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Is NNDM Stock a Solid Long Term Investment?

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3D printing technology is still in the early stages of development, which is the industry Nano Dimension Ltd. (NNDM) has been a part of since January 1, 2012. The founders are Dagi Ben-Noon, Amit Dror, Sharon Filma, and Simon Fried while the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is currently Yoav Stern. The company is based out of Ness Ziona, Israel but is also headquartered out of Sunrise, Florida, USA. There are also head office locations in Munich, Germany and Hong Kong, China. NNDM are well known for its DragonFly lights-out service but how do they measure up in the booming 3D printing service? As a stock option, NNDM has been showing signs of promise going into March, 2022, which is an improvement from how this stock faired out before 2021 came to a close. With this in mind, is Nano Dimension still a good stock option to invest into, at least as far as a long-term investment goes?

Company Profile

Nano Dimension Ltd. originally started up in Israel as an additive electronics provider for the technology sector. As a product and service, Nano provides 3D printing solutions, targeting the growing demand for sophisticated devices that can develop products on the fly, so to speak. The PCB jet printer system is an inkjet tool that has the ability to puzzle together mutli-layer items based on the information provided into its programmable computer interface. Through the usage of hardware, software, nano-chemistry, and print-head management, a 3D printing device enables the opportunity to build prototypes and customizable objects according to one's needs. Currently, Nano Dimension targets a range of industry sectors, primarily in automotive, consumer electronics, medical devices, and whatever trends are in place that could make good use out of the 3D printing technology. At the moment, Yoav Stern is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Nano Dimension Ltd. Zivi Nedivi is the company president and Zvi Peled is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Revenue Officer. Serving as Chief Financial Officer is Yael Sandler and Jaim Nulman is the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President.


As was the case for most companies, the COVID-19 pandemic brought forth severe setbacks. Nano Dimension was no exception as it fell into last place among the seven F-rated Technology's 3D printing industry by 2021's end. It has some serious catching up to do in a competitive market that is becoming more aggressive now that the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us. However, COVID-19's crisis has been replaced with the conflict taking place between Russia and Ukraine that has unleashed its own brand of a pandemic in energy resources, along with another wave of global uncertainties. Among companies specializing in energy alternative solutions to battle rising costs due to supply and demand issues, this is where the investment attentions are on. As far as the 3D printing companies like Nano Dimension are concerned, this can be a make or break chapter as the need for hardware components may come into play as the demand for electric vehicle (EV) units continue to rise. Knowing what quality 3D printers can achieve, companies capitalizing on this opportunity may finally stand to benefit after the dismal production run COVID-19 caused clean through 2020 and 2021. During the pandemic, the demand for NNDM's products and services plummeted, as did the company's stock value. It didn't help NNDM had poor fundamental performance and a lack of prospects in order to at least keep pace with the competition. 2021 saw inadequate financials on the company's part that saw a loss per share of seven cents by the end of the third quarter in September. The weak profitability NNDM has portrayed from September 2020 to September 2021 saw an asset turnover less than the industry average, as well as a series of other negatives such as a $9.65 million USD.

Failing Grade

Overall, NNDM's POWR ratings reflect uncertainty as it received an overall grade of F after the calculatin of 118 factors were taken into account. In key areas such as quality and stability, NNDM was given a failing grade by a number of investment advisors. According to Stock News, NNDM does not have enough going for it as a stock option as a long-term investment option due to the rest of the competition so far out-performing it in the technology of 3D printing. However, according to Yahoo! Finance, Nano Dimension has been selling its flagship product, DragonFly IV 3D-AME System to a growing number of interested military forces as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continue. With no sign of the warring nations reaching a peace settlement anytime soon, this raises the tensions among the number of nations, regardless how they feel about the conflict. Right now, it's not about choosing sides between which nation is in the right and which one is in the wrong. Right now, it is about raising defenses and coming up with investment strategies as a means to stay ahead of a situation that has so much uncertainty revolving around it. Although Nano Dimension may not seem as up-to-par as the competition, Nano has something going for it the others don't, and that's the right connection to the right sources as a means to do more than merely survive as a company. Nano Dimension stands to gain here and the people who run the company know it. Furthermore, the failing grade NNDM has at the moment is based on historical data and current trends. If Nano Dimension Ltd. did not show any sign of promise it would not have acquired Global Inkjet Systems as of January 2022 and it would not be seeing increased interest and sales in a market that is now more interested than ever to invest in products and services companies like Nano Dimension can provide.

