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A Look At Mercedes Benz's Production EQS Electric Flagship

Mercedes Benz's Production EQS Electric Flagship

When the first unveiling of the Mercedes EQ series came through in 2016's Paris auto show, no one envisioned that the vehicles would come out of production sooner. The EQ series is a version of battery electric vehicles, which is a move by the carmaker to shift from the use of the internal combustion engine. The anticipated entrant under the EQ tag is the Mercedes Benz EQS. Its first glimpse came at the 2019 Frankfurt motor show. From the auto event, many enthusiasts brushed the EQS as a concept car. As with many concept cars, they rarely go into production. However, this new battery electric vehicle goes against the norm as it will be out of the production line soon. The news of its production has brought a state of frenzy among auto enthusiasts, especially after its sneak peeks surfaced. Let have a look at Mercedes-Benz's production EQS electric flagship project with a focus on its features and impact.

Its Exterior

The exterior of the Mercedes Benz EQS is the standout element and will instantly capture your attention with its mesmerizing look. It has looks which are so futuristic, and reflect on the path the automobile industry is heading to in terms of electric powering. The car has smoothed edges and is streamlined to work to its aerodynamic qualities. It is an s-class base of the Mercedes, which is evident from its chassis type. You can have a glimpse of the car's body type from Mercedes Benz's official site. The headlights are also classy, and sophistication is the best adjective to describe the vehicle, more so when focusing on its frontal aspect. The grille is unique and has neon details with the Mercedes logo sticking out prominently. The wheels are also fascinating, and they add to the overall classy nature of the EQS courtesy of the screaming rims. The 24-inch wheels add to the handling capability of the car and provide excellent traction when tackling the tarmac. The car has a shorter rear that places it in the hatchback category.

The Interior

Mercedes Benz's Production EQS Electric Flagship interior

The interior seems like a set out of a science fiction film and is reflective of the exterior in the futurism aspect. It is very comfortable thanks to its flat floor, as suggested by Car and Driver, a car review site. It is also spacious with ample legroom in both the front and back seats. Unlike the S-class that is a five-seater, the EQS is a four-seater, and the center console extends from the back to the front. The console pad takes on a floating configuration and shows the artistic freedom invested in designing the car. The spacious element also goes to its cargo department. The expectation is that its hatchback configuration will provide a decent cargo department.


You cannot talk about how great a car is without looking at its performance. It features a pair of electric motors that power the vehicle, and they make the car an all-wheel-drive. At the moment, its power output values are still not clear, but reports indicate that it will have a 469 horsepower. It also has a 560 pounds per foot torque value. For an electric vehicle, these are fantastic figures. When it comes to its chase limit, there are estimations that it will accomplish 0-60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds. Such an acceleration value is standard in supercars and is evidence of how great a performer the EQS will be.

Charging And Battery Life

Mercedes Benz's Production EQS Electric Flagship back

As it is an electric vehicle, one of the features to look at is its charging capacity and battery life. As from reports, the EQS will have a battery pack with a value of 100 kilowatts per hour. Its 350 kilowatts charging port will allow for the recharge in 20 minutes, resulting in an 80% charge value. A full charge of its battery pack will take the vehicle for a 300-mile limit. These are impressive figures that show how resilient this electric Mercedes Benz is. What the production of the Mercedes Benz EQS will spell The output of the EQS will be a game-changing event in the auto engineering scene. Below are some of the expectations in the industry.

1. Increased Leaning to Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have been coming up at a decent rate in the past two decades. Each car manufacturer has at least a model or two of hybrid or fully electric vehicles, and the move by Mercedes will most probably spark an increase in their production. Its competitors will buy into the concept to stay atop the competition.

2. Increased Customer Base

Mercedes Benz's Production EQS Electric Flagship side

Mercedes will also improve on its customer base with many opting for its environmentally friendly models. They have almost zero emissions and go low on consumption. The improved customer base will make it one of the most standout brands especially with its luxury factor intact.

3. Development of Concept Cars

For long, concept cars have had their place in museums and garages with zero plans of having them out of the production line. Mercedes is, however, changing this perception with the release of the EQS. After the car graces the showroom, there will definitely be a move to have more concept cars being driven on the streets. All that is left is to wait.


In conclusion, the EQS is one of the best cars that will come out the production halls of Mercedes Benz. It is a great car that goes all low in consumption and emission and fares well when it comes to performance. it is also a great looker and will bring the stares when you hit the streets driving it. It will attract a price of roughly $96000 when it comes out, which is quite friendly when you look at its various features.

It will change the auto-engineering scene and we are waiting patiently for its release to see how good it fares among its competitors.

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