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10 Things You Didn't Know About Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts is an American businessman who was recently appointed as the Interim CEO of Vacasa. This company is the biggest platform for vacation rental management in North America. He brings years of experience and a proven track record of successful leadership. If you're not familiar with him, here are 10 things you didn't know about Matt Roberts.

1. He was a board director prior to his appointment

Before Matt Roberts was appointed as the interim CEO of Vacasa, he had previous experience with the company. He served as an independent board director advising Vacasa on strategic business moves as well as on vision and strategy. This gave him an intimate and good working knowledge of the business of the company and granted his previous experience, he was the logical choice to fill the gap when former CEO of the company stepped down.

2. He was brought on at a critical point in the company's development

Vacasa is looking for a new CEO to usher in a new stage of growth. This decision was made by the founder Eric Breon along with the board of directors for the company. Breon isn't stepping away from the company, he will continue to serve on the board of directors to help guide the vision and strategy moving forwards. Roberts is filling the gap while Russell Reynolds Associates pitches the campaign to find a CEO to step into the role for the long term, so this is a short term appointment for Matt.

3. Matt Roberts holds a Bachelor's degree

Roberts received his education in California. He enrolled in the accounting program at Santa Clara University in 1986. He spent four years at the institution and he graduated with his bachelor of science degree in Accounting in preparation for a career in the business world.

4. Roberts began his career as an auditor

After Matt Roberts graduated with his degree in accounting, he landed his first job in this sector. He accepted a job with PwC in the San Francisco Bay area as an auditor in 1990. He stayed in the position for three years, leaving the post in 1993. He received an offer to work for Rae Technology, also in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a software company that spun off from Apple Computer back in 1992. It specializes in the development and management of the Personal Information Manager Rae Assist. Matt worked as a leader in the company's legal, business, and finance development until 1994.

5. Roberts built his career by advancing to more responsible positions

In 1994 Matt left Rae Technology to accept a general manager position with Berkeley Systems. This is a technology company that specializes in screen savers and CD Ro trivia games. The job was a step up with increasing responsibility. As you look through Roberts' work history you can see a progression that moves upward to higher-level jobs. He stayed with Berkeley Systems for 3 years before moving on.

6. He worked for Net Dynamics

In 1997, Matt Roberts left Berkeley Systems to accept a corporate controller position with NetDynamics. This was a technology company that specialized in the development and delivery of Java-based application development tools and servers. He stayed in the job for 1 year and 8 months before making yet another powerful advance that would further his career in business leadership. While there he built the financial team and he implemented core processes and systems.

7. He was an executive at E-Loan

Roberts joined E-Loan online consumer lending in January of 1999. His first appointment was as its VP of Finance. He served in the position building the finance team and establishing the companies financial systems and processes to scale. he was promoted to the Chief Financial Officer position in December of 2000 where he remained at the post until 2005. He proved his merit by assisting in a growth of revenue that turned the company profitable while rebuilding its investor base after developing an investor relations program.

8. He was CEO and Chairman of Open Table

Open Table is a segment of the Priceline Group. Roberts was CEO of the company from June of 2011 through August of 2015. He assisted in the acquisition by Priceline Group and led the launch of scaled digital consumer goods as well as the acquisition of several other companies. Matt became the Chairman of the company in September of 2015 and served in this capacity until March of 2016.

9. Matt Roberts has served in multiple boards as a member

Matt was previously a member of the Xoom Corporation board of directors. He joined in January of 2012 and remained with the group in an advisory capacity through November of 2015. He chaired the compensation committee. He serves on the board of Quantcast from November of 2018 until the present where he chaired the audit committee. He was also a board member of Snag from 2016 through the present and chaired the compensation committee.

10. He is a respected business advisor

Matt currently oversees the Portland, Oregon based Vacasa from its location in the SanFrancisco Bay Area in California. After completing his bachelor's degree in accounting, he continued forward with his education to complete the requirements to become a Certified Public Accountant. He uses his knowledge and expertise in business finance to advise multiple companies and assist them in developing their strategic plans and visions for moving forward and expansion. His advisement is highly valued throughout the Pacific Northwest, as evidenced in the number of companies who have solicited his input and invited him to sit as a member on their Boards of Directors, as well as chairing various committees within those boards. It is still uncertain how long he will stay on with Vacasa as the company's CEO. It's assumed that as soon as a suitable replacement is found he will move on to yet another leadership position with another company, but he is likely to remain on its board of directors.

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Written by Allen Lee

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