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The Complete Traveler's Guide to Delta One Suites

Delta Airlines

When booking a flight with Delta Airlines, flyers have the option to choose how they want their flight experience to be. One of those options is called Delta One Suites, which is a business class cabin set up that allows full privacy by closing a door to make the seating arrangement feel like a suite. This new feature offered by Delta Airlines began on October 30, 2017, a few months after Qatar Airways introduced its own version of this travel option. This new approach was to entice flyers who travel on business to try this new exclusive feature out. Apparently, it worked as additional airline companies have since begun following these exact same footsteps.

Delta One Suite Amenities

Each Delta One and Delta One Suite have in common a single seat that measures anywhere from slightly under twenty inches (fifty centimeters) to as large as twenty-four inches (sixty centimeters). Designed with luxurious comfort in mind, not only are the seats made with high-quality material for optimal ergonomics but spread out to a 180-degree flatbed so that the traveler can stretch out and relax. Each of these cabin units has its own soft duvet blanket, as well as luxurious down-alternative sleep pillows so if there's the need to get that rest while in flight, no problem. Also inside each cabin is an easy-to-use workspace should there be a need to use a laptop to perform some last-minute business tasks. Perhaps instead of catching up on some work on that laptop or tablet, perhaps entertaining yourself with a favorite game, or whatever it is that suits your fancy. Since there is WiFi service on every flight, there's also the opportunity to make good use of that feature however you see fit.

The way the seats are set up inside each Delta One and Delta One Suite cabin alternates between the seat and the little desk compartment, row for row. This is how each seat is able to lay itself out to the 180-degree flatbed. This way, these passengers are not interfering with each other's space as each enjoys their own little world for as long as they're in flight. Resting on each seat as you approach your cabin is two pillows and a blanket, which are perfectly safe to use as the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in Delta taking extra measures to ensure everything is clean and sanitized. There is also a personal travel kit Delta provides that features a pair of nightshades, socks, headphones, facial mist, lip balm, toothbrush, toothpaste, and hair care products. This you can also take with you as it is part of the package deal. You can't, however, take the pillows and duvet. That belongs to the airline.

Among the Delta One Suites that have the sliding door feature, that comes in handy for passengers who care to have a bit more privacy while flying. All the Airbus A350-900s and the A330-900neos have this. As for the reason why there are no child seats is these cabin units are designed with the business traveler in mind that is flying alone. Although people not flying on business that is traveling without children can make good use of the Delta One Suites as well, the idea behind the business class is people can access this part of the plane knowing there's enough peace and quiet so they can do business while in flight if needed, or to simply relax in an environment quiet enough to their liking. There is also an eighteen-inch flat touchscreen, USB ports, and universal power outlets. As for no storage underneath the seat, the cabin has been designed where there is no need for it. Also, in order for the seat to slide out to the 180-degree flatbed, there can't be anything blocking the ability to do so. However, for that storage compartment space, the little table unit folds up that leaving plenty of room for storage should you need it.

Luxury Becomes Necessity

When Delta first began installing the Delta One Suites, it started with the brand new lineup of its Airbus A350-900s and A330-900neos. Later, they began to retrofit modified versions into the rest of the airline's fleet, including the Boeing 777. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the full lineup of Delta's Boeing 777 jets has been retired. Since then, the company has retrofitted the 767-300ER line-up and has been working on retrofitting its Boeing 767-400ER aircraft units. These are currently flying in the premium transcontinental and transatlantic flights paths between the airline's hubs. This was an arrangement out of necessity as the pandemic, along with its variants, has caused several nations to develop and maintain strict travel protocols in order to comply with whatever they're told to do according to the mandates laid out by the United Nations and world leaders. Until these world leaders finally get a better handle on how to deal with the pandemic without further chaos, international travel remains an unpredictable obstacle course of scheduling issues and travel industry-approved regulations. As prayers intensify to see the madness revolving around the pandemic finally come to an end, there's hope the skies can return to some form of normalcy so that airline companies like Delta can get back on track as a reliable carrier of passengers to and from their destinations.

In the meantime, however, Delta One Suites are bookable for flyers wishing to board the Airbus A350-900, Airbus A330-900neo, the Boeing 767-300ER, and some of the Boeing 767-400ER jets. However, the 767s are not really a full-fledged Delta One Suite as it does not share the sliding door feature as the airbus aircraft units do. According to Air Fleets, Delta currently has fifteen A350-900 planes, eleven A330-900neos planes, and nineteen 767-400ER planes in their working roster. There are also thirty-nine Boeing 767-300ER planes, which have twenty-six Delta One cabins that may not exactly be suites, but the only issue that makes a difference here is the sliding door feature. The story has it there are additional Airbus A350-900 models and A330-900neos on the way. There are thirty-two Delta One Suites that will be in each of the new Delta Airbus A350-900 carriers and twenty-nine of these suites for each of the upcoming A330-900neos. Additional retrofits for the Boeing 767-400ERs will have thirty-four suites available per plane, which will have the sliding door feature for each of its cabins. For the 767s, this is an upgrade from the forty suites that are available in the previously fitted planes that don't have suites with sliding doors.

