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20 Things You Didn't Know About Meero


Meero is a company that delivers on-demand photography services for its customers. It has become the largest of its kind in the world. This impressive online business has created new jobs for its associates while offering time-saving and affordable solutions for its clientele. We wanted to know more about this rapid growth company so we looked into its past, present, and projections for the future. Here are 20 things that we learned that you probably didn't know about Meero.

1. Meero is still a new company

Even though Meero has grown to be a giant within its industry, it hasn't been in operation for that long. It was founded by Thomas Rebaud, in 2016. It hasn't even been in business for four years yet, which makes the growth that it has experienced even more impressive. Meero is a French company with its headquarters in Paris, France.

2. Meero uses the most advanced technology

Meero has developed a unique service that combines the use of Artificial Intelligence and ML algorithms to provide streamlined photo editing for its customers. This is just the tip of the iceberg though. Meero also serves as a marketplace for photographers from all over the world. It also provides a platform for professional photographers to manage photoshoots from the beginning to the end, and beyond into the post-production phase. In short, it replaces a great deal of work that once required manual labor, with automated programs that significantly reduce the amount of time and effort that is spent on a typical project.

3. Meero is international

Meero is headquartered in France, but it services professionals in the photography industry from more than 100 countries currently. The most recent reports indicate that there are more than 31,000 clients served. In addition to this, there are 58,000 professional photographers on the platform. Basically, anyone can use Meero services, and it is catching on with artists from all over the world.

4. Meero saves clients time and money

A big part of the success that Meero is experiencing is because it saves clients time and money. This makes it a valuable asset within the photography industry. We learned that what previously took a photographer several hours to edit, can now be done in just a few seconds, thanks to the AI algorithms that are employed by the Meero platform.

5. It looks like Meero is getting ready to expand its workforce

We wanted to know more about the inner workings of Meero so we checked out their LinkedIn profile. We learned that the company is hiring again and they have posted a whopping 54 jobs on the site. While many of the positions to be filled are located in Paris, France, we did see that there are some openings in New York, New York, indicating they want staff in the United States, and we saw others for Bangalore, India, Barcelona, Spain, and we also saw that the company is hiring for representatives who speak a variety of different languages including Spanish, German, French, English, and more.

6. Meero is enhancing its services

We also discovered that Meero has its fleet of engineers and developers working tirelessly to enhance current services on the platform, and the continue adding new options. They offer a few different versions for customers to choose from, including a premium service. It's exciting that the platform also offers a way for photographers to send invoices and more. This seems to be a one-stop-shop for photographers when it comes to the business end.

7. Meero offers useful tips

In addition to providing a platform for taking care of business transactions and everything to do with photo editing, they also offer some advice to the professionals within the industries that they serve. For example, they offer tips for clients in the food industry about how to enhance their business venture through photo editing, along with the main visual trends for the year 2020 and how they can use them to maximize the effectiveness of the photos being used. They offer useful tips for a variety of businesses on how to maximize the use of their services for the best results.

8. Meero is a late-stage company

Meero is at the late-stage of its venture capital funding. This is a term that most investors and those involved with the financial end of the business are familiar with. It means that Meero has received several official funding rounds from investors, namely venture capital groups, that have confidence in the company's ability to offer a good return on investment. Most companies start out with a seed funding round, then progress from Series A funding up through the alphabet when funding for growth and expansion is needed. This gives investors higher stakes in the profits that may come in the future.

9. Meero is privately held

Meero has not yet filed for an IPO to become a publicly-traded company. So far, there has not been a need to seek funding from the general public by selling off shares of its stock. It has done very well with its current financial backers. We did the research to find out if Meero's leadership has considered filing for an IPO but there are currently no discussions or plans for taking this step. Meero remains a private company for profit in its status.

10. Meero is classified under several industries

Although the main focus of Meero is to provide a platform for professional photographers to quickly and cheaply edit photos fand videos, the company has a lot more to offer than this. It shows up under a broad range of different categories which makes it better for finding them on search engines. The main industries that Meero is listed under include photography, video, machine learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence.

11. Meero connects professionals and brands

Another feature of the Meero platform that deserves to be highlighted is that it sponsors a variety of additional services over those that have already been discussed. It also has plans to launch new services that will help with the inspiration for documentaries, offers access to educational masterclasses, facilitates meetups with photographers from around the globe, and offers a magazine that is available in two different languages. It also gives artists exposure to working with some of the major brands for finding even better and more innovative solutions for their unique professional land career needs. More solutions are being developed and added regularly.

