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The 20 Safest Places to Live in Georgia


Georgia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states in the nation. There are many reasons they the Peach State is also known as the Empire of the South. Georgia has some of the best urban areas, incredible mountain locales, and inspiring historic locations. However, Georgia is commonly ranked towards the lower spectrum when it comes to safety ratings. We’re here to tell you that there are plenty of areas in Georgia that are as peaceful as the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here are the 20 safest places to live in the one and only Peach State, Georgia.


20. Byron

A suburb of Peach County, Byron also happens to be the smallest city on this list. With a population of just over 5,000 people and a minimum commute outside at almost 30 minutes, you can imagine how remote Byron is. This city has a suburban rural feel that appeals to those who aren’t afraid to get away from the hustle of city living. The sparseness of the city is one of the reasons why Byron is as safe as it is. It’s a largely residential area that benefits from limited crime. If you don’t mind the commute, Byron is definitely a good, safe place to live.


19. Canton

It may not be ranked high when it comes to livability, but the city of Canton in Cherokee County is still one of the safest places for anyone to live in the state. It’s a city that offers a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy, and it’s a good thing that Canton is safe and family-friendly. Living in Canton means that you’ll get the benefit of living an active lifestyle without the fear of becoming victim to a crime. That’s more than anyone could ever ask for in a place of residence, and it’s exactly what Canton has to offer.


18. Acworth

There was a time when Acworth graced the top of this list. While that may be the case, it’s harmless to say that Acworth is still plenty safe today. Acworth is a city in Cobb County at the base of the Northern Georgia Mountains. It’s becoming somewhat of a tourist destination in recent years due to the rich history of the area and the developing agritourism as well. The chance of becoming a crime victim in Acworth is quite low, and crime is actually in a steady downward slope in the city.


17. Roswell

Although Roswell had a crime rate of 113 crimes every 100,000 residents—a number that’s significantly larger compared to others on this list—it’s still far lower than the national average. This is the reason why many people opt to live in Roswell in addition to the city’s proximity to natural attractions. Roswell is located in Fulton County and should never be mistaken for the other Roswell, the alien town. Because of these factors and more, it’s actually incredibly expensive to live in Roswell. It’s probably a reflection of how quality of life is getting better in the area.

Sandy Springs

16. Sandy Springs

Honest, efficient, and responsive: this is the city’s motto. No wonder Sandy Springs made it onto this list of safest places. This city in northern Fulton County is one of the more populated areas on this list with an estimated population close to 110,000 residents. Interestingly enough, 77% of the city’s population is married, and it goes to show that Sandy Springs is a top choice for those with families. Safety is one of the top reasons why this is the case.


15. Kennesaw

On the livability scale, Kennesaw is actually ranked as 6thmost livable places in the state of Georgia. The fact that it’s also one of the safest places to live in the state adds an important dimension on why that is the case. This Cobb County city also gets high marks for available amenities and a healthy housing market. However, the average cost of housing at Kennesaw is actually 0.3% higher than the national average. You’ll have to decide whether safety is worth the price you’ll be paying to get a home there.


14. Woodstock

The tagline of the city of Woodstock is this: A City Unexpected. There’s so much truth to that short statement because Woodstock is really more than meets the eye. Many people claim that visiting Woodstock will make you want to stay, and a huge draw for travelers and residents alike is how safe the city truly is. Woodstock is located in Cherokee County and was once the tenth fastest growing suburb in the US. Woodstock is popular for its outdoor venues, which are all the more enjoyable because of the city’s safety ranking.


13. Auburn

Auburn is a small city sitting 1,000 miles above sea level. To say that it’s beautiful here is an understatement, but beauty is not what Auburn is known for. The college town is best known for Auburn University’s football team, and the love for the Tigers run deep in this area. It’s impressive for Auburn to make it on the list given that majority of the population in this city is under the age of 24 years old. Auburn seems to be more intellectual than criminal. This is something that the city should be proud of.


12. Duluth

If there’s one thing that might impress you about Duluth apart from safety, it’ll probably be the stunning architecture. From brick buildings to colonial facades, Duluth’s history is alive in its infrastructure. With a population of just under 30,000 and violent crime at a rate of only 0.2 percent, it’s hard to feel in danger in this Atlanta suburb. Duluth was once considered as one of the best places to move to in all of America, and it’s also been listed as the best and most affordable suburbs all of Georgia.


11. Glennville

Located in Tattnall County, the city of Glennville is fairly small and unpopulated. There are also not too many attractions in the city. You’ll find a state park here, plenty of restaurants, and a museum. In short, life is as simple and quiet as it can get in Glennville, and this is probably one of the reasons why people choose to live in the area. Apart from being quiet and simple, Glennville is also incredibly safe.


