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The Five Most Expensive Mountain Bikes Money Can Buy

Bicycles have been with us for a long time, and they have offered many of us a convenient means of transportation. However, today cycling is more than a means of transportation to a work or place of business. Cycling is today a popular sport and a profitable one at that. Cycling is also a great way to stay fit, and a means to socialize with others. Moreover, to help in the fight of global warming, companies such as Google are encouraging their employees to cycle to work instead of driving.

Having said that, you will notice that the bikes you see today look a lot different to the conventional bikes of the 19th century. Today's bikes feature technologies that make bike riding more efficient and more fun. The materials used to make the bikes are of high quality, which also means that you have to pay more to own the very best bikes in the market. In fact, you can pay a five-figure price just for two wheels! In that regard, read on to find the most expensive mountain bikes you can buy.

5. Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike - $114,000

If you want to explore the joys of cycling in luxury, then this is the bike for you. It is made of 24-karat gold, and its crossbar has 600 sparkling Swarovski crystals. Moreover, its seat is made of premium leather that gives you extreme comfort, irrespective of cycling terrain. Only ten of these bikes were ever made, which makes it one of the most valuable bikes ever made for die-hard mountain bikers.

4. Kaws – Trek Madone - $160,000

Lance Armstrong rode this bike in 2009 when he competed in the Vuelta Leon Y Castilla Race. Initially, it had been designed for him to use in hi daily training routine. The bike's design is collaboration between Brian Donnelly and Trek Modone. The bike has a yellow, white, and black theme, and the name "Kaws" is Brian Donnelly's nickname. The bike was later sold at an auction in support of the fight against cancer, and the proceeds given to Sotheby’s Global Fight Against Cancer.

3. Trek Yoshimoto Nara - $200,000

The Trek Yoshimoto Nara bike is a product of collaboration between Yoshimoto Narra from Japan and Trek. Just like the Madone, it was also created in honor of Lance Armstrong's victory over cancer towards the end 2000's. It is also a racing bike with frame made of carbon fiber, which means it is fast and lightweight. Something unique about this bike is that it bears the designer's name. That is interesting because Narra is the punk soul with notoriety for drawing images of kids with negative expressions.

2. The Solid Gold Bike - $500,000

The Solid Gold Bike is made has 24k solid gold frame, engraved with 600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires, and has an alligator skin covering for a saddle. That makes it price tag a bargain considering that there are only 13 of these bikes that were ever made. That is why you are not likely to see any of these solid gold mountain bikes any time soon. However, if any of them is going to be auctioned, you now know what the opening price will be.

1. Trek Butterfly Madone - $500,000

At the time of writing this article, this is the most expensive bicycle you can buy is the Trek Butterfly Madone. The bike's design is a tribute to Lance Armstrong's win over cancer and being able to make it back to the cycling circuit. Damien Hirst designed its nice colored patterns using real life butterflies, and it is not just cute. He designed it for use in an actual competition, and it can perform as well as any of the bikes Armstrong has used in his cycling career.

Masterpiece Mountain Bikes
If you love mountain bikes and have lost of cash to spare, then you should consider investing in one of the above bikes. Most of them are not just fancy toys, but bikes that can actually be used to compete in a cycling competition and give you a competitive advantage, thanks to their quality design. Chances are, they will appreciate greatly in the near future, and you may be able to make more money years to come. For those who will manage to own one of the above bikes, we wish them an awesome cycling experience.

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