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10 Things You Didn't Know About Meero CEO Thomas Rebaud

Thomas Rebaud

Thomas Rebaud is the current CEO of the French on-demand photography company that is called Meero. He is an impressive young businessman and entrepreneur who has a bright future ahead. He has achieved success on a large scale through his willingness to take a risk of turning his passion into a thriving business. Here are 10 things that you probably didn't know about Thomas Rebaud that you might just find inspiring.

1. Rebaud launched Meero before he was even 30

In addition to being the Chief Operating Officer of Meero, Thomas Rebaud is also a co-founder of the company. He was just 28 years old when he first established the company in 2016. He is an entrepreneur as well as an executive leader in the business world, and he has part ownership in the company that he leads.

2. Thomas understands the needs of artists

Thomas Rebaud is one of those rare individuals that understand that artists are creative individuals who need to dedicate their time to their crafts without interruptions. This is where he got the idea to establish Meero. It is intended to improve artists' lives by presenting a professional photography market that would provide a platform for artists and do much of the work for them so the focus that was previously required on marketing could be better spent in creative endeavors. Rebaud has a keen sense of what his target audience requires and this is in part why Meero has become such a success.

3. Thomas prepared well for his future in business

Young entrepreneurs who are interested in hearing a few tips about how to get started in business may benefit from the example that Thomas Rebaud has set. He took the time to prepare for his future career. He entered the EMLyon Business School in 2007. He continued forward with his education until 2013 when he completed his Master's degree. His academic credentials from a respected business school help to open doors for him in the business world.

4. He joined the right clubs

We've all heard that joining certain career-related clubs as a college student can be helpful. For some, it is, others not so much, but in Thomas Rebaud's case, it was a definite plus. He became a member of the Junior branch of the World Entrepreneurship Forum. The association maintained the focus of developing entrepreneurship on an international level and it has a presence in fifteen countries throughout the world. He gained a great deal of knowledge and experience with the group, and he even served as its president.

5. He's had successes and failures

After receiving his Master's degree, Thomas was ready to launch his career as an entrepreneur. The first company that he founded was a zero rate comparator firm. There were a few good points about the concept, but it didn't get off the ground. He didn't give up though. He turned around and founded a consulting and engineering firm that he called Diji. The second time was a charm for Rebaud as the company soon grew into a successful company. he became involved in the professional photography market at that time, where he saw yet more opportunities and the need for a firm that could offer assistance to artists. This is when he founded Meero, his second successful business venture.

6. He built Meero with multiple facets

Rebaud's Meero has become one of the world's leading companies in the photography marketplace, but it covers a variety of genres. It does one thing for a lot of different professionals. The most successful sectors of Meero's products are in fooding, e-commerce, travel, and real-estate. It also provides standardized reports cheaper and quicker, across four continents. The company uses a variety of cutting edge technologies and algorithms to process photography and videos with an automated format that is unrivaled.

7. His company grew more than 300% in 30 months

Thomas Rebaud has a lot to be proud of. Meero has grown very rapidly and it hasn't even been in business for four yet. He started out with just one employee. At the last count, there are 320 employees working for Meero and the client base has grown to more than 30,000. The most recent report estimates that at least every 30 seconds, someone in the world uses the service to obtain a photo report.

8. He started out as a sales assistant

While Thomas Renaud was still in business school, he took a job as a sales assistant. He worked as an associate for Societe Generale CIB from December of 2009 through July of 2010. The company is located in Paris, France, where he attended business school. In 2014, he co-founded a company called that remained in business until 2018.

9. Rebaud has no problem raising funds

While some entrepreneurs experience a hard time raising funds, this has never been an issue for Thomas Rebaud. In a seed round, he was joined by PixelMe and Leeto and raised $1.3 million in the first round and $2.2 million the second. Livestorm joined in with venture capital backing in a round of Series A funding that closed on September 12, 2019, raising an additional 4.6 million Euros.

10. Thomas is also a public speaker

Thomas Rebaud has become a very successful young entrepreneur with a company that is expected to go unicorn within the next year. He has been invited to be a guest speaker at several events for entrepreneurs to share his wisdom and give them a few tips about how to become successful. He appeared at Vivatech 2019, in May of 2019 in Paris, and he shared his wisdom at two events for the venue. Thomas Rebaud is one to keep your eye on as his career is just getting started. We expect to hear more about his successes in the months and years to come.

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