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The 20 Best Things to do in Warner Robins, GA

Visit the Museum of Aviation

Warner in Robins is a recognized travel destination, thanks to its charming hospitality and booming economic development. It is more than just a “locale” away from other metropolitan areas. Warner is a thriving city with plenty of cultures, a history to explore, and of course mainstays like sports, arts, and cuisine. Whether you are visiting, have just relocated here, or are always looking for new things to do, this city has lots of activities for everyone.

What makes Warner Robins a wonderful place to experience?

Warner Robins is a quintessential small town, the 11th largest city in the state, and 47th in the USA. According to WorldPopulation Review, the city has a population of 81,373 based on the latest statistical data of 2022. It has beautiful parks and landmarks, combining natural habitats comprising waterfalls, springs, and reservoir areas. The Georgian town has a historic center, featuring quirky museums, antique malls, and fashionable boutiques. Warner Robins also offers a progressive culture, with some of the oldest buildings in America, dated as far back as the 1800s. Are you looking for fun activities to enjoy and participate in as a tourist or resident of the ‘International City’ of Georgia? These are the 20 best things to do in Warner Robins, Georgia, to kick you off.

Little League Southeast Park

20. Watch a baseball tournament at Little League Southeast Park

Located on Little League Southeastern Region’s ground, the Little League Southeast Park holds annual Little League southeast regional championship tournaments. If your kids are into soccer, baseball, and softball, this venue should be on top of your list of things to do in Warner Robins.

sprint festival

19. Attend the sprint festival

The Georgia Sprint Festival is a great place to experience the beauty of regional history. There are over 40 showcases and exhibits that you can enjoy, including the needlework exhibit hosted by Carnegie Library, and the 5K race hosted by First United Methodist Church.

Bible Baptist Temple

18. Listen to a powerful sermon at Bible Baptist Temple

Bible Baptist Temple is an independent church that focuses on engaging and encouraging individuals through a life-changing journey. It is famous for its powerful sermons, special music, and hymns. The Baptist Temple is a conservative church with friendly, welcoming members and features a Christian school.

Ocmulgee Mounds

17. Discover the hidden regional history at Ocmulgee Mounds

Ocmulgee Mounds national historical park is an excellent place to uncover the history of the Native Americans in the region, forced out of their ancestral lands in the 19th century. The most significant remains date back to 1,000 years, covering the South Appalachian Mississippian culture of over 17,000 years. Grass earthworks have shaped the landscape into a series of ceremonial mounds, defense trenches, a Great Temple complex, and burial mounds. Ocmulgee Mounds features a wooden staircase leading to the summit of the Great Temple Mound, providing views of the surrounding woodland and across this site.

Monkey Joes

16. Head to Monkey Joe’s for a play party

Voted best in kids’ entertainment three years in a row, Monkey Joe is the place to play and party. It features slides, bouncing castles, a dedicated party room, wall-to-wall inflatables, and several arcade games. They also offer riding activities for younger children and racing games for the elder ones.

Wellston Trail

15. Take a leisure walk at the Wellston Trail

Wellston Trail is a 3.2-kilometer nicely-paved running, road biking, and walking path near Warner Robins. It features a river and offers a variety of areas to picnic all year round. The trail goes through the woods, with a small portion going through a neighborhood. Plenty of parking is available on both ends. Wellston Trail also features a basketball court, a picnic area, a park and pool for the kids, and a sand volleyball court.

Walker’s Pond

14. Visit Walker’s Pond

Walker’s pond is a quiet spot with a six-mile trail paved around a beautiful pond. If you are looking for things to do in Warner Robins, you can walk, exercise, walk your dog, ride your bike, or even go fishing. Unlike many other local parks, there is plenty of shade here, making it invaluable in the summer. It also features a basketball court and a tennis court. The presence of wildlife and water fountains makes Walker’s pond more scenic.

Sweetwater Creek State Park

13. Go fishing at Sweetwater Creek State Park

Sweetwater Creek is an ultra-popular and well-loved state park well-known for fishing. It also provides a beautiful setting for picnicking and feeding doves. Individuals searching for fun things to do in Warner Robins can rent a fishing boat, kayak, canoe, pedal boat, or a stand-up paddleboard. You can also watch the dragonflies hover around the ponds. Swimming in this reservoir is not allowed.


12. Have fun at Rigby’s Entertainment Complex

Rigby’s has transformed the simple idea of an entertainment center into an entertainment complex. The complex features a bowling alley, two-story laser tag arena, full roller skating, go-kart track comprising thirty go-karts, billiard area, bar and restaurant, an 18-hole mini-golf course, and arcade. Rigby’s Entertainment Complex provides fun activities for both adults and kids at affordable prices.

Depot Row

11. Visit Depot Row

Depot Row is a historical museum and site. The home to the 1944 former train depot, Elberta Train Depot, X556 Caboose, and Mildred Country’s Store, this is an excellent place for railroad enthusiasts. It is one of the historic places listed in the National Register. Elberta Train Depot was built around the era of the first World War and currently serves as a transportation museum, tracing the railway systems back to Wellston’s days and their roles in the development of Warner Robins and Robins Air Force Base. According to Explore Georgia, Mildred’s Country Store was one of the first buildings in Warner Robins and functions as a museum of antiques. Constructed in 1971, the X556 Caboose is a mini-museum where you can learn the role of the caboose car before electronics were invented.

Warner Robins Little Theater

10. Enjoy a show at Warner Robins Little Theater

Founded in 1962, Warner Robins Little Theater is a non-profit community theater that holds five shows per year, each running for about two weeks. It has seating for 98 people and is known to offer a wonderful family experience. Some of the shows hosted here include plays based on classic novels like The Strange Case by Jekyll and Hyde, Treasure Island and The Wizard. Warner Robins Little Theater also features children’s plays. Theater workshops are hosted once or twice per year where you can get theater experience and learn about acting.

