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10 Reasons to Stay at The Refinery Hotel in NYC

Refinery Hotel NYC

There are many reasons why people choose to visit New York City, such as taking a business trip, visiting family, or taking a vacation to see the sights or shop in the city. Regardless of your reasons for visiting, you will need to find some accommodation. There are plenty of excellent hotels in this city, and which you choose will depend on your personal preferences, your expectations of your stay in New York, and your budget. If you want to stay in luxurious accommodation to enhance your experience of New York, then one option to consider is The Refinery, which is located on 38th Street. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider staying at The Refinery during your next trip to New York City.

1. The Chic Rooms

The primary reason to stay at The Refinery is because of the chic rooms. The rooms are decorated in a retro-industrial style and feature many amenities that add to the comfort of the stay. Some of the features include high windows, large windows, wooden floors, minibars, flat-screen televisions, free Wi-Fi, iPod docks, and mosaic-tiled bathrooms.

2. An Interesting Building

This hotel has a lot of character that will appeal to many people. It is a tower that was built in 1912 and it has a history as a hatmakers. This means that both the exterior and interior of the property has many interesting architectural details

3. Good Views

Those who have stayed in this hotel say that one of the things they enjoyed most about their stay was the views. Some of the rooms have views of the city, while others overlook Bryant Park. For the best views, head to the rooftop bar where you can enjoy panoramic views that are particularly spectacular at night.

4. Great Dining Options

Guests at The Refinery can enjoy everything from small bites to exquisite full meals as there are two different dining options at The Refinery. The main restaurant is Parker & Quinn, which is an acclaimed restaurant with a vintage vibe. This restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The highlights of the dinner menu include the ribeye steak and the soft-shell crab. This restaurant also serves an excellent collection of cocktails. If you just want a small bite to eat, then you can relax with a small plate in Winnie’s Jazz Lounge. Those who only want to enjoy a drink may prefer to head to the Refinery Rooftop. This rooftop bar boasts excellent views. There is also a bar in the lobby where you can sit and enjoy a quiet drink.

5. Live Music

Another thing that makes this hotel stand out from others in the vicinity is the live music. The live music is played in Winnie’s Jazz Lounge, where you can also enjoy a cocktail or another drink from the bar. This lounge is decorated in the prohibition-style. The element of live entertainment means that you can spend the evening in the hotel rather than going around the local area seeking entertainment.

6. Excellent Location

The location of a hotel is a key element in whether people choose to book a room or not. They want to stay somewhere that is close to local amenities, attractions, and public transport links. This hotel is ideally located for accessing both attractions and amenities. It is close to Bryant Park, Times Square, the Empire State Building, and Macy’s. There are many shops and restaurants within walking distance, should you wish to dine out or go shopping. If you plan to go a little further afield, there are good public transport links within walking distance of the hotel so that you can access other areas of New York City and beyond. Another reason why the location of this hotel is so great is that it is central to the hustle and bustle of the city, but it is on a quiet side street that is more peaceful than the locations of many other city hotels.

7. The Fitness Center

The Refinery has several facilities for the guests to use, of which one of the best is the fitness center. This is a fully equipped gym where you can take some exercise to relieve stress during your stay or keep up with your regular exercise regime. It is possible to book a personal training session at this fitness center.

8. The Basement Space

An unusual feature of this hotel is the basement space. This is a space that has been converted for guests and other people to hire for a variety of uses. One of its primary uses is for fashion shoots, so if you work in the fashion industry and you are looking for a place to stay while you travel on business, then this should interest you. Another use of this space is for business meetings. Therefore, it is a useful facility for those who are visiting New York for business purposes who require a meeting space. It is also possible to hire this space if you are holding an event during your stay.

9. Various Treatments Available

The Refinery works in collaboration with several local businesses to offer guests a variety of treatments and services. These include in-room massages and a variety of hair and beauty treatments.

10. Great Customer Service

A guest’s experience of staying in a hotel is about much more than the décor in the room and the facilities available. The customer service can also make a significant difference to the overall experience of a stay in a hotel. According to The Telegraph, The Refinery has excellent customer service. They also note that the level of customer service offered is especially good from the staff at the reception and they go above and beyond to meet the needs of the customers. Another element of customer service that enhances your stay is the 24-hour room service.

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