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Five Smart Luggage Products That Will Blow You Away

Smart Luggage

Continuing advances in technology are making it possible to manufacturer all sorts of products incorporating high-tech solutions to perpetual problems, thus making them that much more convenient and thus that much more useful for their owners. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that more and more examples of so-called smart luggage have been introduced to the consumer market, which incorporate convenient features such as remote locking, unlocking, and tracking that are often tied to their owners' digital devices.

For people who spent a lot of time out on the open road in a metaphorical as well as a literal sense, this innovation makes these products something that said individuals should consider checking out at their earliest convenience.

Here are five examples of the smart luggage products found on the consumer market that are sure to impress:

Bluesmart Black Edition

Bluesmart Black Edition

Bluesmart's Black Edition carry-on bag is a great example of how technological innovation can make a good product even better. In short, it comes with conventional features such as a perfectly-sized interior and padded compartments for digital devices, which is no more than what should be expected when it comes to carry-on bags. However, it lives up to its maker's reputation by also coming with a host of high-tech features, which range from tracking its location by using GPS to automatic weighing with the use of weight sensors and USB recharging for both phones and tablets so that its owner will not have to scramble for the use of outlets at airports.

Summed up, the Black Edition carry-on bag has been designed to provide its owner with maximum convenience when making their way through an airport while also providing them with complete peace of mind in the knowledge that they will always know where their luggage and thus their belongings can be found, thus making it the perfect product for people who want that extra bit of assurance. With that said, it should be noted that Bluesmart's Black Edition carry-on bag costs almost $600, meaning that it is best-suited to frequent travelers rather than someone who heads out once or twice on an annual basis.



Recently, a U.S. company called Trunkster managed to raise more than $1.3 million in a Kickstarter campaign so that it could be used to produce a pair of products that boast some of the same technologies seen in Bluesmart's Black Edition carry-on bag. For example, both Trunkster's carry-on bag and its checked bag will have GPS tracking in addition to batteries for charging USB devices and automatic weigh-in.

However, it is interesting in that it will have more than its fair share of unique features as well, with a prime example being how it will use no zippers but instead having sliding doors. The carry-on bag can be pre-ordered for $325 while the checked bag can be pre-ordered for $350, but please note that GPS tracking comes with an additional cost of $40.

Andiamo iQ

Andiamo iQ

People who have ever packed too much stuff into their luggage will know the inconvenience of having to lift heavy weights all day, which is why suitcases on wheels are such a popular alternative for those who aren't planning to travel light. Andiamo's iQ is meant to be a high-tech version of the classic suitcase on wheels, which will have not just a digital scale, a remote locking and unlocking feature that can be used via mobile app, and a charger for USB devices but also a mobile wi-fi hotspot built into it.

Better still, it can even send its owner text messages both when it leaves a certain range and when it comes within a certain range, thus telling them when to check up on it and when to pick it up. Be warned that while convenient, Andiamo is planning to price the iQ at around $600.

Delsey Pluggage

Delsey Pluggage

Delsey is putting out a line of smart luggage called Pluggage. The exact details have not been set in stone, but some of the possible features to be incorporated into the product line range from fingerprint ID to checking on the status of its lock via remote means. As a result, its future owners can expect Delsey's Pluggage products to be extremely secure, which should come as welcome news to those who are concerned about their luggage being lost in the system.

Something that is always a serious concern when it comes to travel luggage. So far, no price has been set, but there is speculation that the 24-inch model will cost about $600, thus providing useful guidelines for the prices of both its larger and its smaller counterparts.

Planet Traveler USA Space Case 1

Planet Traveler USA Space Case 1

The Space Case 1 is another example of a product that was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which speaks volumes about the extent of consumer interest in smart luggage. In its case, it is meant to have security features such as fingerprint ID, global tracking, and a security alarm in addition to conveniences such as a digital scale, a USB charger, and a Bluetooth speaker and microphone for hands-free calling.

Its most interesting feature is what is being called its personal concierge, which will provide the owner with useful information about their travel plans by checking their phone. In total, the Space Case 1 will cost somewhere between $600 and $800.

Further Considerations

With that said, it is important to note that the smart luggage products that have been listed here make up no more than a small percentage of all the smart luggage products that can be found out there on the vast expanses of the consumer market. Furthermore, it is important to note that smart luggage products are becoming more and more common all the time as more and more people become interested in their potential to make traveling more convenient than ever.

As a result, people who spend a lot of time out on the road should keep a close eye on such products so that they can snap up whatever is most useful for them as soon as possible when they make their debut on the consumer market.

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