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10 Things You Didn't Know about Nick Hernandez

Nick Hernandez

360Learning co-founder and chief executive officer, Nicolas (Nick) Hernandez, has been with the company at the very start, which is 2010. Although most records show 2012 is the official year 360Learning officially started up as a company, the concept leading to reality started in 2010, shortly after Nick Hernandez graduated from Toulouse University in 2009.

1. 369Learning

Nick Hernandez, along with Sebastien Mignot, and Guillaume Alary-Raisonnier, a founder of the company known as 369Learning. Originally based out of Paris, France, 369Learning also has corporate offices in London, England, and New York City, New York, USA. Hernandez is currently the chief executive officer (CEO) and has been instrumental in bringing the company to become worth millions, including recently receiving over $240 million in capital from SoftBank. Hernandez firmly believes in the power of collaborative learning as the better alternative to what he considers to be a much slower and less effective training system too many schools and companies still have in place.

2. Ecole Polytechnique Graduate (Paris, France)

The French public institution for higher learning and research is where Hernandez attended from 2003 until 2007. He graduates with a Master's Degree in Science and Technology, as well as receiving degrees in Finance and Information. Fellow cofounders Sebastien Mignot and Guillaume Alary-Raisonnier also attended Ecole Polytechnique. It would be from here the concept behind 360Learning would begin. In 1974, Ecole was first opened up as a university in Paris, France, and has since become among the elite institutions that specialize in the education of science and technology. Some of the most influential people have attended and graduated from this school, including the 2014 Nobel Prize in Economic Science winner, Jean Tirole.

3. Toulouse Unisversity - Jean Jaures (Paris, France)

Hernandez graduates with a Master's Degree in 2009 after four years of study in Philosophy while attending the Toulouse University in Paris, France. The earliest roots of this university date as far back as 1229, making it one of the earliest higher-level education facilities throughout Europe. During the French Revolution in 1793, the university temporarily closes. When it starts up again, it's no longer just a single institution. Toulouse University is now an association of universities otherwise known as the Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees. Otherwise known as the University of Toulouse II, the philosophy programs Nick Hernandez took part in focused on the influence of Michel Foucault.

4. Cafe (YC S21) Investor

Founded in 2020, Cafe (YC S21) is not a restaurant, but rather a platform where the company focuses on building hybrid workplaces that allow people to meet with each other that cooperate with the current condition of COVID-19 and the many challenges it brings. Nick Hernandez has recently become an investor, wishing to do his part to help Cafe grow, starting with its New York City headquarters. Just like a standard cafe, Cafe serves the same purpose with its online meeting place platforms and services. Co-founder and CEO, Tom Nguyen, leads Cafe to assist people and businesses working from home with a variety of meet place-style platforms in order to establish optimal communication and training that's a win for everybody. This parallels with the vision shared by Nick Hernandez and 360Learning.

5. MerciApp Investor

MerciApp serves as a communications assistant, especially when it comes to coming across as a writer with credibility. For Nick Hernandez whose 360Learning platform shares a similar vision, investing in MerciApp makes sense as this allows expansion of both companies as separate entities who share the same focus. MerciApp is to the French community what Grammarly is to the English. MerciApp serves as a corrector of spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. There are six founders of MerciApp, including Arthur Ollier who is also the company's CEO. MerciApp is the first of the collection of companies Nick Hernandez has invested in, one which has already proven to become beneficial for him and the company as his involvement helps MerciApp grow alongside with 360Learning in a corporate partnership where Hernandez plays an instrumental role in their development.

6. Midnight Trains Investor

Midnight Trains calls themselves hotels on wheels as their involvement with the hospitality industry. From Paris, France, the company was first founded in 2020 after observing issues within air travel is too environmentally irresponsible given today's concerns about the planet's ecosystem and its future. Nick Hernandez, believing in the vision of Midnight Trains and its founders, Adrien Aumont and Romain Payet, invested in the company in 2021 as there is a strive to launch its first luxury line of night train travel in 2024. The intent is to replace the environmentally wasteful local air travel industry with something that is more economically sustainable, not to mention more people-friendly in comfort and relaxation.

7. Simundria Investor

Simundria is a digital coaching program that connects employers and employees together. With 360Learning's focus doing the same thing, it only makes sense for Nick Hernandez to invest in Simundria as the two companies work in sync with each other as they continue to improve upon the learning conditions of everyone who gets involved. Co-founders Gregory Schiller and Mandula Dove have worked closely with Hernandez to help their company grow since his investment in 2021. Schiller is currently the CE) of Simundria, who used to work as a manager for Rocket Internet of Asia, a 70-person team that's been instrumental in the sustainable development of internet-based interests within the Asian region.

8. Nicolas Hernandez (CEO of 360Learning) vs Nick Hernandez (Public Figure)

Often confused as the public figure known who also goes by the name of Nick Hernandez, this is sometimes evident when visiting the social media pages of both men see followers of 360Learning commenting to the public figure about something on either his Facebook account or Twitter account. One key difference between the two men is Nick of 360Learning is registered as Nicolas Hernandez on Facebook with over 200 followers while the public figure known as Nick Hernandez has over 200,000 followers who know nothing about 360Learning other than its name.

9. Favorite Quote

Nick Hernandez's favorite quote comes from Friedrich Nietzsche who states, "And those who danced were considered mad by those who could not hear the music."

10. Hernandez and Facebook

While 360Learning seems to have conflicting information as to what year it was officially founded, with Nick Hernandez it starts in the year 2010 and with a vision. The passion Nick Hernandez has towards computer science and philosophy where at one point he embarked on a distance philosophy course that he continues until its end. When Facebook arrived in France, Hernandez received lessons by posts through their platform service. The idea then emerges for Hernandez to create learning platforms everyone involved can create and share in what he refers to as a collaborative learning process.

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Written by Allen Lee

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