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The 20 Best Things To Do in Casa Grande, Arizona

Pinal County Historical Museum

Casa Grande is a lovely city on your way from Tucson to Phoenix, It marks the approximate halfway point if you're traveling from one city to the other. It's a popular tourist destination in the state of Arizona with the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument and other local attractions. If you're planning a trip to Casa Grande, whether on business, to visit family, or on vacation, the moderate-sized city has a lot to offer visitors. We've put together a list of the twenty best things to do in Casa Grande so you don't miss out on a good time and making lifetime memories.

Domes of Casa Grande

20. Visit the Domes of Casa Grande

The Domes of Casa Grande is a group of buildings in interesting shapes, erected by InnerConnTechnology Incorporated in 1983. The company produced computer circuit boards. It's a site that you can view from a distance, but visitors are not allowed to go inside the complex. The site has a rich history and it is rumored to be a place where satanic worship rituals were held. You can see the futuristic ruins of the old complex with fascinating graffiti and murals that comprise the street art that the attraction is best known for.

Play golf at Francisco Grande

19. Play golf at Francisco Grande

If you're a golfer and you've dreamed of playing at a legendary course, Francisco Grande is one of the most iconic in Arizona. You'll find the course in the center of the city of Cas Grande. It's a lovely golf course that attracted many famous golfers including John Wayne, a legendary film star. At the course, you can play on the 7,400-yard course with more than 1,500 mature trees and three lakes. It's an oasis in the desert that offers golfing on a premium course, dining at the Legends Restuarant, or cocktails at Duke's Lounge, named for the film star. You can also enjoy a full-body massage with an herbal body wrap and other spa services.

Enjoy an afternoon at the Pinal County Fairgrounds and Events Center

18. Enjoy an afternoon at the Pinal County Fairgrounds and Events Center

The Pinal County Fairgrounds and Event Center is a great place to visit to attend the many cultural and social events held there. The Fairgrounds and Event Center hosts numerous agricultural events and workshops with educational activities for everyone in the family. It's the venue for the Pinal County Fair, the Arizona Classic Jackpot & Farm Show, the Agri-County Bluegrass Festival, and the Lantern Fest. It's a good idea to visit the website in advance of your visit to learn more about what's going on during the time of your stay in Casa Grande.

Tour Caywood Farms

17. Tour Caywood Farms

Caywood Farms is a farming business in Casa Grande that has been in operation as a family farm for four generations. They welcome visitors and are happy to show you how they raise their crops of cotton and prepare the crop for production. They provide fun and educational tours of the farm with presentations, a demonstration of cotton picking, a hayride, and allowing visitors to pick cotton to take home as a souvenir. They also offer a barbecue, pumpkin carving, face painting, and corn trails.

Royale Golf Club

16. Play the Mission Royale Golf Club

The Mission Royale Golf Club is another iconic course for golfers to enjoy. It's the creation of designer Greg Nash. It's a combination 18-hole golf course with other amenities including the Mission Royale Pro Shop, offering rental clubs, carts practice balls, and professional PGA golf instructors offering private lessons. You can also enjoy a meal at Hogan's Restaurant. Golfers of all skill levels from beginner to pro are welcome at the Mission Royale Golf Club.

Western Trading Post

15. Visit the Western Trading Post

If you want to take a step back in time, The Western Trading Post is an attraction you won't want to miss. It's located in the historic district of Casa Grande and goes back to its establishment in 1877. Tour the family-owned and operated museum to see the collectibles and antiques from Native American Indians, the southwestern region of the old west, and cowboy memorabilia. It's a retail store that offers these priceless items for sale to take souvenirs of your trip home with you. The Western Trading Post also sponsors a monthly live auction that you can attend in-person or online.

Neon Photo Shop

14. See the Neon Sign Park

The Neon Sign Park is another popular attraction in Casa Grande. The park displays restored neon signs once displayed decades ago. It gives you an overview of the history of Casa Grande from the mid-century with educational components. It's a collection of neon signs that were used to advertise businesses on Highway 48. It's like taking a peek into the past. If you're a neon sign collector this park is a must-see. You'll find an old Dairy queen sign, and signs from Valley National Bank, Arizona Edison, The Sacaton Hotel, and many others. The park opens early in the mornings until 11 pm so you can catch a glimpse of the signs lit up during the nighttime.

Museum of Casa Grande

13. Visit the Museum of Casa Grande

The Museum of Casa Grande is a great place to visit if you have a few hours to spare. It takes visitors back to the early days of Casa Grande. The museum was founded in 1964. It's loaded with memorabilia that details the history of Casa Grande with photos, artifacts, and documents. It chronicles the history of the city and shows visitors how the city evolved from its humble beginnings. Many of the 50,000 items go back to prehistoric times, found in archaeological expeditions and digs. The museum is open Wednesday through Saturday. It opens at noon and closes at 4 pm.

