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10 Things You Didn't Know About the Mercedes C63 AMG

The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG is a highly desired vehicle in the Compact C-Class. This model of the AMC is known for its high-octane engineering. There are many things that you need to know about the car, especially if you're considering becoming the owner of a new or used model. Here are 10 things that you didn't know about the Mercedes C63 AMC

1. It is a high-performance vehicle

The Mercedes C63 has been engineered for performance. The engineering is high-octane and delivers on power and maneuverability. Both sedan and coupe editions can sprint from zero to sixty miles per hour in a mere 3.9 seconds giving it an excellent rating for acceleration. The cope is slightly faster than the sedan but only by a tenth of a second.

2. The top speed of the C63 is purposely limited

When we talk about the high-performance capabilities of the Mercedes C63 AMG, it refers to the fact that these cars have the capacity of reaching a top speed of 174 miles per hour. This is quite fast for a road car. The road editions have all been electronically limited in the maximum speed that they can achieve. The top speed has been set at 155 mph for both editions. Actually, the S Sedan without the electronic limitation would otherwise be able to reach a speed of 180 miles per hour.

3. The fuel economy isn't bad

While some drivers who are looking for the best possible fuel economy and settle for a lower performing vehicle, that's not the way that Mercedes is rolling with the C63 AMG. It's a high-performance car and although it doesn't get 40 mpg, it does very well considering its powerful engine and fast acceleration time. The fuel economy averages 25 mpg on the highway and 18 mpg for city driving. The combined fuel economy is rated at 21.

4. The Mercedes C63 AMC is a luxury car

First and foremost, this model is made for the comfort and enjoyment of its driver and passengers. It is every inch a luxury car that offers sporty good looks as well as high-quality materials and special features on the interior. Upholstery and interior materials include Nappa leather and microsuede. The illuminated front door sills are a nice touch and so are the aluminum brushed pedals which create a sporty ambiance. Each model is equipped with power adjustable front seats with automatic climate control and a dual zone feature, HD radio, Bluetooth, two USB Ports, and the in-house COMAND infotainment system.

5. The exterior is also stylish

The Mercedes C63 AMC comes in a choice of three variations including the cabriolet model, the coupe or a sedan. All feature a sporty luxury look with an A-Wing design, sculpted side sills, mech intakes, and a double crossbar grill. It's a beautiful vehicle both on the inside and the out. If you go with the coupe model, you can even have a panoramic sunroof. The LED headlights along with the flared wheel arches are also nice touches on the exterior.

6. The 2019 model gets a new dynamics system

Fans of the C63 AMG who are in the market for a brand new ride will be happy to know that the dynamics for the new model coming out will be enhanced. It's going to feature four dynamic modes. These will be labeled as Basic, Advanced, Pro or Master to choose from. They offer a little extra assistance for drivers, which is always a good thing.

7. The new dynamics of the 2019 model will give you more control and increase the luxury

In a nutshell, it's going to make the car's performance more brisk in its sport mode, more stable in the slippery as well as comfort modes and a lot friskier when its placed in Sport plus mode. Finally, when the new 2019 is placed in race mode, it gains additional agility but oversteer may become an issue if you're not careful.

8. The new engine is powerful

The AMG C63 is coming out with a 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbocharged engine. You'll be able to choose from a 469 horsepower edition in the C63. If this isn't enough power for you, then we recommend making the C63S your choice with a 503 horsepower engine which is a little higher in performance.

9. The safety rating for the new model is five-star

This is good news for drivers. The new AMG C63 gets the highest possible rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has named it the top safety pick. This is due to the plethora of advanced driver safety features that it is being equipped with.

10. The 2019 C63 AMG has Magical traction

This is the claim that some analysts are making about the new traction control that is coming out in the 2019 and latest edition of the C63 AMG. It does sound fairly impressive that the new traction control system is a nine-step innovation. It is the same system that was installed in the GT R supercar in 2016. It's going to be easy to activate it by switching off the stability control. This will be located on the center console button with an additional switch for this action set up as a steering wheel toggle. What it does is control the amount of torque that is delivered to the rear tires. It will provide the optimum amount of grip to help avoid wheelspin and oversteer.

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