The 10 Richest Cities in Georgia


Georgia might not be the richest state in the US, but you wouldn’t guess that from some of its cities. In the state’s wealthiest communities, a six-figure income in the bank, a Maserati in the garage, and some family jewels in the safe aren’t aspirational, they’re standard. If you’ve ever wondered where The Peach State’s 1 percent live, find out now as we rank the 10 richest cities in Georgia.


10. Suwanee

Sure, there are richer cities in Georgia, but with a median income of $90,436 and a median home price of $308,900, Suwanee isn’t exactly doing badly for itself. It’s not a huge city (by the last count, there were just over 20,000 people living here), but it is a desirable one, with a tiny unemployment rate of 3.4 percent and an equally small poverty rate of 6.2 percent.


9. Dunwoody

Keeping up with the Joneses in Dunwoody is practically a full-time job… but then again, what do you expect of a place where the average home costs a stonking $432,900? Fortunately, the high house prices are nicely balanced by an equally high median income of $96,057.


8. Roswell

The residents of Roswell, New Mexico might spend their lives searching the skies for moving lights and their roofs for spaceships, but the residents of Roswell, Georgia are too busy making money to worry about little green men. Thanks to a buoyant job market, the city boasts an incredible median income of £99,726. Property is far from cheap (expect to pay around $374,700 for a single-family home) but that sky-high income level more than compensates.

Peachtree City

7. Peachtree City

Peachtree City was established in 1959 as a master-planned community. Its got a diverse collection of residents, a good distribution of commercial and residential areas, and more than enough amenities, events, and activities to keep its 34,000 community happy. It’s also got a phenomenally low poverty rate (5.6%), an equally low unemployment rate (2.9%), and a median income that’s among the highest in Georgia ($101,121). Housing isn’t cheap (expect to pay around $338,900 for a single-family home) but the benefits of living in a city that regularly ranks as one of the best places to raise a family in Georgia outweigh the costs.


6. Tyrone

If Tyrone has caught your eye, you’re in luck. With a median home price of 286,500 and a median rental price of $999, this is a city with an achievable price tag. Sure, the cost of living is slightly above the state average, but it’s not so high as to make you do a double-take. But there’s yet more good news on the horizon. Despite the relatively low cost of living, Tyrone benefits from one of Georgia’s highest median incomes. Thanks to an abundance of well-paid jobs, the average Tyrone resident is earning the enviable income of $103,929. When you compare the cost of living to the average income, you’ll well understand why Home Snacks has voted it one of the richest places in Georgia.


5. Braselton

Back in 2019, ranked Braselton as the 2nd wealthiest city in Georgia. It’s fallen slightly down the rankings since, but thanks to a median income of $105,096, it’s still one of the richest cities in Georgia. Its wealth can be attributed to a buoyant job market, which has grown by 2.9 percent in the last few years and is predicted to grow by 46.7 percent in the future. The retail trade, educational services, and professional, scientific, and technical services are all booming, resulting in plenty of highly paid jobs for the city’s 11,000+ residents. Unemployment and poverty are next to non-existent. The huge assortment of bars. cafes, restaurants, and shops, meanwhile, is just as enticing as the city’s median income.


4. Decatur

If the thought of a $106,088 median income strikes you as a good thing, you might want to consider a move to Decatur. It might cost you the earth to move in (or at least, around $521,900 if you plan on buying a home and $1,015 if you plan on renting) but once you’ve stumped up enough to cover the deposit, you can look forward to a very bright future. Blessed with a low unemployment rate, a low poverty rate, and an abundance of things to do and see, Decatur is every bit as wealthy as it is desirable.


3. Alpharetta

If you want to own a home or even just rent one in Alpharetta, the last thing you can afford to be is poor. According to Area Vibes, the cost of buying a property here is 126% higher than the Georgia average. The cost of renting is 36% higher, and the cost of living is 30%. There are a few upsides to compensate, of course, starting with a median income of $113,802 and ending with an unemployment rate of 4.4 percent and a poverty rate of 5.5 percent. It might be expensive, but as the figures reveal, it’s also hugely alluring.

Johns Creek

2. Johns Creek

According to, Johns Creek is the ninth-largest city in the state with over 8200 residents. It’s been recognized as the safest large city in Georgia, as well as one of the best cities to live in the United States. These days, it also ranks as one of the richest, with a median income of $122,514. The unemployment and poverty rates are tiny, standing at 4.7 percent and 3.9 percent respectively. The flipside? A median home value of $400,100 and a median rent of $1,677.


1. Milton

According to Wikipedia, Milton is known for its rural and equestrian heritage, strong and welcoming community, evolving downtown and high quality of life. What it neglects to mention are the astronomical incomes. And by astronomical, we really do mean astronomical. Residents of this exclusive community can bank on a median income of $128,559, a figure that’s over twice the state average. No wonder the quality of life is so high…. although that said, the equally astronomical median home value of $541,000 might put a slight downer on things.

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