10. Alpharetta

It’s a beautiful community with a high population. Some experts actually rank Alpharetta with a higher position on this list because of just how livable the area is. Alpharetta is an Atlanta suburb that sits ever so perfectly between the city and the mountains. Living in Alpharetta is like living in a movie—there are so many Instagrammable places here because of just how gorgeous the city truly is. The fact that it’s also one of the safest cities in the state is a big plus. It’s the reason why the population in Alpharetta seems to just rise year after year.


9. Grovetown

Close to the Savannah River Area, the city of Grovetown has some of the lowest violent crime rates in the state. However, Grovetown’s ranking went down due to an increase in property crime. Nevertheless, the city remains to be one of the safest in the state. It’s also become a popular residential location due to its proximity to areas such as Savannah and the South Carolina border.


8. Jefferson

The city of Jefferson has seen a tripling boost in population numbers since 2000 for the very reason why it’s on this list. It’s one of the safest and historic places in the state. The city is named after President Thomas Jefferson, and it was once a Thomoccoggan Indian settlement. From state parks to concerts on Main Street, Jefferson offers so much more for its residents in addition to safety. The safety factor is an added bonus, and it only seems to get better for this city each year.


7. Chatsworth

The population is low and the median income is also low in Chatsworth. The crime rate also happens to be incredibly low in this Murray County city. Located at the base of Fort Mountain in the Chattahoochee National Forest, Chatsworth offers peace and nature along with its safeness. You can explore the mountains and the surrounding nature to rejuvenate your mind and then enjoy some awesome BBQ at Saucy Bones. You’ll want to go back before you even leave.


6. Tyrone

If violent crime is what you’re worried about, Tyrone might be the best place for you. This Fayette County town boasts the number 2 spot when it comes to having the lowest rate of violent crime in the state. Tyrone is known for many of its outdoor attractions including parks, picnic areas, sports fields, and many more. It’s also only about 30 miles outside of Atlanta, so there’s plenty of room for entertainment as well. The beautiful thing about Tyrone’s location is the fact that you can play outside the town but always have a safe place to get back to.

Peachtree City

5. Peachtree City

The best suburban living happens in Peachtree City right in the South metro Atlanta area. It also helps that Peachtree is also one of the safest cities in the state. An extensive amount of Peachtree’s residents feel safe enough to travel around the city in golf carts. It may be trivial to an outsider, but the city actually embraces the golf cart culture, especially given that there are over 90 miles of golf cart paths fixed into the city’s infrastructure. It’s probably a dream come true for many out there, and Peachtree City is unique to have such an eccentric city feature.

Holly Springs

4. Holly Springs

It’s natural to think that less population means safer, but that’s not always the case. When it comes to Holly Springs, the low population definitely helps. Located in Cherokee County, the city of Holly Springs is the kind of place where you might feel neighborly. You’ll feel safe here throughout the day, and there are plenty of reasons why you should. According to this article from, Holly Springs is actually safer than 84% of cities in the country. That’s quite impressive in any measure.


3. Milton

With a rural-suburban combo location, the affluent city of Milton takes the number 3 spot on this list. Milton continues to be on the top of this list year after year given that it has some of the lowest violent crime ratings in the state. There are almost 40,000 residents in this part of Fulton County, but it’s a decent number when spread throughout the city’s total area. Milton has been named the best quality of life in Georgia. It’s not hard to believe with the average income in this city being in the 6-figure range.


2. Braselton

The town of Braselton has made many changes in the last couple of years to become a safer place for its residents. In fact, the town reported only a total of 66 crimes for all of 2018. That’s an impressive jump for any area that was once ranked number 17 in the entire state. Braselton is smaller in comparison to some other locations on this list, but the small town has plenty of charm to offer.

Johns Creek

1. Johns Creek

It may be a suburb just right out side of Atlanta, but Johns Creek has repeatedly been rated as Georgia’s safest city. Located in Fulton County, Johns Creek is also the tenth largest city in the state. Johns Creek’s ranking goes up and down this list, but it somehow always manages to get back on top. The safety rating in this city is unbelievable—1 crime per 100,000 residents. It might be difficult to imagine that such a place actually exists, but here it is. In addition, Johns Creek offers more than just safety. It’s a highly industrious area with some of the best schools in the state. The city also boasts stunning destinations. It’s no surprise that Johns Creek is also ranked as one of the best cities to live in the entire United States.

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