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Has Lamborghini Ever Made A Sedan?

Lamborghini is known for its production of high quality luxury Italian`sports cars and it's rare that you'll find one that isn't a 2-seater. Has Lamborghini even made a sedan model? We researched this question and discovered that there was a Lamborghini sedan. The high-end automaker did make a sedan that nobody really heard about. They called the concept car the Estoque. Here is what we learned about the Lamborghini Estoque concept sedan.

What I the Estoque?

The Lamborghini Estoque is a four dour sedans concept car. At first glance you can see that they borrowed the headlights from the Huracan and the front is a fake Gallardo. From the front view it's recognizable as a Lamborghini worthy of the bull badging, but this is where the DNA of the vehicle has collected in its full strength. The remainder of the car is a diluted version of the genetics from an aesthetic point of view, making it appear as a distant cousin in the family tree. The taillights are admittedly Lambo and the front number was borrowed from the Aventador. The front lip of the front fascia is carbon fiber, along with the rear diffuser.

Will the Estoque make it to the next Lamborghini lineup?

It's not widely believed that the Estoque concept car is going to make it to the production lines at any point in the near future if at all. It's a marketing ideal that drives the release of a concept. It's one thing to build a one-off sedan in case there is a market niche opening up, but at the present, there doesn't seem to be a strong demand for a Lamborghini sedan. This is particularly true since consumers are more interested in an SUV or an electric or plug-in hybrid if they're looking at 4 seats and above. Although this could change quickly, Lambo is good at assessing the market demands, and they have this concept in reserve should the need for a new luxury sedan arise.

It's not the first Lamborghini sedan

Lambo isn't known for going into the Sedan niche of the industry, although the Estoque isn't the first 4-seat car to be imagined. When we look back in the history and remember the now classic Jalpa, even Ferruccio Lamborghini himself preferred his Jalpa which was designed with 4 seats, to all other models. The Urus is also offered with 4 seats, qualifying it as a sedan. It's hard to imagine that Lambo would release a vehicle with 4-doors. An extra back seat for passengers is accessed via one of the two-doors. Changing the body style that drastically could well result in a stir and a controversy. It's a matter of tradition more than anything else, and Lamborghini has been fierce about maintaining this status with few exceptions in its history.The concept Estoque however does feature 4-door styling.

The Estoque has been sitting on the back burner

Although it's somewhat faded into distant memory, Lamborghini did made a formal introduction of the Estoque. It was unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show as the automaker's first front-engine vehicle after the LM002, which was a utility vehicle. This event took place 12 years ago and in over a decade since it was first imagined, there hasn't been a time when a production run of the concept has made sense for the brand. Lamborghini derived the name from the bullfighting tradition, as is customary, with a word commonly heard coming from matadors. What we have learned about the concept was that the year following its unveiling, he execs at Lamborghini were still at a stalemate about whether or not to take the car to the production planning stage or not. In March of 2009, the plans to produce it were cancelled. Although it would have moved Lamborghini into a new sector of the automotive market, this might not have been in the best interest of the brand as purists could easily take exception to such a radical departure from tradition.

Enter the Urus

Instead of moving ahead with the Estoque, the decision was made to showcase the Urus as a 4-door model with its release in 2018. They're moving into the market in which the Estoque would fit, and it would seem that it is destined to remain a concept that never made it to the production phase. It's not uncommon for this to happen.

What could have been

In researching the Estoque a bit further, we learned that it was slated to be equipped with a 5.2-liter V10 engine that would have eventually been upgraded to a V12, then to a hybrid as well as a turbo-diesel powertrain. The going price was estimated to be around $230,000 for the base model of he Estoque. This speculation shows us how persnickety the market can be and how it drives leaders to make decisions, whether to their advantage or not, based upon assumptions of how well a concept will be received by the target audience of loyal consumers.


Lamborghini has made a few 4 seater in its day but the 4-door body styling in a production model is something that the brand tends to shy away from. We have the Urus as an example of how well-received this type of body styling has been. Some even call it boring because it doesn't fully portray the aggressive aesthetic of a two-door. The Estoque was a beautiful concept that would have no doubt made an impression. It seemed the plans for marketing were sound, but cut off before the concept ever became a reality. Instead of wondering what might have been we look to the realities of the luxury car industry and for now, the Urus is Lamborghini's only production sedan model.

Benjamin Smith

Written by Benjamin Smith

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