Attend a cultural or educational festival

9. Attend a cultural or educational festival

Attending one of the top-notch festivals should not miss out on your list of things to do in Warner Robins. Whether it is a scrumptious food festival or a rocking music event, you are guaranteed to have a gala time of your life with family or close friends. Warner Robins cultural and educational festivals provide plenty of fun and entertainment, allowing individuals to experience the local vibe and culture. Per Allevents, these events range from crazy music festivals to big outdoor beach parties. A broad range of categories is available to suit different tastes and preferences.

Gold Cup Bowling Center

8. Knock a few pins at the Gold Cup Bowling Center

Gold Cup Bowling Center is the place to go for individuals looking to relax and unwind. Enjoy Glow Bowl bowling at night, with the lights turned off and the neon lights igniting the place. The Gold Cup is even more charming because it does not offer plenty of pizzazz. You can sip your favorite drink between frames or afterward in the bar. Children can hold birthday parties, have fun at the arcade, or enjoy pizza and coke.

Artisan center

7. Go shopping at Georgia Artisan Center

Established in 2012, the Georgia Artisan Center is an excellent spot for all your shopping needs. You can shop for anything grown or created in Georgia. Find unique handcrafted products made by local artisans and take home a piece of Georgia regardless of where you live. The Georgia Artisan Center offers high-quality products. It is a family-friendly place, accessible, and open throughout the year.

Amerson River Park

6. Kayak at Amerson River Park

Amerson River Park is a 29-minute drive from Warner Robins, GA, and a fantastic area to kayak. According to Newtown Macon, the park consists of 180 acres of meadows, pristine forests, and wetlands encompassed by a river oxbow. Bring your gear and head on over to the Amerson River Park, where you will enjoy the Ocmulgee River on a kayak, floating in a tube, or sitting in a canoe. Children can enjoy slides, swings, and other playground equipment, regardless of their physical ability.

Situation Room

5. Have some fun and thrill at the Situation Room

You never run out of things to do in Warner Robins. The Situation Room is approximately 20 minutes away from Warner Robins, offering fun, thrilling, and unique activities for individuals of all ages. It has two differently-themed escape rooms and provides a virtual reality experience. Be a part of a space exploration team in their Stellar Room on a failing space that requires you to escape before the failure of life support systems. You can also join the Red versus Blue room in solving puzzles, problems, and obstacles to escape with your life.

Enjoy your favorite cuisine

4. Enjoy your favorite cuisine

Popularly known as “Georgia’s International City, “Warner Robins has exceptional cultural diversity and offerings. The city offers superfluity culinary options to its visitors and residents alike. From American favorites like Mediterranean cuisine and barbecue to Chinese food in buffet style and Central American dine-in and takeaway, you will find several restaurants from which you can find your favorite meal. USA Today indicates there are various dining options along Watson Boulevard and Russell Parkway, Warner Robins’ main thoroughfares. They include Ali Baba’s Mediterranean Restaurant, American Restaurant, Ladda Thai, China Palace, Mercadito Tortilleria, Glyn’s Caribbean & American Restaurant, and Fincher’s Barbecue.

Hang out at Robins Air Force Base

3. Hang out at Robins Air Force Base

Georgia’s International City is named after General Augustine Warner Robins of the Army Air Corps in the United States. According to their website, Robins Air Force Base sits in Houston County and is the largest industrial complex in Georgia, with about 24,000 civilians as employees. Also known as the fun flight, this airbase provides a variety of recreational and leisure activities. If you love golfing, bowling, boating, skeet range, or arrow club, then spending a day at Robins Air Force Base should not miss in your list of things to do in Warner Robins.

Rigby's Water World

2. Enjoy some thrill and splash at Rigby’s Water World

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining day out, then you should visit Rigby’s Water World in Warner Robins GA. Navigating the whitewater rapids, water slides, and waterfalls is guaranteed to give you the thrills and spills you need. The privately-owned water park comprises attractions like a leisure pool, Paradise Island, a lazy river, and water slides. It has a colossal water bucket that pours 750 gallons of water on kids, 17 slides, and a variety of water gadgets for kids to enjoy. Those looking to unwind by the pool, enjoy a leisurely meal, and sip a fruit punch can rent a cabana. Rigby’s Water World is located at 2001 Karl Drive.

Visit the Museum of Aviation

1. Visit the Museum of Aviation

It is the second-largest museum in the US. Located on 51 acres next to the Air Force Base in Warner Robins, the Museum of Aviation is the fourth most visited gallery in the defense department. It houses more than 85 historic U.S. Air Force missiles, cockpits, aircraft, and award-winning exhibits. The most popular exhibits include the 483rd Bomb Group, Korean War, the story of WWII Ace Brigadier General Robert L. Scott, 14th Air Force Flying Tigers, Tuskegee Airmen, Air Invasion of Normandy, and the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment. According to the Museum of Aviation, visitors can build a Liberty ship, take a flight in a WWII airplane, march in the Band of Brothers’ boots, explore a pilot training base, or get to learn about several personal stories of courage, patriotism, and character portrayed by the men and women involved.

Warner Robins in Georgia has a lot to offer its visitors and residents alike. Whether you are looking for a new job, trying out life without a spouse, or want to experience something new, there are plenty of things to do in Warner Robins. The city is an excellent location for a one-night getaway, weekend adventure, or a holiday with family, friends, or colleagues. It offers incredible outdoor experiences, including beautiful lakes and trails, family-friendly attractions, arts, historical attractions, plenty of dining options, and many more. You do have to spend your time sitting inside your hotel. Warner Robins is the perfect location for people looking to experience life in a town with access to all the amenities of living in a city.

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