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The 10 Best Glamping Campgrounds in Michigan

Glamping Michigan

Camping has always been a fun outdoor experience to explore Michigan's natural attractions until you realize that you've relinquished your home comforts. Not everyone can pitch a tent or endure the forest breezes at night, and packing up many bags for camping isn't a convenient idea, either. That makes glamping an excellent plan to glamorize your camping, guaranteeing extra comfort. According to TrekBaron, Michigan's glamping campgrounds range from luxurious safari tents, treehouses, tipis, to yurts. Here are the ten best glamping campgrounds in Michigan worth your outdoor adventure and money.

10. Off Map (South Haven, MI)

One of the newest glamping spots in Michigan is Off Map, which opened in 2021. Located near Holland, Saugatuck, and South Haven, Off Map is ready to offer world-class luxuries without leaving its 75 acres of land. Wake up to continental breakfast in their luxury tents with fresh linens, an indoor bathroom, and a heater. Winding your day after exploring the beach, resort towns of southwest Michigan, and wineries shouldn't be boring. You can still cook your s'mores in a bonfire while savoring the stars in the sky.

9. Cozy Log Cabin (Heart Lake in northern Michigan)

Does boating, fishing, or any water adventure on your to-do list while in Michigan? How about heading to the Cozy Log Cabin near Lake Michigan? The glamping cabin sits on a 2700-square-foot land of Coloma, near the Hagar Shores. If you're planning to glamp as a family or group of friends, it will please you to know that the three-bedroom cabin can house up to six guests. The loft bedroom is one of the most significant selling points of the Cozy Log Cabin since it's the most spacious. It has a desk area, sleeper sofa, and king-size bed, perfect for couples. If you don't feel like preparing food in the kitchen, there's an outdoor area for grilling your barbecue.

8. The Aqua Log Cabins Resort (Mohawk, MI)

If fishing, kayaking, biking, or hiking is your ultimate outdoor adventure, booking your retreat at Aqua Log Cabin is a good idea. Located less than half a mile from the Mount Bohemia ski area, the luxury cabin is spacious enough to accommodate up to six guests. There's a porch with floor-to-ceiling windows and a large front deck for a spectacular view of the Lac Labelle. Each cabin has a private bathroom, shower, toilet, and sink.

7. Wild Cherry Resort (Lake Leelanau, MI)

Recreational vehicles (RVs) have become popular glamping options in Michigan, and Wild Cherry Resort is one of them. Nearby attractions include Manitou Islands, Historic Leland, and Sleeping Bear National Park. If you love cherries, it will please you to know there are orchards nearby. It's the best place to visit when the cherry blossoms are at their peak in spring. Each RV has an electrical outlet for recharging your phone or any other device. To maintain the environmental sanctity, Wild Cherry Resort has a garbage collection pick-up service at your beck and call. There's also free Wi-Fi and a firepit on request to set up a bonfire while telling stories with your loved ones.

6. Outpost Tree House (East Leroy, MI)

Do you want to take a trip back to memory lane when you spent time with friends in a tree house? Here's an excellent chance to jog your memory, making Outpost Tree House a perfect glamping option. This treehouse is on a 65-acre farm surrounded by stunning white pine forest. The treehouse is one-of-a-kind, boasting handcrafted windows for spectacular views of the Michigan wildlife. Wake up for a hot shower, take your breakfast, and walk through the woods. The tree house also has modern amenities like a refrigerator, bar sink, furnace, air conditioning, and 32-inch tv.

5. Paddler's Village (Munising, MI)

If treehouses, RVs, or cabins don't fit your definition of a state-of-the-art glamping campground, how about testing the water on Lake Superior as you cozy in Paddler's Village? It's the best place to take your skills in kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and canoeing to the next level. The Paddler's Village has yurts with household amenities like a refrigerator and comfortable beds. Firewood is available on request for setting a campfire.

4. 22-Foot Tipi (Berrien, MI)

Tipis also have popular glamping options because the modern ones are built with heavy canvas to protect glampers from unfavorable weather. The 22-Foot Tipi near Lake Michigan Beach has neatly-designed interiors with ultra-modern wooden and woven furnishings. Because the lake is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, this tipi has a mosquito net to protect you from their bites at night. There's also an outdoor shower with a hot shower and extra space in its camper. You can sort your meals using utensils, the three-burner propane-fueled stove, and cookware.

3. The "Firefly" Stargazer (Hastings)

If you want to get in touch with nature, away from the city's chaotic lifestyle, The "Firefly" Suite should be on your glamping bucket list. According to Trips to Discover, this tiny house is in Hastings, Michigan, and can accommodate two guests per glamping session. Its transparent roof attracts a spectacular view of the garden, making it an excellent retreat getaway glamping campground for couples.

2. Lime Island Recreation Area (Lime Island, MI)

According to, Lime Island Recreation Area is in the St. MARY'S River at the east end of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It sits at the center of the river, so guests can only access it on a boat. Of all places with a rich history, Lime Island tops the list because the first human activity dates back to over 4,000 years. The island was previously famous for its coal refueling station for freighters and boats going up and down the river.

1. Beaver Island Retreat (Beaver Island, north lake Michigan)

If you plan to glamp on an island in Michigan and have always wanted to board a ferry, Beaver Island Retreat on the northern side of Lake Michigan should top your list. The retreat has ten safari-style tents with a private entrance. Most glampers who've tried this retreat can attest that it's the one place that will give you an authentic camping experience. Each tent has a private shower, queen-sized beds, and kitchen essentials for your comfort.

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