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The 20 Best Things to do in Kingman, AZ

Cerbat foothills

Kingman is found on the historic route 66 in Arizona. It is the jewel of Arizona and boasts of multiple attractions and a unique culture that surrounds it. So, what are the 20 best things to do in Kingman, Arizona? You can visit the recreational areas in Havasu, Mohave, and Lakes Mead. Moreover, you can go hiking and visit the museums and the winery.

Metcalf Park in Kingman

20. Visiting the Metcalf Park in Kingman for a Picnic, Crafts Festival, and Mother's Day Arts

The Metcalf Park in Kingman is a public park. It is a dedication in the memory of Charles Metcalfe, a land developer, and a civic leader. Moreover, the park has beautiful tree lines that attract birds, and the park is open every day. It has an excellent playing ground facility for children. If you also like afternoon grills, you need to visit the seating areas in this park. Furthermore, it has green spaces to enjoy your picnic with family or friends. If you also like art, you can attend the Crafts Festival and Mother’s Day Arts in May.

Mohave Museum

19. Visiting the Mohave Museum to Learn about the History of Arizona and view Artifacts and paintings

You must visit this museum if you like learning about history and viewing artifacts. The museum has a rich history of the indigenous tribes of Arizona. Furthermore, it has a wide range of exhibits by Roy Purcell, the first director of the Museum. The exhibits date back to the prehistoric era and include paintings and photographs. There are also arts and crafts objects of the indigenous population. Moreover, the museum is open to the public on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Lake Mohave

18. Visiting Lake Mohave to do Fishing, Kayaking, Water Skiing, Jet Skiing, and Hiking

Lake Mohave is a manmade lake that is sixty-seven miles long. It stretches between Davis and Hoover Dam. Furthermore, according to the Crazy Tourist, you can enjoy kayaking, water skiing, and jet skiing in this lake. If you can also go fishing in Lake Mohave, you will get a sport fish or native species. The shoreline is over two hundred miles providing a perfect spot for camping. Moreover, the surrounding settings of Lake Mohave offer an excellent environment for hiking.

Route 66 Museum

17. Going to the Route 66 Museum to View Murals and Photos and Learn about Ancient Routes

The Route 66 museum in Arizona was opened in 2001. It is found in the previous Kingman Powerhouse museum. Moreover, it is open to the public daily and has exhibits showcasing ancient routes of Native Americans. You will also view murals and photos of the ancient US Army. You will learn about their expeditions and the routes they used. Furthermore, you will learn how the 35th parallel was transformed into an iconic highway route in the United States.

Southwest Alpacas ranch

16. Visiting the Southwest Alpacas ranch for Picnicking and Viewing Crias and Alpacas

The alpaca ranch opened in 2020 and is a popular visitor attraction site. In this ranch, you will view crias and alpacas with Chilean, Bolivian, and Peruvian heritage. Moreover, the ranch allows tours from Thursday to Monday. You can also carry your lunch and enjoy the picnic area as you eat it. You will also be allowed to feed the alpacas as part of the tour package. Furthermore, the ranch sells socks that have woven alpaca fiber in various sizes and designs.

Kingman Railroad Museum

15. Touring the Kingman Railroad Museum to Learn about Rail History and Viewing Vintage Model Train

If you like trains and their history you can visit this Museum. This museum railroad was built by railroad aficionados of the Whistler Club. According to Touristear, the museum is found in the previous Amtrak Depot. It is a vintage building of 1907. The museum has vintage model trains from the 1940s to the 1960s. You will also see railroad industry artifacts. Furthermore, you will also observe trains running in the museum. You will get to tour the train coaches and enjoy a train ride.

Hualapai Mountain Park

14. Visiting the Hualapai Mountain Park for Camping, Hiking, and RV hookups

The Hualapai is a public park in Mohave County. It was built by the conservation corps, and the park is a tribute to the indigenous tribe of Hualapai. Furthermore, the park occupies more than 2300 acres of land. It provides great spaces for family or group camping. You can also engage yourself in Rv hookups and hiking. The park has a ten-mile hiking trail with an elevation of 8147 feet. As you stroll in the park, you will see informational displays about the Hualapai tribe. There will also be information on conservation programs of vegetation and natural resources.

13. Visiting the Bonelli House to Learn About their History and View the Artifacts

The Bonelli house in Kingman is a second home to George A. Bonelli. He was a retail shop owner and a prominent cattle rancher. The first home burned because of an electric fire. The home became a historical site in 1978 after being purchased from the Bonelli family. You can tour the house on weekdays. It only takes a minimum of twenty-five minutes to complete the house tour. You will see the furnishing of the house, artifacts preserved from the first home fire, and the house's original architecture.

Gigantius Headicus

12. Viewing the Gigantius Headicus and Pausing for a Picture

The Gigantius Headicus is a statue found in Antares Point in Kingman. Its unveiling was in 2004. Furthermore, according to Travellens, it is the tallest unbroken curve on all the highways of the United States. You can pause for one or two pictures as you visit this statue. This statue is 14 feet high and resembles a tiki head. Moreover, the statue was made of materials such as Styrofoam, cement, wood, and metal. Moreover, you can also buy a miniature version of this statue to take home.


