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The 10 Richest Zip Codes in Florida

Fisher Island

Certain unique features point to a rich neighborhood. When you drive through some areas, you may notice the hallmarks of affluent homeowners, like mansions, flashy cars, manicured lawns, and acres of space.

If you are living in Florida, you might be curious about the richest suburbs in Florida and the lifestyle in these areas. Don't worry because we have compiled a list of Florida's ten richest zip codes. Fisher Island in Miami-Dade County is ranked as the richest zip code in Florida. Below is an extract of information as to why each place is considered among the wealthiest in Florida.

10. Pinecrest - (Code 33156)

Pinecrest is one of the richest zip codes in Miami-Dade County. This suburban village is surrounded by Palmetto Bay on the South, Coral Gables to the east, and Miami to the Northeast. It is one of the family-friendly neighborhoods in Miami, and many people consider it a decent place to settle in Florida. Pinecrest has beautiful homes, one of the major factors which make people want to settle here.

Elegant homes surround every part of the community. Not all homes are mansions, but a good percentage of the estates have modest-size houses. The different estates have different types of houses with unique architectural styles. The most common types of houses have Mediterranean and neo-colonial finishing.

Pinecrest is a quiet neighborhood, and the streets are lined with beautiful trees. As you walk through this suburb, you will notice most of the homes have pinewood making Pinecrest a tropical suburb.

According to Discover Homes Miami, if you want to buy a home in Pinecrest, it will cost you approximately $800,000. This amount is way above the typical home value in Florida. As mentioned earlier, most families prefer to reside in Pinecrest because of its kid-friendly atmosphere. Other factors that attract people to Pinecrest are cleanliness, friendly neighbors, and top-rated public schools.

9. Islamorada - (Code 33036)

Islamorada, also called the Village of Islands, is a suburban town in Monroe County, Florida, with a population of about 7000. It is located in a beautiful area known as the Florida Keys.

According to Stacker, the typical home value in Islamorada is $857,000, 214.1% more than the average home value in Florida. Some of the most affluent people in Florida live in this neighborhood. Incredible weather is one factor that makes people settle here. As the name suggests, Islamorada is an island, meaning the weather here is hot and sunny.

Although there are rainy seasons, it is mostly sunny, making this place a paradise. Many people who are used to extremely cold winters describe the winter season in Islamorada as their summer.

Living in Islamorada means you won't have to pay state taxes. Residents of Florida don't pay income tax. Unless you operate a business, you will only need to file one annual tax return. Another factor that makes Islamorada an appealing neighborhood is the fact that it has a low unemployment rate. It is one of the places in Monroe County with the lowest unemployment rates. The unemployment rate ranges between 0.5% and 1%, which is way below the national rate.

8. Panama City Beach - (Code 32461)

Panama City Beach is another rich neighborhood in the state of Florida. If you want to own a home in Panama City, it will cost you approximately $938,000a figure which is 243.5% above the average place in Florida. This figure is slightly high, making Panama City home for the wealthy and those who can achieve its elegant lifestyle.

Various factors make Panama City a rich suburb. Beautiful beaches, with incredible sunsets, are one of those factors. Many white and sandy beaches surround Panama City, such as Shell Island Beach, Panama City Beach & Pier, and Camp Helen State Park beach. It is quite easy to spot a home where you will be waking up to the site of sea turtles and dolphins.

Warm weather is another factor that makes Panama City a rich neighborhood. There is plenty of sunshine here with warm temperatures all year round. It is one of the few places that does not snow making it a fun place for people who love warm weather.

People who live in Panama City have good access to education. Panama City is a small town with access to higher education facilities like Florida State University and Gulf Coast State College.

7. Captiva - (Code 33924)

At number seven, we have Captiva, an unincorporated community in Lee County, Florida. Captiva is located on Captiva Island, found offshore of the Gulf of Mexico. You will need about $1 million to own a home in Captiva. The rent is expensive because it is considered 7.5% above the average price in Florida. The fact that it is a rich neighborhood comes with an added advantage.

Living in Captiva means you will get to enjoy local-centric living. This small island offers quiet, low-key, and beach settings. A lush tropical environment surrounds numerous pristine beaches. This is the best place to live if you want a slow-paced life and lots of relaxation.

A big percentage of the people living in Captiva stay in condos. If you want to move here, you have to be well-acquainted with condos. According to Iheart, the first requirement before buying a home is to obtain the proper documentation. Home purchase documents contain information about amendments, pet allowance, and association rules.

Once you make a home bid, you will be given about 72 hours to close on it. The time frame may vary depending on the community you choose to live in.

6. Coral Gables - (Code 33146)

You may wonder how it feels to live in Coral Gables since it is one of the richest places in Florida. Driving through the streets of Banyan feels surreal, and this may make you in Florida's largest metropolis. Mediterranean piazzas and bubbling fountains surround this place, and you might think you are living in a European city for a second.

