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The Most Expensive Bluetooth Speakers Money Can Buy

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have become popular over the years. According to Mordor Intelligence, the sale of Bluetooth speakers in the United States increased from 17.75 million units in 2015 to 71.11 million units in 2019. The popularity of these speakers is because they do not need a series of wires to connect to play. The beauty with these speakers is that you can get some for as low as $50. If you are a person who values high-quality sounds or durable speakers, you may need to spend way more than $50. You may be curious how much more you will spend. Below are five expensive Bluetooth speakers that you can buy.

5. Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker ($350)

It is easy to write off this radio since it resembles an antique radio. Despite looking like a radio from the 1940s, it is a very hi-tech device. For instance, the speaker can deliver Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 feet. 30 feet is about the distance of 8 golf clubs linked together. It delivers this range thanks to its reliance on Bluetooth 5.0 aptX technology. Another admirable feature about this speaker is its knobs. The knobs help you to fine-tune your sound, and there are seven presets to choose from. You can adjust these presets whether you are listening to music from a podcast, the radio, or Spotify. Additionally, you can customize the speaker's sound using the Marshall Bluetooth app. So, you can choose your preferred way of fine-tuning its sound.

4. Bose Sound Bar 700 ($1,142)

Even before we describe the kind of sound it delivers, you will be drawn to how pretty it looks. It has clean lines, a wraparound metal grille, and a tempered glass top. With that out of the way, we can now describe its sound quality. When you watch a documentary about elephants walking, you will want to hear those footsteps as though you were with them. This speaker is packed with various technologies that bring out that sound as though you were in that environment. If you want more out of this speaker, you can pair it with the wireless Bose Bass Module 700, which delivers more bass. Sometimes you may not be in the mood to lift your finger to control the speaker. If you are such a person, you will be glad to know that this speaker has a built-in voice control called Amazon Alexa. With this feature, you can listen to music, weather forecasts, and the news. In most devices, the built-in control feature will not work if you are trying to speak from a loud place. Luckily, its built-in control can hear you no matter how loud your environment may be. It hears you since it is designed with an eight-microphone array.

3. Devialet Phantom II ($1,200)

A majority of users connect devices using Bluetooth. However, what happens to the majority who do not have Bluetooth or are simply not fond of Bluetooth? Fortunately, these speakers are diverse and allow you to connect to them besides Bluetooth. Other ways you can connect to these speakers are through Ethernet, AirPlay UPnP Renderer, AUX port, and Wi-Fi. Sometimes, Bluetooth may take a long time to connect to the speakers. So, having an alternative in case one connection fails is what makes this speaker stand out from the rest. This speaker is capable of delivering peak volumes of 108 decibels. That is almost as loud as a power saw or a motorcycle. So, if you like loudness, perhaps you will like this radio. Even though the speaker can deliver such loud volumes, it does not mean you have to listen to such loud volumes. Long term exposure to sounds over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss.

2. Airpulse A300PRO ($2,300)

The speaker has two modes, Mode 1 and Mode 2, hence allowing you to connect to the speaker through your preferred method. In mode 1, you will rely on the KleerNet wireless connection to play audio. The connection is used between the main speaker and the auxiliary speaker. It only needs an external power supply to work. As for Mode 2, it uses two speakers that use analog signals. This speaker has an incredible treble performance. In fact, its treble performance is much better than its predecessor, A200. Since the speaker's high frequencies are connected to the mid-bass unit, it can deliver superior mid-to-high frequencies consistently. As a result, its voice lines are extraordinarily smooth. Also, it is better than its predecessor in terms of transient control and sound field. Generally, the speaker can deliver excellent sound due to its pair of 6.5-inch large-size woofers, which can freely expand and release.

1. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 Wireless Speaker ($3,399)

The speaker delivers sounds of very high quality, so that explains its high price. This speaker relies on 7 drivers to deliver high-quality sound. These 7 drivers comprise two 3-inch midranges, an 8-inch woofer, two 0.75-inch tweeters, and two 1.5-inch full ranges. Besides delivering high-quality sound, you can place it anywhere and it will still deliver the same high-quality sound. The speaker can do so since it is equipped with a technology called an Active Room Compensation System. Most speakers do not deliver high-quality sounds when placed in corners since they lack that technology.


Bluetooth speakers have made it convenient for us to enjoy music everywhere. We can finally bid goodbye to speakers with cables that can cause us to trip or are complicated to connect. Thankfully, there are cheap Bluetooth speakers though you may find it absurd to go for the pricey ones. If you are not an audiophile, you may settle for the cheap ones. Despite the speakers in this listicle being pricey, you will get value for your money. For instance, they are not like other expensive products due to a brand attached to them. Ultimately, you will decide whether you want cheap or expensive Bluetooth speakers.

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