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10 Things You Didn't Know About Robert Herring

Robert Herring

Robert Herring is an American businessman and entrepreneur who has made a fortune in the broadcasting industry. He is currently the CEO of Herring Networks. He represents the ideal of the American dream. His life story is fascinating and inspirational for those who are not born into privileged families but hold on to a vision for a better future for themselves and their families. Here are 10 things that you probably didn't know about Robert Herring that might inspire you to keep believing in your ability to forge a prosperous existence.

1. Robert Herring wasn't raised in a wealthy family

According to Wikipedia, Mr. Herring was born to a father who was a share-cropper. His family didn't have a lot of money when he was growing up. He knew what it was to live without the extra luxuries and conveniences that money can buy.

2. He is 79 years old

Herring was born on September 22, 1941. As of the fall of 2020, he turned 79 years old. His hometown is Rayville, Louisiana. In 1948, his family moved to California when he was just 7 years old. California was a big change in environment for him but he learned to adapt to his new home.

3. Robert overcame serious life obstacles

Robert Herring hasn't always had an easy life. When he was just 14 years old his father passed away. The family didn't have much money and after his father was gone, he had to make serious life choices that would affect his family. He made the decision to drop out of high school and he took a job to help support his family. He knows what it is to work hard to keep a roof over your head and to feed your family members on a meager salary.

4. He opened his first business in 1964

Robert S. Herring Sr. is a hard-working gentleman. He worked for a living from the tender age of just 14. He saved up enough money from his jobs to establish his own business in 1964. His first venture was launched in Los Angeles County. He established a small chain of pet shops.

5. He became a serial entrepreneur

Herring went on to found a second business that wasn't even remotely related to the pet shop industry. In 1972 he established a company called Industrial Circuits. He ran the company until 1988 when he sold the business to Toppan Printing. He went on to launch the third business he called Herco Technology. In 2000 he sold Herco Tech to Teradyne, making an undisclosed amount of money on the sale. He founded Herring Networks in San Diego in 2003, followed by the One America News Network in 2013. Mr. Herring went from one successful business venture to another. He has built a financial empire for the Herring Family.

6. He is diplomatic

We learned from Escondido Grapevine, that Mr. Herring recently had to deal with a group of protestors who were storming the gates of his network. He was cordial and gracious as he thanked the protestors for demonstrating in a peaceful manner. He even showed a series of videos to help maintain peaceful relations. Robert S. Herring Sr. is a very diplomatic businessman. He knows how to interact with people when their emotions are high, and he consistently looks for the most peaceful solutions to mitigate any conflicts that arise. This is a part of his success in business. He meets people where they are at and works with them.

7. He is a Trump supporter

Robert S Herring is a fan of Donald Trump, as well as a supporter. He has even emulated him in many ways. Mr. Herring attempted to create his own show called Wealth TV. It was a series that launched in 2004 that followed the lifestyles of the rich and famous "for the poor and impressionable."

8. He believes in giving young people a shot

Mr. Herring is in charge of a group of professionals at One America who are young and many of them are inexperienced. He is accomplishing a few goals by hiring these kinds of workers. The most important is that emerging young journalists are getting their shot at developing their careers in journalism. The second is that he can get by with paying them low wages for the work that is performed. It comes out to what they would make at similar TV news agencies so it's a win-win situation for everyone involved. In addition to helping others who are just starting out in their careers, he also knows how to make a business profitable, but at this phase of his life, he doesn't need to make more money. He has already made more than he can spend in a lifetime.

9. He has been married three times

Mr. Herring retired in 2000, after selling Herco Technology. He sold the company for a tidy $122 million. He had met a Russian woman during this time. The couple became engaged and got married. This is the third wife for Robert Herring. Some have compared this to Donald Trump marrying a foreign woman.

10. He's not in the media business for the money

Mr. Herring is dedicated to providing the news and creating a balanced media for the audience. Members of his staff at One America shared that the news tends to lean towards the conservative cause, and they're not in it for the money, but rather to bring more balance to the reporting of the current news. One station owner and commentator advised Herring. He shared that the network is "bleeding money," but that's not what the company is about. They believe in the cause of bringing balance to the media. A writer for the channel shared that Mr. Herring also uses One America Network as a means of getting to know political figures and sharing his opinions.

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