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10 Things You Didn't Know About Dimitri Sirota

Dimitri Sirota is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of the tech company BigID. This company is one of the first businesses to provide an enterprise privacy management platform for companies. Mr. Sirota has established himself in the business community as a knowledgeable authority in new startups and fostering them through to tremendous heights of success. We wanted to know more about him, so we checked into his personal and career history to learn some interesting insights about him. Here are 10 things about Dimitri Sirota that you may find useful if you're an entrepreneur.

1. Dimitri is the founder of BigID

Mr. Sirota is the leader of BigID, but he is also a co-founder of the company. He has a large stake in the company and its success, but he knows how to steer the behemoth in a positive and profitable direction. Sirota brings years of experience to the job and he is up to the task.

2. He is a serial entrepreneur

According to Entrepreneur, Dimitri Sirota has established more than one new startup company. Two of the enterprise software companies he established include eTunnels and Layer 7 Technologies. This qualifies him as a serial entrepreneur with the skills to build new companies from the ground up starting with the concept through successful launch and profitability.

3. He wears many hats

Sirota has spent the last ten years developing platforms to help companies ensure privacy and security. He has also worked with others to help mentor and plan business strategies. He has earned several titles throughout his career including executive leader, investor, mentor, strategist, and serial entrepreneur. he makes the difficult tasks of starting a new company seem easy. In part, this is because of his confidence in his abilities.

4. Dimitri is a mentor for other entrepreneurs

According to RSA Conference, Sirota is an esteemed presenter who offers his advice to other entrepreneurs. He presented at a conference in February of 2020 on Privacy, Policymakers, and the Tech Needed to Protect People at an event. He explained the ins and outs of delivering products that fully protect clients for startups that develop and market privacy products for businesses and individuals with enlightening insights into the kinds of technology it takes to provide the most effective protective measures.

5. Dimitri Sirota is a blogger

In addition to making presentations at conferences, he also uses other formats to mentor entrepreneurs. Sirota shares his information through blog posts. In February of 2019, he published the blog titled BigID and RSAC Innovation Sandbox: Building on a Recor Year in Data Privacy. He blogs to provide information to those in the industry and has also made appearances to speak to groups about privacy and protection issues. His writing is clear and concise, making it easy to digest for those who are new to the industry. He offers valuable pearls of wisdom to others from his years of hands-on experience.

6. Sirota is Ukrainian

According to Alejandro Cremades, Mr. Sirota has made a habit of starting new companies in the United States, but it is not the country of his birth. He is a native of Ukraine. It doesn't matter which country he chooses to build a new startup from his track record, it is likely to be a success. His first memories are from his early childhood in Israel. He lived there with his family until he was age five. The family then moved to Canada where he lived until graduating from high school, then college. His parents had moved from Ukraine when Dimitri was still a baby.

7. He is a big science fiction fan

Every wealthy entrepreneur and business person comes to realize that a healthy balance of work and personal time goes a long way to creating a happy life. Most have their favorite hobbies and things they enjoy doing. Sirota is a fan of science fiction. This is what attracted him to the field of physics in his choice of a college major. He is fascinated by thoughts of the universe and the limitless possibilities both realized and still imagined.

8. Dimitri sits on multiple advisory boards

According to Crunchbase, Mr. Sirota ists on 6 advisory boards currently with 2 past positions. Businesses and organizations are glad to have his input on their strategic planning and financials. He started offering his advice to different companies in 2013 when he joined the board of TalentClick. Other board and advisory positions are with Apiary, Hypr, LunchBadger, Modalyst, Tasktop, and formerly Aqua Security, and Boldstart Ventures. He makes the time in his busy schedule to advise companies and provide mentorship for them from a board member perspective.

9. He is a prolific investor

Dimitri Sirota is also an avid investor. He puts his money into startups that have a high potential for becoming profitable. Sirota has a keen sense of which companies have the best chances of providing a good return on investments. His portfolio includes Socure, Boundless Spatial, StrongLoop, Zume Pizza, TalentClick, and the New York Angels. This is in addition to the investments that he has made in his own startup companies. Sirota maintains a healthy investment portfolio across a range of different industries for a diverse collection.

10. His company is a unicorn

According to Yahoo Finance, BigID received $50 million in a round of Series C funding in September of 2019. This was followed by a Series D round that brought in another $70 million that pushed the valuation to $1 billion at the end of 2020. The late-stage startup announces a $30 million extension that brings its current valuation to $1.25 billion. This takes BigID well over the $1 billion necessary to qualify as an elite member of the unicorn class. Dimitri Sirota has done well in pushing his most recent startup to high levels of success. It has made him a very wealthy man in the process.

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