12. Meero makes a profit on the deluxe services

For those of you who are wondering how Meero makes its profits, it does so by offering packages that are hard to resist. You can pick and choose from among the host of solutions that you need for your business, but Meero does charge for them. When you opt for the invoicing to get paid or to make payments, Meero takes a cut for themselves, but most clients consider it to be a fair trade because it's not expensive, and it saves them a lot of time and effort. In short, the services are worth the costs that Meero charges.

13. Meero is growing its tech

Although the amount of related business services that Meero offers is already dizzying, they're just getting started. We learned that the company currently has a staff of 80 people on its technology team. These are the people who develop the programs and services that are offered to customers. There are plans that are currently in the works to grow the team from 80 people to around 300. This lets the world know that they plan to do more research and expand the services offered even further.

14. The latest funding round set a record

Meero is a late-stage company that just completed its round of Series C venture capital funding in the summer of 2019. The leaders of the most recent round were Prime Ventures, Eurazeo, and Avenir Growth. They joined the existing investors which include White Star Capital, Alven Idinvest, Aglae Ventures, and Global Founders Capital. The total amount raised in the most recent round was $230 million. Meero established a new record by being the company to raise the highest amount of venture capital in a single funding round in the entire country of France.

15. Meero has reached unicorn status

When a company reaches a total valuation of at least $1 billion, it joins an elite and exclusive group of companies that are known as unicorns. It took Meero just three years from its startup to reach this lofty goal. It is expected that Meero will continue to grow and evolve within the next few years as the platform expands to include new services and solutions.

16. The founder has a soft spot for performing arts

Earlier we shared the fact that Thomas Rebaud, CEO and founder of Meero initially established the company because he wanted to help artists. We learned that his wife is a dancer, and he himself has spent years in the art industry. This has made him keenly aware of the unique needs and problems that professional artists must deal with. His business is intended to solve many of the biggest issues and offer useful services that will allow them to focus on what is important to them in releasing their creativity instead of worrying about paperwork and contracts. Thomas had an inside track when it comes to problem-solving for artists. His intention was to help painters, actors, dancers, photographers, and more with software that would ease their workloads, but as it turns out, the services are good for almost every industry out there.

17. Meero works on a revenue share model

The business model that Meero operates from is a revenue share model. With 58,000 photographers working with them, thy assign missions, and they pay these photographers a variety of different rates depending on the job. The average range is between $45 and $200 per hour. In turn, Meero receives 25% of what the client pays the photographers and it turns out to be a very good deal for everyone involved.

18. Meero's CEO has a high approval rating

Thomas Rebaud, the founder and chief operating officer of Meero has an employee approval rating that is much higher than most CEOs. Glassdoor conducted a survey to assess what workers for the company think of him and his leadership skills. Sixty-five of them gave their opinions and Rebaud received an 80 percent approval rating from them overall.

19. There is still room for improvement

Although the overall ratings for Meero are favorable, even those who find the company a great place to work have a few suggestions for the management, about how the company could be improved for its workers. The one thing that workers would most like to see from management is to have Meero bring in more trainers and outside resources to hold workshops for them. This suggests that the workers who responded are invested in the success of one another and in the company and want to see the best possible results.

20. Meero takes care of its employees

Meero is a company that has come a long way in a very short period of time. Although most startups have a lot of kinks to work out along the way, in just 3 short years, Meero has achieved unicorn status and has made it so far as the valuation. Along the way, there have been a few bumps in the road, and although there are some things they could do better, they shine when it comes to the perks offered workers. Staff is valued for their creativity and quality of work with both tangible and intangible rewards. They're given a great experience and the chance to form genuine relationships. Meero also provides employee resource groups to ensure that everyone is represented and comfortable. On the downside, there are frequent structural changes with ever-changing goals, miscommunication, long hours, and hard work, but for most, the benefits outweigh the cons.

Allen Lee

Written by Allen Lee

Allen Lee is a Toronto-based freelance writer who studied business in school but has since turned to other pursuits. He spends more time than is perhaps wise with his eyes fixed on a screen either reading history books, keeping up with international news, or playing the latest releases on the Steam platform, which serve as the subject matter for much of his writing output. Currently, Lee is practicing the smidgen of Chinese that he picked up while visiting the Chinese mainland in hopes of someday being able to read certain historical texts in their original language.

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