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10 Things You Didn't Know About Michel Tricot

Michel Tricot is a businessman, entrepreneur, and executive. He currently serves as the chief executive officer of Airbyte, an open-source data integration platform. Airbyte provides analytics, data integration, and productivity tools for warehousing and supply chain management from a sole platform. We wanted to learn more about the leader of the new startup. We looked into his career history and discovered that Mr. Tricot has an impressive curriculum vitae. If you're not familiar with him or his accomplishments, here are ten things you probably didn't know about Michel Tricot.

1. Michel Tricot is the founder of Airbyte

Crunchbase confirms that Michel Tricot is not only the CEO of Airbyte, but he is also a founder of the platform. He and his co-founders launched the Airbyte platform in January of 2020. It's a new startup that shows promise of becoming a disruptor in the supply chain management industry. Tricot is the co-owner of the Airbyte company.

2. Michel Tricot is a serial entrepreneur

Michel co-founded a company called Dataline. He also serves as the chief executive officer for the second company. It's an artificial intelligence platform that provides clients with customer data that has been ad-blocked on marketing analytics tools and customer support. Dataline is based in San Francisco, California with a total funding amount of $150K. He simultaneously works both full-time jobs presently.

3. He's an efficient fundraiser

Although Airbyte is a new company less than two years old, Michel was successful in attracting the attention of wealthy investors to the possibilities of Airbyte's success. He and his team secured funding to further develop and expand the operations of Airbyte through venture capital fundraising for $5.2 million. He accomplished the feat of securing millions in funding. He did it when many other new companies in their infancy stage struggle to survive. Most wealthy VC firms only invest in companies with a high likelihood of growth and prosperity.

4. He is a public speaker

Airflow Summit reports that Michel Tricot accepted the invitation to serve as a presenter for the Airflow Summit 2022. He previously led the session titled "the new modern data stack-Airbyte, Airflow, DBT" in 2021. His experience and knowledge make him a valuable speaker at large gatherings of professionals seeking education in data stack and integration technologies.

5. Michel Tricot is an engineer

Michel Tricot received training as an engineer. He earned his Master of Science degree in computer science in 2007 from EPITA: Ecole d'ingenieurs en Informatique in France. His area of expertise is data engineering. he spent fifteen years working as a data engineer. He served at the publicly funded company Liveramp as a director of engineering and the head of integrations. Tricot gets credited with growing the team that built and called the data distribution connectors, ingestion, and syncing of hundreds of terabytes daily. It's technical and complicated work.

6. Michel co-founded rideOS

According to his LinkedIn page, Michel Tricot is one of the founding members of a company called rideOS. The company is a data and IPA platform provider that delivers maps, logistics, dispatching, and navigating tools to help auto manufacturers optimize their networks. The company catered to transportation networks and autonomous vehicle companies. It provides technology to help them manage their ride-hailing networks. The company launched in 2019 in San Francisco. he served as director of engineering for one year and nine months with a team of ten engineers. rideOS is a third company to add to his list of companies he helped create.

7. He interned at Siemens

Michel Tricot served as an intern in research and development at Siemens Corporate. The internship lasted from January 2007 through February 2008. he spent a total of one year and two months with the company. While there, he designed and built a machine learning tool for facial recognition called a Boosting library. This project is one example of his ability to engineer complex technical programs. He also built brain segmentation software.

8. He is bilingual

Michel Tricot is a native of France. As such, his native language is French. He is also bilingual in the English language with high proficiency. It helps him to conduct business transactions with English-speaking colleagues and clients. Although he hails from France, Airbye's headquarters is in San Francisco, California. He is well-versed in international business matters. Michel is comfortable conducting business in the United States and France.

9. Michel's company is a unicorn

Tricot's Airbytes has reached a magical milestone in record time. Blocks and Files confirms that Airbytes reached unicorn status within two years of its launch. This is a feat that is almost unheard of for a new tech company. Companies that reach the required valuation of at least $1 billion or more qualify for inclusion into the elite group of businesses that have reached this pinnacle of success. It's estimated that Airbytes is valued at a whopping $1.5 billion, surpassing the required minim of a billion. It's something that Michel Tricot can be proud of. It's no small wonder that conference organizers want him to present at their gatherings and events. He knows what he's talking about, given his current level of achievement.

10. Michel Tricot is a wealthy businessman

Michel Tricot and his co-founding partner John Lafleur are both exceptionally wealthy men. The valuation of their company Airbyte gives them each an astronomical net worth. The years' Tricot spent in school and working in engineering jobs have paid off. His company is worth more than a billion and it's continuing to grow and prosper. Michel Tricot has much solid advice for entrepreneurs and leaders. If you're interested in following his career, you can find Michel Tricot on Twitter and follow him. He has 1,349 followers as of April 7, 2022. He does a good job of keeping everyone updated about what's going on at Airbyte. Michel Tricot is an entrepreneur to keep your eye on. He's founded at least three businesses and we suspect there will be more to come.

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