11. Visiting Cella Winery to Sample Different Types of Wine

Cella Winery is an award-winning company for being the best in the food and wine industry. It is owned by both Carlos Cella and Buenos Aires native. Moreover, this company began producing its Estate wines in 2010. You will enjoy sampling the different wines available as you visit this winery. They include Zinfandel, sauvignon, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and moscato. Furthermore, it produces features of syrahs and cabernets, both white and red wine blends.

home decor

10. Visiting the Farmhouse to View Different Home Décors

The Farmhouse is an art and décor store that started operating in 2016. However, the following year Barb Charon moved the store to Kingman Downtown. The current space it occupies is four thousand square feet. As you visit this Farmhouse, you will see handmade home items and antique and vintage décor pieces. The shops also sell signs, paints, and custom upholstery. Moreover, you will get free cookies if you visit the shop during the art workshop that happens periodically on Saturdays.


9. Visiting the Desert Diamond Distillery to Taste Different Types of Spirits.

The Desert Diamond Distillery is an award-winning company for serving the best spirits. The Patt family founded it in 2010. According to Yelp, produces spirits, agave rum, dark rum, white rum, Vodka, Whiskies, and single barrel rum. The distillery is open for tours each day except on Tuesday and Wednesday. As you tour this distillery, you will get an opportunity to taste the different liquors. You also get to see how the different liquors are processed. Moreover, you will taste the craft cocktails they offer their visitors. You can also buy some bottles at the retail shop to take home.


8. Touring the Black Bridge Brewery in Kingman

The Black Bridge Brewery opened in 2013. Tim Schritter, the brewmaster, was the founder. This brewery's name comes from the historic railroad bridge. The bridge has been a famous hangout spot for youths since the 1960s. You will come across a forty-five-gallon brewing system as you tour this brewery. The brewing system was made by Schritter, a metal fabricator and welder. Moreover, you will also enjoy sampling their brews, such as the Locomotive Stout beer, 80 Shilling ale, and Evil Red. There is also cold-brew coffee that is served with ginger beer. The taproom in the brewery has happy hour events and pub quiz nights.


7. Visiting the Lewis Kingman Park for Pickniking, Lounging, and Viewing the Kingman Plaque and Monument

Lewis Kingman Park is named after a railroad surveyor, and it is a public park. It is the only public park with a dog facility. The dog area has a double fence to ensure your dog is safe when playing and running around the park. You will also see a plaque and a monument dedicated to Kingman. There are also picnic areas where you can have a good time with your family or friends. Furthermore, there are tables, restrooms, and grill spots to enjoy your afternoons. The park also has expansive spaces for picnicking and lounging.

mexican food

6. Visiting the EI Palacio to enjoy Mexican Dishes

It is a family-owned restaurant and has six branches in different locations. The Kingman branch opened in 1995. Moreover, according to touristear, this restaurant has gotten many accolades for the past two decades. They include accolades for Chandler’s Culinary Festival, Maricopa Salsa Festival, and Arizona Taco festival. You will enjoy eating Mexican dishes such as platillos de huevos, tostadas, and burritos. You can also make enjoy tacos, empanadas, and enchiladas.

wine bar

5. Visiting Diana’s Cellar Wine Bar for Wine, Craft Cocktails, and Viewing paintings

Diana's wine bar is popular in Kingman. The bar does not have its wines. It serves wines only from the Arizona region, and you can order takeout. Moreover, they do not serve wine alone. They also serve craft beer menus for both national and regional beer brands. You should not pass by this bar if you are a wine lover. The local brews served in this bar are from Dogfish head Brewery and Black Bridge Brewery. If you like craft cocktails, this is the bar for you. The craft cocktails served here include a Moscow mule mixed with ginger beer. Moreover, each month the wine bar hosts Art Uncorked, a painting workshop.


4. Enjoy Barbecue, Pizzas, and Sandwich at Floyd and Company Restaurant

If you are hungry and do not know where to go in Kingman, visit the Floyd and Company restaurant. It is in downtown Kingman and uses Tennessee- style to prepare a delicious barbecue. Moreover, you will also enjoy baby back ribs, pulled pork, and real pit barbecue. At lunch, you can enjoy eating their wood-fired pizzas or sandwich. You can try their pulled pork Cubans with salad platters or soup. Moreover, you can also take it out for dinner and lunch, and the restaurant will deliver food to your Kingman location.

white wagon

3. Enjoying Hiking, and Biking at the White Cliffs Wagon

The White Cliff trail helped to transport ore from Stockton Hill in the 1800s. Including transporting heavy wagon ore. According to Explore Kingman, the cliff is free for the public to access and use to enjoy hiking or biking at natural trails, you must visit the White Cliff Wagon for an unforgettable experience. The trail is a result of the previous road being damaged by heavy transportation. Therefore, you will use the remaining parts of the road as a trail during hiking or biking.

Cerbat golf

2. Golfing at Cerbat Hills or the Valle Vista

You can be sure you will find two amazing courses to play golf. However, you will have to check their fees and availability online. Furthermore, you can play golf on Cerbat Hills Course, which measures 6500 yards, Par 70. This course has excellent facilities such as a grill, a restaurant, and a bar. You can also play golf in Valle Vista. It is semi-private, but you will get time to play. Fred Bolton was the one that designed it. Moreover, it has a tree choice and is 6266 yards.

Cerbat foothills

1. Enjoying Horse Riding, Hiking, and Jogging at the Recreational Area at the Cerbat Foothills

Cerbat Foothills has thirty-five miles of trail that cover 11,300 acres of land on the Mohave Desert. If you like hiking, you can challenge your sell to cover the 35-mile distance. Moreover, you could decide to jog, horse ride, or cycle through the trail. As you cover the trail, you will enjoy flora in these hills, which include mesquite, creosote, and prickly pear. The other flora that you will see is beavertail and yucca. Moreover, you can engage yourself in taking pictures of beautiful flora in the Cerbat Foothills.

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