, but they are actual occurrences or close to being true. This article will look into one of the chilling urban legends of Arizona's Slaughterhouse Canyon that is based on a factual story.

So, What About It?

Any haunted place in Arizona has a story behind it that could reveal about an unlucky pioneer or gold miner who is believed to be alive in the area that enjoys causing mischief. According to Jerry, the Arizona desert is a triply place to visit and explore this haunting destination year-round, not just during Halloween when you want to have a fan to learn about the Wild West history. For some reason, when you compare the story behind Luana's Canyon, which is referred to by many as Slaughterhouse Canyon, the legends and haunts in this place are creepier than those considered to have been found in other states. A visit to this place which is believed to be a true story should be one of the considerations to place in your bucket list to visit at some point in your lifetime. This lace will make all the hairs in your body stand on.

The legend behind this place is that at some point in the 1800s, a family staying at the bottom area of the Slaughterhouse Canyon was living in a tiny shed. The man of the house was a miner. The family was going through hard times, and the father used to leave the family behind for weeks to go and search for food or even mine gold to ensure that the family could eat and get clothed. The miner thought that staying around that place was a good idea. He hoped he could tend to the family and provide his wife Luana and the kid's God bless their union with a much-improved existence. Things were not rosy, but they were determined to make ends meet. According to Echoes of the Southwest, it becomes a norm for the miner to disappear for weeks and come back. While away, the family was waiting for his return anxiously. Then one day, he left as usual after bidding his family goodbye and kisses. After two weeks, as they expected him to return, the sad part was that he never appeared again. His wife Luana becomes worried not for her husband's disappearance but their children. The stock of food they had was reduced until it finally got over. This led the miner's wife and their kids to become hungry, weak, and pale due to the lack of food. The children started pleading for their mother to get them food, but she did not answer them. Luana becomes helpless and crazy from the starvation that she and the kids were experiencing and not knowing what to conclude happened to her husband when he was away.

The sad part happened after a month of a long wait when she could not continue to watch her children starve to death. She decided to murder them all. After murdering them, she dressed in a wedding dress when there was a rainstorm and killed them one by one. She chopped them all into pieces and took their pieces to the river, and tossed them. The entire shed and her dress were covered with blood. After realizing what she had done, she dropped to her knees and cried out loud for their death. She could not hold up, and the next day she also died from starvation around the river bank. There could be different tales about Luanas Canyon where these horrific stories are believed to have taken place. As much as the stories may be different, the area where they all took place is the same area, Luana Canyon, which is in the Southeast of Kingman, Arizona. Another theory states that she did not chop the kids but drowned them in the river when they were still alive and drowned in the water. Another theory states that another man came into Luana's life after her husband disappeared. He did not like the kids interfering with their lives and decided to chop them to death. No matter the version you hear. They all had tragic endings. People who visit Slaughterhouse Canyon believe that they do hear Luana's cries. Many report a feeling of anguish in the air around the area and claim the cries were of a mother who became mad and the screams of the children when their mother was killing them.

Do you want to Visit the Slaughterhouse?

Suppose you want to visit this area for adventure. In that case, Luana's Canyon is situated on the southwest of Kingman, a twelve-minute drive when you leave the city Plan to visit the place if you feel like you got what it takes to hold up the experience of uneasiness and to find out of the screams that many who have visited the place are true or mere fairy tale stories. Slaughterhouse Canyon is open to the public. You will spot a couple of houses before you reach the "dead end "of the dirt road drive when heading there. If you find yourself close to the railroad tracks, you need to head back because you will have gone too far. Overall, plan and visit the place, especially during the full moon. Try to look at it, if you will see the reflection of Luana, as people say. The place is believed to be creepy, especially at night when you feel like someone is observing your every move. You will have a surreal experience of your life that you will never forget, especially when your mind will begin to play tricks on you. If you do not snap, you are a living legend.

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