Casa Grande Ruins

12. Visit the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

The Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is a prehistoric structure that is carved into the desert by ancient people from the Sonoran Desert. It's one of the oldest known manmade structures in Arizona. The Ruins is an unforgettable visit that features a look into the history of the widespread trade connections and an irrigation farming system. The prehistoric site was where people gathered to trade and connect until 1450 AD. It gives us a look into the life of ancient Sonoran Desert People. You can visit the Ruins from Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm. It's filled with educational outdoor activities and a Junior Ranger Program.

Palm Island

11. Spend the day at the Palm Island Family Aquatics Park

If you're in Casa Grande with the family, one of the most enjoyable things to do on a hot day is to visit the Palm Island Family Aquatics Park. The Park offers a zero-depth entry pool with spray devices, lovely fountains, a two-story slide, and many more amenities. The Park also offers swimming camps and classes for beginners. It's a great way to cool off from the Arizona heat and have fun while doing so. The aquatic center is also available for rental if you want to hold a private event.

Paramount Theater

10. Visit the Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre is one of the city's most popular attractions. It's operated by the Paramount Foundation. You'll enjoy the Egyptian them of the theater with seating for small crowds. It's the premier venue for music in Casa Grande, centrally located in the downtown area near some of the best restaurants and eateries. The theater is a cozy venue that sponsors a broad range of nationally touring musical acts. It's a great place to go for an evening of musical entertainment and relaxation.

Harkins Casa Grande 14

9. Catch a movie at Harkins Casa Grande 14

If you're running out of things to do and you want to catch a movie, one of the best theaters in the state is the Harkins Casa Grande 14. It's a good-sized venue that offers fourteen auditoriums to accommodate movie-goers. The theater offers a choice of fourteen first-run feature films with high-quality digital projection and sound for a thrilling viewing experience. Additionally, the theater offers Ultimate Rocker seats, 3D movies, and stadium seating. There's a generously sized snack bar to get your food and drinks before the movie starts.

Cotton Bowl

8. Burn some calories at the Cotton Bowl

The Cotton Bowl is a popular hangout for local bowlers. The Cotton Bowl is a combination bowling alley with an entertainment center. It's known for hosting tournaments, but they also offer open bowling to visitors. It's an entertainment venue that frequently hosts live music and other special events. It also has a bar to get your favorite adult beverages.

Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

7.Tour the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch offers fun for the entire family. It's an ostrich ranch that features a host of other animals that children and adults can feed and pet. The venue also offers monster truck tours to learn about the massive ostrich ranch and how it works.

Casa Grande Art Museum

6. Visit the Casa Grande Art Museum

The Casa Grande Art Museum is a lovely way to spend an afternoon relaxing and soaking in the beauty of the works of local artists. The building was once a family residence, built-in 1929. It houses the works of artists from Arizona, including a sculpture garden.

Picacho Peak State Park

5. Spend a day at Picacho Peak State Park

Picacho Peak State Park offers a respite from the busy city in a relaxed, natural environment. Picacho Peak is in the Picacho Peak State Park. It's one of the most prolific landmarks in the region. If you enjoy hiking, there are plenty of well-maintained trails to walk. The venue occasionally offers cultural and civic events like a Civil War Battle Re-enactment.


4. Catch a flick at the UltraStar Multi-tainment Center at Ak-Chin Circle

Maricopa is a short drive from Casa Grande. The Ultra Star is a combination movie theater with 12 bays but there is so much more to enjoy there. The venue is also the home of a laser tag arena, an arcade, and a bowling alley. You can also dine at one of the five restaurants on the premises.

San Tan Mountain Regional Park

3. Visit the San Tan Mountain Regional Park

The San Tan Mountain Regional Park offers ten thousand acres of lovely outdoor views and hiking trails. It's an exceptional place to go to get away from the crowds. The wildlife division of the park provides educational opportunities about the local wildlife. It's a place where everyone in the family can unwind, relax, and get close to nature.

D Ranch

2. Ride horses at D Ranch

While enjoying the San Tan Mountain Regional park, why not do it on horseback? The MD Ranch offers riding adventures through the local desert and mountain landscape. Guides work with novices to give them a crash course on horseback riding before the ride begins.

Pinal County Historical Museum

1. Visit the Pinal County Historical Museum

Nearby Florence offers an opportunity to learn about the history of Casa Grande and the local area. The museum was founded in 1959 to represent the history of Pinal County. The main focus is on the history of the local area with exhibits of Native American life through the centuries, along with other artifacts from prison and other notable features of the county.

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