Current Events

Going with the NASDAQ activity page dedicated to NNDM, there have been signs of improvement as of March 2022. However, is this enough to win over the confidence of investors looking into a long-term stock option? This depends entirely on how NNDM is moving forward. According to the company's LinkedIn page, there is enough action to warrant Nano Dimension should not be counted out yet. With the determination to put COVID-19's traumatic experience as the world has now become more aggressive in its pursuit for better alternatives for products and services, Nano is in a unique position to capitalize on an opportunity that will keep them in the game of the 3D printing industry.

However, with the conflict taking place between Russia and Ukraine, the entire world is watching as events unfold. As thorough as the news has been with the broadcasts, this is partial information at best as history repeatedly demonstrates whatever is broadcast by the news isn't always the full truth. Much of the news is based on perceptions and what the networks will allow to be shared to the public. With this in mind, the global stock market has been feeling the impact of a war between two nations that has seen global involvement by a number of nations that have each picked its own side to support. With fears of a potential WWIII at our feet, there are waves of uncertainty revolving around any form of stock investment. Furthermore, the world hasn't entirely recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic as there are still divisions of opinion revolving around it. One thing is for certain, though, is the need for products to be keep up with supply and demand issues as they come to surface. Because of this, companies like Nano Dimension are uniquely positioned to profit in the 3D printing industry as the conflict has seen an increased need for designed products suited for emergency needs related to medical and military concerns.

There is also still a shortage of products and services needed to keep up with the needs in automotive, computer hardware, and household items as COVID-19 saw supply and demand issues take a beating the world has still not been able to fully recover from. Given what Nano Dimension offers as a product and service in 3D printing technology, this company can easily establish for itself a niche market while the other 3D printing companies do the same. There is no time like the present for NNDM stock to take advantage of the current situation and take solid leaps forward as a solid long-term investment option.

NNDM Stock Forecast

According to Wallet Investor, it currently suggests NNDM is a stock worth investing in. This particular website updates itself often, keeping up with the current trends going on in the New York Stock Exchange. The long-term projections suggest 2025 and 2027 share promising return values for the investment. Aside from Wallet Investor, there are informative sites such as Market Beat which recently reported NNDM Stock reached a new twelve-month low of $3.00 per share. At the moment, Nano Dimension has a $761.40 million USD market cap, as well as a price-to-earnings ratio of -8.73 and a beta of 2.18. The average fifty-day moving average the NNDM stock has experienced has been $3.59 USD and a two-hundred day moving day average of $4.73 USD. There have been a number of institutional investors that have recently made changes such as Banque Cantonale Vaudoise as it made a $26,000 USD purchase into the company during 2021's third quarter, along with Koshinski Asset Management Ince. and its $31,000 USD investment. Macquarie Group Ltd. invested $38,000 USD at well, followed by Mairs & Powers Inc.'s fourth quarter purchase $38,000 USD. Also in the fourth quarter, Itau Unibanco Holding S.A. raised its stake in shares by 36.5 percent, now owning 10,802 shares of the company's stock. At the moment, Nano Dimension Ltd. and its subsidaries, provide additive electronic products and services at a global scale, thanks to its flaship product, DragonFly lights-out digital manufacturing system. This is a precision system that produces professional multilayer circuit boards, conductive geometries, radio frequency antennas, sensors, as well as molded connected devices for prototyping through custom additive manufacturing.

Again, with the conflict taking place between Russia and Ukraine, along with the increased involvement stemming from nations at a global scale, the forecast of NNDM stock has its fate rest in the hands of how the powers of authority in this world wish to proceed. How will it affect any form of short-term and long-term investing? Although Nano Dimension does stand to do well as a 3D printing company that offers goods and services to a global market, it shares the same concern as its competitors. What do the people need most right now? As tensions continue to mount between nations based on which side of the argument they're on, this conflict dissolving itself anytime soon does not seem to show any sign of going away anytime soon. Long before it's over, many more events are going to unfold long before it's over. Should history repeat itself as it did before, during, and after World War II, companies that are primed to meet supply demand as they're called upon stand to do remarkably well. Nano Dimension can find itself in the ranks of industrial leaders to take the still relatively new realm of 3D printing technology to a whole new level. Up until now, Nano seems to have fallen behind the rest of the competition in this niche market but if it appeared as if Nano stood no chance to move forward with promise then the institutional investors would not have poured money into the company during the third and fourth quarters of 2021. Yes, many investors seem to have pulled out during the first quarter of 2022 but as a long-term investment opportunity that shows promise, NNDM Stock is it, at least for now.

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