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The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in Canada

. Jasper National Park of Canada

When you think about dangerous cities in Canada, these cities compared to others across the continent or even the world still has a relatively low crime rate.

Some of the cities on the list are some you will recognize, based on statistics and crime rates in more recent years. Whether you are living in the city or planning to relocate, this is essential information.

If you are planning to travel to any of these cities in the near future, you need to be aware of what is possible in these areas. Based on the most recent crime statistics involving both violent and nonviolent crimes, these are the 20 most dangerous cities in Canada to date.

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

20. Quebec City

Over the last few years, the crime rates in Quebec City have started to rise which is now placing them on the list of the most dangerous cities in Canada.

This came after the pandemic and the uncertainty of what would happen to the local economy. The crimes in this area are more geared around petty theft and being scammed by those in the area.

There is minimal threat to violence and other physical attacks as they are very uncommon in this area. Those committing these crimes vary in age.

19. Kingston

While it is still considered one of the more dangerous cities in Canada, Kingston is a place that has property crime 3:1 over violent crimes.

While it is not unheard of to have an attack and periodically a homicide case, many of the crimes are centralized around vandalism and small burglary crimes. Statistics also show that the majority of these crimes are committed by juveniles or young adults who live in the area.

18. Windsor

Compared to the national crime average in Canada, Windsor is nearly 50 percent below that rate. Over the last few years, their crime numbers have started to go down and they are moving down on the list from where they were a few years ago.

Violent crimes are almost nonexistent in this area, while property crime is still keeping Windsor on the list. With lots of abandoned properties in the area, they attract vandals to cause damage and break into these homes.

With this current trend in Windsor, they may find themselves off the list of dangerous cities in Canada soon.

17. Greater Sudbury

With a crime rate that is higher than the national average, you should watch your belongings when visiting Greater Sudbury. The crime in this area surrounds theft, fraud, and even internet crimes where locals take advantage of stealing information.

There is a chance of violent crime in Greater Sudbury, especially within a few areas in the downtown area. You should protect yourself before traveling to that part of the city.

16. Brantford

While Brantford is on the list of dangerous cities in Canada, the new measures taken by their local law enforcement are working to remove them and create an inviting city for residents and visitors to the area.

There has been a high level of crime in the area, and there is a moderate chance someone can be mugged. Brantford has been fighting the war on drugs, which encourages petty theft and mugging attacks in the area.

Old Montreal

15. Montreal

On a large scale, Montreal seems to be one of the less dangerous cities in Canada because of its sheer size. There are some crimes that are still pretty common, such as car theft, property damage, and burglaries.

Many of these crimes are not violent, but the more physical crimes that are happening include mugging and physical altercations. Montreal police have reorganized their efforts as a way to move Montreal further down this list over the last decade and maybe off in the future.


14. Saint John

With an average crime rate that is six percent higher than the national average, you should really be careful if you are traveling to Saint John. Property crime has started to decline in the area, but there is an uptick in violent crime.

This includes physical altercations, assaults, and even homicide cases in more recent years. You should not be traveling alone in this area, and always stay in well-lit places.


13. Ottawa

Transparency is important to the Ottawa police department, which is why they keep their statistics available for those who live or want to travel to the area.

Crimes such as bike theft, shootings, and muggings are prevalent in this area. The crime statistics that are posted indicate what types of crimes are happening in different parts of the city and how those walking around the city should remain cautious, especially at night.

12. Barrie

Once a city that matched the national crime average, Barrie is now finding itself below the national crime average. While this trend is looking good for the city, there are still several types of nonviolent crimes to watch out for in this area.

Fraud, home theft, car and bike theft, and also vandalism are still common in the area. This is something that residents and their guests traveling to the area need to keep in mind, making sure to secure belongings and lock any vehicles you may own.

CN Towers

11. Toronto

Probably one of the most visited cities in Canada is Toronto. While the homicide rate in Toronto has gone down over the last year, there have been a steady pace and even an uptick in other crimes in the area.

These include sexual assault, assault with a weapon, physical altercations, and breaking and entering into homes and businesses across the city.

While there is a lot to do and enjoy in Toronto, it is essential that you remain aware of your surroundings and stay secure during your visit.

10. Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo

In this area of Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, violent crime rates in the area are on the rise since 2020. While it was gradually increasing before the pandemic, it has spiraled. These crimes include everything from sexual assault and assault with a weapon to homicide. Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous cities in Canada.

9. Halifax

Coming in as ninth in the most dangerous cities in Canada is Halifax. This city regularly sees crimes of robberies that are both violent and nonviolent, assaults of all natures, and property theft.

Cars are broken into in neighborhoods regularly and even stolen if they are able to get the car running. If you are living in or traveling to Halifax, secure your property at all times to avoid theft and potential violent crimes.

There are lots of visitors to this area throughout the year, and they can be targeted.

Granville Island

8. Vancouver

If you want to keep up with current crime statistics in Vancouver, the local police department has that information available for you with a list of crime safety and prevention tactics.

With theft being a large part of the problem in Vancouver, locals have to take extreme measures to secure their vehicles, homes, and businesses to avoid breaking and entering.

Based on these statistics, there is a moderate chance that visitors to the area will experience some sort of crime.

7. Gatineau

Within the last year, Gatineau has been on a positive streak for crime, but they are still experiencing high levels in their area. Common crime in this area is related to property damages, car theft, and mischief crimes by youth.

In the more congested areas of the city, property crime is more prevalent and happens in both residential properties and commercial properties.

There is a growing concern about drug activity in the area, which is why the criminal activity has remained about the same over the years.

6. Saskatoon

One of the more rural areas of Canada in Saskatoon. While this may seem like it is a quiet area, it is a very violent city in Canada, with violent crime rates 25 percent above the national average.

This area has a poor economy, so all types of theft is very high and there is a good chance of being robbed. Visitors to the area have a high chance of being targeted for robberies, property vandalism, and in some cases, a target for assault.

It is definitely one of the most dangerous cities in Canada. Saskatoon experiences a high rate of drug activity and drug use in this area, which has also been a contributing factor to the different crime rates.

Edmonton, Alberta

5. Edmonton

The crime rate in Edmonton is even higher than in Saskatoon, with a nearly 50 percent higher rate of crime. This includes both violent and nonviolent crimes, all of which are common in this city.

In the last year, there has been nearly 100,000 different crimes reported in the area and they were committed by citizens of all ages. They have the highest crime rate in Alberta, but they are also one of the largest towns, so they attract visitors from across the area regularly.


4. Calgary

Over the last few years, the crime rate in Calgary has continued to rise in both nonviolent and violent crimes. While the majority of the crimes happening are nonviolent, there is still a chance of physical attacks and violent crimes if a person is traveling alone at night.

It is essential to secure your property in Calgary and make sure to travel in large numbers throughout the city to prevent additional crimes from happening. Car theft and breaking into cars are one of the most common crimes in this area.

There are a lot fo visitors to Calgary because of the different businesses in the area which make those from out of town targets.

3. Winnipeg

With one of the highest ratings of violent crimes, Winnipeg earns the third spot among dangerous cities in Canada. Their violence rate is over 60 percent higher than the national average.

Many of these violent crimes include things like extortion, harassment, murder, and assault. There are a lot of violent robberies that take place in Winnipeg, which is different from the theft that happens in other cities on this list.

Some of the most recent violent crimes in the area include kidnappings and hostage situations that escalate to excessive violence over a long period of time.

2. Thunder Bay

While statistically, Thunder Bay doesn't have as high a violent crime percentage as previous cities, the crimes that are happening in Thunder Bay are much more extreme.

There is a higher number of murders and homicides in the area than there are assaults. There is a long history of crime ad violence in Thunder Bay that local residents have learned to adjust to.

Visitors to the area, however, should be made aware and understand that this is not the town to be traveling alone at night.

1. Regina

Regina is considered to be the most dangerous city in Canada. This is because the crime rates are very high in the area, and almost anyone who visits the area will fall victim to at least one crime during their stay.

Almost every resident in the area has been a victim of multiple crimes and find that they need to secure their property regularly to keep criminals from stealing from them.

There is also a high use of drugs in this area, which is why there is a lot of crime, both violent and nonviolent. The economy in the area is poor and has impacted crime rates over the years.

Where our Data was Compiled

With the help of the local police departments, some of these statistics are available for residents and tourists to view at any time. These statistics indicate that while there are some places that are high in crime, they do differ in danger and these are the 20 most dangerous cities in Canada.

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