Flight Routes

Until the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic has been taken care of once and for all, there is no such thing as a regular flight route to anywhere, regardless of whether it's a domestic flight or international. Even should this pandemic nightmare finally get put behind us, the ramifications will continue to have an impact on society for a long time yet. To expect everything to go back to the way it was before this all started is unreasonable at best. Like it or not, there is a new normal now, even in the world of flight travel. It is a world Delta Airlines has acknowledged as it complies with whatever rules and regulations come about as they're dictated. With this being said, Delta has begun to slowly add international flights back into the schedule, but the route network will continue to have issues until the multitude of travel restrictions placed upon it finally begin to ease up.

Airbus 350-900 Guide

According to the Delta Airbus A350-900 website, the 3-Class has thirty-two Delta One Suites available. The seat width measures anywhere from twenty-two to twenty-four inches (fifty-seven to sixty centimeters) and allow the passenger to recline the seat into a 180-degree flatbed. For travelers bringing a child, the Delta One Suites will not allow child seats in the cabin for safety reasons. As for under the seat storage, this is not available in the Delta One Suite as they are in the seating arrangements of Delta Premium Select and the aircraft's main cabins. As for the 4-Class booking of the Delta One Suites on the A30-900 airbus, of the thirty-two available seats, the only difference it has from the 3-Class is the seat size, which is slightly smaller at slightly over twenty inches (fifty-two centimeters). Each of these cabins, however, just like the 3-Class has a sliding door feature so that you have more privacy in your seating area.

Airbus 330-900neo Guide

The Delta Airbus 330-900neo aircraft models have twenty-nine available Delta One Suites. For each cabin in each plane, the seating size is between twenty-one inches (fifty-four centimeters) and slightly over twenty-two inches fifty-seven centimeters). Each seat can fold back by 180 degrees as a flatbed. For safety reasons, there are no child seats permitted for these cabins, and there are no under-seat storage compartments. The sliding door allows additional privacy so that the traveler can enjoy a more relaxed flight.

Delta Boeing 767-300ER Guide

Among the 767-399ER aircraft units that currently feature the Delta One option isn't exactly a suite due to no sliding door, it's worthy of mention as it still shares all the same amenities that make the Delta One Suites so special. There are twenty-six of these suite-like cabins on each of the planes that have these retrofitted into its overall seating arrangement. Each cabin has a twenty-inch (fifty-two centimeter) seat that can fold out as a 180-degree flatbed for additional resting comfort. There are no child safety seats, nor under the seat storage compartments in any of these cabins.

Delta Boeing 767-400ER Guide

The 3-Class Delta One option on the 767-400ER planes has forty cabins to choose from, each with the same features as the Delta One Suites that have sliding doors for each cabin. The seat measurement is slightly over twenty inches (fifty-two centimeters) and has the foldable 180-degree flatbed. As for the 4-Class, there are thirty-four cabins available on these planes that seat just a hint smaller than the 3-Class. It, however, shares the same amenities, as well as no child seats allowed, nor under-seat storage compartments.

Additional Delta One Guides

With the demand for Delta One Suites and Delta One cabins on the rise, regardless of the pandemic situation, Delta has been busy making retrofits among its lineup of aircraft that can accommodate these business class cabins. Again, the only thing that sets the Delta One cabins aside from the Delta One Suites is the sliding door feature for extra privacy. In addition to the above-mentioned airplanes, there are more that currently feature at least the Delta One options. There is also talk of either upgrading these into suites, thanks to a sliding door installment, as well as brand new models of related aircraft scheduled to join Delta's roster.

Airbus A330-200 Guide

The 3-Class Delta One option on the A330-200 airbus units and the 4-Class airbus units both have thirty-four cabins to choose from that have seats measuring slightly under twenty inches (fifty centimeters) but still have the foldable up to 180 degrees airbed. Again, no child seats nor under-seat storage are available for these cabin units. However, all the amenities that are in the Delta One Suites are otherwise identical.

Airbus A330-300 Guide

The A330-300 airbus units, regardless of whether it's a 3-Class or 4-Class airbus, each have thirty-four cabins that have foldable 180-degree seats measured slightly under twenty inches (fifty centimeters). Still, no child seats nor an under-seat storage compartment are available, but all the business class amenities that are featured in the Delta One Suites are there.

Additional Delta One Perks

Whether it's Delta One or Delta One Suites, there are some extra perks that come with this particular flight booking preference. In addition to a quieter, more restful cabin, the traveler also has airport club access and the Sky Priority accelerated check-in, security, and baggage handling service. Whether you access the Delta Sky Club or not, when the time comes to board your flight, all passengers who've booked on either the Delta One or Delta One Suite get to board the plane first when it's time to fly. However, should you enjoy the Delta Sky Club, there is bartending service, as well as complimentary snacks and fresh foods available for you to consume before boarding your flight. While in flight, Delta One and Delta One Suite passengers will continue to have access to refreshments, as well as meal service, all according to the length of the flight.

Delta One Hubs and Consumer Demand

As far as any airport hubs that have any of the Delta aircraft that have the Delta One and Delta One Suites available, for as long as COVID-19 continues to mess with how people travel, among a multitude of other issues, there are still a number of variables that can change the routes and schedules as fast as a heartbeat. With this in mind, whenever booking a flight, or simply looking to book a flight, pay close attention to any alerts and advisories that have been placed everywhere. Delta's website has this, as do all the airports. As for the main hubs that have the aircraft featuring the Delta One and Delta One Suites available for booking, not every city has this accessibility yet. This is a still work in progress, but as the demand for business class travel matches this new standard of quality, Delta is working hard to keep up with that demand and make this special service available to as many airport hubs as possible.

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