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Navigate the Future: The Role of Real-Time Location Tracking in Field Service

It is possible to avoid back-and-forth emails or phone calls with field service technicians while assigning jobs if you simply know their location. Instead of calling and waiting for a job approval response from them – you can know if they are near the job site’s location. If they are, it makes it convenient for them to accept the job and execute it.

The above-mentioned convenience is possible if you use GPS technology. In this article, we help you understand how location-tracking features enable effective scheduling and workforce management.

What is real-time location tracking?

Using GPS, it is possible to track the location of any object or individual remotely. In the case of field service businesses, you can track your field service technician’s location while also knowing where the materials or equipment are on the road.

Satellites provide the necessary intel about the precise location of the subject in real-time so that you can make quick decisions about your teams or goods. Such provisions are useful for field servicing operations, logistics, transportation, and any industry that requires remote monitoring.

What is Geofencing?

A typical use case of using real-time location tracking includes ‘Geofencing’ and ‘geo-tagging.

In geo-fencing, you can monitor your job site premises such that it will take some specific action or you will get alerted if any material or worker is out of the monitored field. It creates a ‘virtual boundary’ around the job site. office, or any inventory house for real-time movement monitoring. This helps nab any theft attempts of expensive materials or equipment. By tracking field service technicians’ movements, you can ensure they do not take too many breaks or do not leave the premises unless they have permission or informed authorities.

Why choose field service management software with geofencing technology?

The main use case of geofencing technology is to monitor your job sites remotely. Here are other benefits to consider when opting for a field service management tool:

Location-based marketing campaigns

A unique way to implement location-based marketing is to trigger campaigns when your target customer enters a specific location you’ve geofenced.

For example, if your customer has entered under-construction sites for residential complexes, it can be assumed that they are looking to purchase a property. Thus, you can target them with ads for your residential construction company which may be near your location. Thus, you are benefiting from your competitor’s customer targeting by simply using geofencing their construction job sites.

Home automation

If you run an HVAC or interior field servicing business, you can upgrade your customer’s homes via automation.

For example, you can geofence your customer’s home, and program your ACs such that they switch on when the owners are nearly 500 meters from it. You can also program the home to switch off the lights or appliances which are not required when you move out of your house. This way, your customers save electricity or experience comfort right at home.

Workforce management

Geofencing makes it possible to grade your field service technicians depending on the time taken to complete jobs, when they reach the job site, or track other job site activities. Knowing their performance helps compensate for any overtime and fairly. It also helps ensure safety by noticing any unusual activities or movements. Special care is possible for workers handling any dangerous goods and their movements with it.

Enhance data with location intelligence

Using GPS technology across tracking and geofencing allows you to gather intelligence on how your vehicles, assets, or workforce move. You can generate reports to make necessary decisions about how your inventory is managed, get financial forecasts, time taken to reach the job site, and the performance of field service technicians.

Enhance customer service

Using geofencing and geo-tracking, it is possible to share the location of the assigned field service technician with the customer. They can prepare for their arrival as GPS will help provide accurate information about the estimated arrival time of the worker. If there are any issues, then the customers get notified immediately, hence avoiding any support tickets or angry calls about the service.

Experience the power of geofencing with your field service management software

Zuper’s field service management solutions come with advanced GPS-enabled features like geofencing and geotagging. Book a demo today to see how it works and can help improve your field servicing capabilities.

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