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10 U.S. Hotels Whose Rooms Have Amazing Bathtubs

Setai Miami Beach

One of the true hallmarks of a luxurious hotel is an amazing bathtub. In these ten hotels, you can partake in a bath as you pass time like a royal. If you want are setting off on a long trip around the US to destress, you are bound to get the ultimate rest and relaxation in the bathtubs of one of these hotels. From soaking with white marbles with posh Italian robes to cozy in, to getting a bird’s eye view of Chicago as you take a shower, here are the top ten hotels with great bathtubs.

10. Crowne Plaza Indianapolis’ Downtown Union Station - Indianapolis, Indiana

For $341, you can check in at the Crowne Plaza hotel located at the train shed of Indianapolis’ Union Station. The hotel offers the exciting opportunity of sleeping in a refurbished 1920’s Pullman train car. Despite the fact that trains are not known for their massive bathrooms, the bathrooms at Crowne Plaza Indianapolis’ Downtown Union Station have been remade to ensure that you are comfortable. Although they are small, the novelty of taking a shower on a bathtub of a train makes the experience more exhilarating when you add the historic charm.

9. McCloud Mercantile Hotel - McCloud, California

While this hotel may not be on most people’s radar, it definitely has one of the most amazing bathtubs that is worth the visit. Located at the base of Mt. Shasta, this hotel has so much to offer, including skiing, hike trails, and one of California’s oldest golf courses. The most striking thing about this hotel is its Shasta suite which has a bathroom worth checking out. Filled with black river rocks that have natural wood accents, these bathrooms are exquisite. You can also enjoy a shower from a sunken whirlpool tub with water cascading out from an illuminated chandelier.

8. Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale - Scottsdale, Arizona

This resort was initially built below Camelback Mountain in 1959. In 2017, it was rebuilt to a modern symbol of luxury and design with incredible architecture and stunning desert views that make it a unique destination. Everything in this resort, from room service to housekeeping, is world-class and smells royalty. In each of its magnificent guestrooms, this resort contains soaking bathtubs that you can immerse yourself in as you sip some coffee while enjoying the stunning desert views and Camelback Mountain.

7. Faena Hotel - Miami, Florida

For $300, you can check-in at Faena Hotel Miami, which is as upscale as any of your favorite hotels in the world. The hotel overlooks Miami Beach and boasts of award-winning chefs, a 100,000 square feet private beach and oversized soaking bathtubs that overlook the magnificent oceanic views. The hotel also has a 22,000 square foot spa that contains ancient Turkish Hammam treatments that are vital in body healing.

6. Four Seasons Hotel - Miami, Florida

This five-star hotel offers one of the most intimate getaways that you can ever think of. If you are after some alone time alongside your partner, Four Seasons Hotel is the perfect place for your romantic date. The hotel has a five-star secluded beachfront and rooms with individual balconies where you can enjoy the stunning Atlantic Ocean view. The hotel also contains a private spa bath in one of your rooms with complimentary toiletries for your romantic stay.

5. Driskill Hotel - Austin, Texas

Located at the heart of Austin, Texas, Driskill Hotel has one of the most Instagram-worthy bath tabs you will ever come across. The historic hotel, which dates back over 100 years ago, is full of the Texas charm and is the perfect place to wash away the Texas scorching heat in jetted tubs built under gorgeous stained glass windows. The hotel also has a bar, restaurant, and fitness center and is ideal for couples and solo business travelers.

4. Baccarat Hotel - New York, New York

Forbes Travel guide lists Baccarat Hotel as a five-star hotel, and true to that, it is one of the best hotels in the world. With a vividly artistic atmosphere, Baccarat Hotel captures the natural Manhattan energy and is a location for some of the most intimate social moments. The hotel drips with decadence that starts from its bathrooms which are covered by white marble. The hotel also offers La Mer skincare products and beautiful Italian robes that ensure your stay at the hotel is as cozy as you like.

3. The Ivy Hotel - Baltimore, Maryland

Located in Baltimore’s historic Mount Vernon neighborhood, The Ivy Hotel is a 19th-century mansion cum hotel that has won over our hearts thanks to its tranquillity and luxury. The hotel contains nine rooms which are all fitted with deep soaking tubs that come heated with French limestone flooring. The bathtubs exude an aroma of tranquillity and is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of travel.

2. Ventana Big Sur - Big Sur, California

If you prefer ocean views with mountainsides and forests, you need to check out the iconic coastal California. The Ventana Big Sur is an adult-only resort that was opened back in 2017 as part of Alila Hotels massive expansion and renovation. The resort contains 59 rooms with a private balcony overlooking the sea and the mountain forest, plus fireplaces and bathtubs that you can soak yourself in as you enjoy the scenic views in one of your romantic getaways. Apart from soaking yourself in the bathtub, you can choose to experience a rainfall shower. Remember to check out some incredible viewpoints, such as chaise loungers near the sauna, and enjoy the views as you walk in the area between the hotel and the restaurant.

1. The Setai Miami Beach - Miami, Florida

The Setai Miami is an oceanside hotel that is situated in one of the most desirable locations in Miami. The award-winning hotel combines amazing Asian hospitality with outstanding personalized service and true comfort. The resort contains three temperature-controlled swimming pools, Art Deco style rooms and great beachfront services. The five-star hotel also has excellent views of the city with suites that include espresso makers, Italian linens and lavish bathrooms. The icing on the cake comes in the form of a private black granite bathtub that will restore your body, mind and soul as you unwind.

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