Coral Gables is a city incorporated in 1925. The city is named after a native rock covered with Mediterranean Revival architecture. Overall, the city covers about 37 square miles. On the north, you will find Flagler Avenue and Deering Golf Course on the south.

The quality of life here is a bit expensive. To own a home, you will have to pay around $1.02 million, and the average rent cost is 5.3% above that of other cities in Florida. Despite being expensive, raising a family is a great area.

There are traffic lights everywhere in the neighborhoods making it impossible to speed. Coral Gables is also ranked as one of the places with the lowest crime rates in Florida. There are many companies residing in this city, attracting many professionals.

5. Doral - (Code 33122)

If you want to live in an area with a warm climate, a relaxed lifestyle, and diverse culture, Doral is the place to live. It is a vibrant city and a popular tourist destination site. The city offers extremely beautiful sites and one of the best social amenities in Florida.

If you want to raise your family in a relaxed and cool place, consider moving to Doral. It has just about anything and everything you need for comfortable living. The location of the city is very convenient. On the northwest, you will find Miami International Airport; on the south, you have Medley.

Initially, Doral was known for its industrial warehouses and never-ending traffic. However, over the years, the city has transformed into a metropolitan. According to Promovers Miami, Doral has become a hot spot for real estate agents, big businesses, and international buyers. It is also a hub for residential living. The main factors that attract people to Doral are low property rates, crime rates, and different school options.

4. Key Biscayne - (Code 33149)

Key Biscayne is an island town in Florida surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Biscayne Bay, and two state parks. Living in this town, you will enjoy the tropical island lifestyle and avoid the hustle and bustle of downtown Miami. Originally, Key Biscayne was a coconut plantation, but now it is characterized by having a diverse population of about 12,500 residents.

The town is vibrant, with a strong sense of community living and relaxed culture. Many families choose to settle here because it offers a family-friendly lifestyle. If you don't have a car, that should not be an issue because it is easy to move around without one.

Many locals living in Key Biscayne move around and run errands using golf carts. During the week, there is no traffic, but it might get worse on the weekend and whenever there is an annual event. The climate in Key Biscayne is ideal if you love outdoor activities. It gets hot in summer, but the Atlantic Ocean breeze makes the heat bearable.

3. Anna Maria- (Code 34216)

Anna Maria is a small island in Manatee County with 1087 people. If you want to move to Florida and are looking for a place with a rural feel, Anna Maria is an ideal place to live. As much as it's a rural town, it is expensive to own a home, and the average rent cost is extremely pricey compared to other places.

Living in this small town means that you will get to experience the charm of this island. Unlike other islands with high-rising buildings, Anna Maria chose to preserve its original architecture and landscape.

There are many pristine sceneries and quiet delights that attract tourists. If you want to get lost in paradise and forget the worries of town living, make Anna Maria your residence. According to Southern Living, you can choose to live in Pine Avenue, Holmes Beach, and the Historic Green Village. Besides the residential place, there are numerous eateries where locals enjoy fine dining.

2. Boca Grande - (Code 33921)

Boca Grande is one of the richest zip codes in Florida. It is a vibrant town full of activities in both summer and winter. The typical home value in Boca Grande is estimated to be $1.8 million. Winter is one of the busiest seasons in this town.

There is a wide range of activities during winter, like playing golf, numerous social events, and drinking cocktails. Famous families like George W. Bush are regular visitors to Boca Grande.

If you live in Boca Grande, you get to enjoy everything the town offers. During summer, you can enjoy long walks on the beach and have lunch in one of the local restaurants. Many locals here love to go shopping or visit the historical society to learn about the city's history. Boca Grande is a good place to settle in if you have a family.

The place has a relaxing vibe and a family-friendly environment, especially for young and growing families. The average cost of living is quite high, making it a neighborhood for the rich.

1. Fisher Island - (Code 33109)

At number one, we have Fisher Island, with the richest zip code in Florida. The average income of residents in Fisher Island is estimated to be $2.2 million per year. The island is located seven minutes from Miami Beach. Living on Fisher Island means that you eat life with a big spoon.

Many millionaires live here, and they move around using golf carts. They enjoy themselves on white sandy beaches and live in condos, some being as expensive as $40 million. According to Business Insider, during the coronavirus outbreak, Fisher Island residents were paid $30,000 to get covid-19 antibody tests.

Fisher Island is a private island; to live here, you must pay a membership fee of $250,000. The island was originally designed for everyone to enjoy communal living. Even with this idea, some individuals want it all for themselves.

They want expensive condos with beachfront views, a private gym, a theater, a salon, and a swimming pool. If you want to live here, it is safe, with a nearly zero crime rate. This makes it a perfect place to live with your family if you can afford the opulent lifestyle.

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