How Magnus Carlsen Achieved a Net Worth of $12 Million

Magnus Carlsen

If you don’t know who Magnus Carlsen is, you should. Lots of people know who the Kardashians are, but few can name even one person on the top five smartest people alive list. If your instant answer was Stephen Hawking or Einstein, you might be surprised to learn you’re wrong. Carlsen is among the biggest brains on our planet today. He’s also a fashion model, a Chess Grandmaster, a millionaire, and now Magnus is taking on the world of Fantasy Football. We were intrigued by the handsome twenty-nine-year-old dynamo and had to know more. Here’s how Magnus Carlsen achieved a net worth of twelve million dollars.

Brilliant Beginnings

Some young children like to chew on legos and mess up puzzles. Magnus Carlsen was assembling fifty-piece puzzles and Lego sets made for children who are ages ten to twelve when he was just four years old. It’s always been evident that he’s very smart and has a penchant for intellectual puzzles. At the age of five, his father, who was an amateur chess player, taught him the basics of the game. At first, Magnus showed very little interest.

Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen was born November 30th, 1990, in Tønsberg, Norway. Notably, Magnus is the youngest of four children. He has three older sisters. Sibling rivalry is almost universal among kids, and in Carlsen’s case, that’s an excellent thing. If it weren’t for his desire to do something better than his sisters, Magnus might not have become the man he is today. In a 2010 interview with Telegraph, the Chess Grandmaster mentioned that it was his desire to beat his elder sister that first attracted him to the game of chess. Perhaps it’s not the noblest of reasons, but from that humble and honest beginning, a future star chose a path that would lead to international acclaim.

In 1999, Carlsen entered his first official chess tournament, the Norweigian Chess Championship. He was just over eight and a half years old at the time and joined the ranks of the youngest group of players. However, he’s always been more than merely a brainy kid. Until he was ten, Carlsen skied, and his favorite childhood pastimes included playing football (soccer) and reading comic books. Magnus was a big fan of Donald Duck.

Chess Mastery

In addition to many other wins, the so-named Mozart of Chess is the current World Chess Champion. He’s a four-time Champion of World Blitz Chess and the two-time World Rapid Chess Champion. That makes Magnus the only person ever to hold all three titles at the same time. Quite an accomplishment for anyone, it’s especially notable for a former child prodigy and a person under thirty. We’re certainly impressed with his prowess for the game.

If you want to learn his secrets and perhaps someday give the Grandmaster a run for his money, one of Magnus’ business ventures can help you reach your goal. The PlayMagnus app is designed to help budding chess enthusiasts and players of all skill levels learn and improve their skill at the game they love. Undoubtedly, having your own best-selling chess app will net a tidy sum to add to your net worth. At least, it will if you’re famous for being the best chess player in the world.

Microsoft & Other Sponsors

In 2004 the young chess champion caught the eye of the Microsoft Corporation. He impressed them so much that they decided to sponsor him. Later that year in the sixth Dubai Open Chess Championship, Carlsen became the youngest chess Grandmaster at the time and the second youngest in history. Clearly, it was a wise investment on their part.

Though Microsoft isn’t Magnus’ only sponsor, they’re probably the most well known. You can see his testimonials for Arctic Securities and Simonsen Vogt Wiig Attorneys on his website. You ‘ll also find his chess blog there, where he teaches players about famous chess masters and games. Magnus certainly seems invested in helping the future chess Grandmasters, and other enthusiasts for the game he loves to learn all they can. We’re sure his father must be proud since it all started with a few games at home.

These days it’s estimated that Magnus makes around two million dollars a year from being a Chess Grandmaster. That’s a fairly tidy sum. We’re not sure whether that includes the fees from subscribers and app purchases, but it’s unlikely that those sums are lumped together.

Magnus Models

By 2010 Magnus was getting noticed for more than just his incredible chess prowess. The company G-Star hired the attractive and brilliant young man to model their clothing. We think that was a smart move on their part. The relationship seems to have benefitted both Carlsen and G-Star. Along with Liv Tyler, Magnus was the face of the brand and a central feature in its marketing campaign. Before his modeling career, Magnus wasn’t very focused on fashion, but he seems to have enjoyed his time as a coverguy and learned a little bit about how to dress well. We’re not sure what he got paid for his modeling career, but when you’re walking the runway alongside Liv Tyler, it’s not a small amount.

Social Media Presence

These days you can find Magnus promoting his personal brand and playing chess all over the internet. He has an Instagram account if you want to follow his winning streak and get some insight into his daily activities. Additionally, if you just can’t get enough of Magnus, you can watch his Banter Blitz series on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

It’s obvious where Magnus got his money. He’s earned it with his incredible prowess at chess and his willingness to take sponsorships and opportunities as they present themselves. This is one Grandmaster who’s using his skills to keep his bank account in check. The brilliant and savvy Magnus Carlsen is everything we could hope for in a professional game player. Sure, chess isn’t as glamorous as video gaming for a living, but it has a wonderfully rich and longstanding tradition that Magnus is helping to bring to the next generation.

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