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Ockel Sirius A: The World's Most Versatile Mini PC


Having a computer than can be easily used on the go and tucked away in a pocket or bag is extremely useful. In today’s technologically-driven society, people are increasingly required to be able to work away from the office, while at home or even while traveling. As well, being able to access both work files and social media on a portable device means people can stay connected and up to date on all the important developments in their lives.

However, most mobile devices are unable to perform as well as desktop computers. Many cannot run a full version of Windows, which relegates the device’s usefulness to social media, streaming, and gaming. Those devices that do feature the full Windows experience often lack connective features.

Ockel understood these complaints and decided to create a small, portable computer that can satisfy both the functional demands of a full Windows desktop and the convenience and fun of smartphones or tablets. The result is the Ockel Sirius A.


Ockel is an innovative company that seeks to produce hardware that is powerful, fun, and compact. It is motivated primarily by an innovative drive to create products that meet or surpass consumer demands. It does this while keeping portability and connectivity in mind.

The company is composed of Dutch technology experts who work out of the parent company Avanca International, which was founded in 2008.


  • Tim Haaksma is the founder and owner of Ockel. He worked at Philips before leaving to pursue technological innovation.
  • Nathalie van Wijkvliet is the Marketing Director for Ockel. She is tasked with the press and social media duties of the company.
  • Jan Paul Hagg is a Product Engineer for Ockel. He designs the devices using the training he amassed while earning a Masters Degree from Technical University of Delft.
  • Jesper Baumgarten is Ockel’s Product Manager, and links consumer feedback with product development to ensure complete satisfaction with the products.
  • Sjoerd de Ridder is the Creative Designer, meaning he is tasked with the packaging, imaging, and photography duties.
  • Wouter Vellekoop is a Product Engineer who supports Jan in design and is in charge of video production.
  • Douwe de Gier is Ocke’s Product Specialist who knows every detail about the products in order to help consumers get the most out of their devices.

This team of industry experts is a group of innovative and passionate individuals who have over 70 years of combined experience in design and development. As well, the team works closely with Microsoft to ensure a smooth Windows experience.


The idea for the Sirius A began in December of 2015. In February of the following year, the first 3D model for the device was created. Next, Ockel found a support team and officially partnered with Microsoft in the summer. This led to the completion of the first prototype in August.

The Indiegogo fundraising campaign launched in October. This will help Ockel finish the second prototype sometime between November and January. In February and March of 2017, the final testing will occur. The Sirius A devices are expected to be delivered to buyers in May.

Over 500 backers have seen the quality and potential of Ockel’s work, and supported the development of the Sirius A miniature computer. In fact, despite only launching the fundraising campaign in October, the company has raised over $275,000 for its $100,000 goal.

The Computer

The Sirius A is designed to give the user a full desktop experience in a handheld device. Despite fitting easily in a pocket, the computer is able to run a full 64-bit Windows 10 home edition. This gives the device all the capabilities and applications of a desktop, allowing users to work and surf the web just as they would on a traditional computer.

It is powered by an Intel Atom x7-Z8750 processor, and boasts 4GB of RAM. In addition to its 64-GB flash storage, there is a micro-SD slot for added storage.

The Sirius A is a device that does not compromise. Although it shares features with smartphones like a slim design and intuitive touchscreen, it offers the full functionality of a desktop computer. It is a powerful computer that fits comfortably in one hand.


Despite the power of the device, it is incredibly user-friendly. It can suit a variety of different needs, from working to delivering presentations to streaming movies or music.

One of the most useful features of the Sirius A is its Switch Mode. When connected to an external screen, the device will automatically switch to function as a keyboard or mouse. This is perfect for individuals who want to bring files home from work.

As well, its touch screen and battery allow it to be used anywhere. All the files and applications on the device can be accessed on the go. It is just as well-suited to making spreadsheets as it is to watching movies on Netflix. It is even powerful enough for high-end gaming programs to run smoothly.

In addition to these uses, the device’s wireless capabilities make it the ideal remote control for smart home devices like Nest. The built-in camera and microphone make it great for connecting with people through apps like Skype.


Just as much thought was put into the design of the Sirius A as its technology. The device’s body is made of sleek aluminum. It currently comes in three colors, although more will be added in the future. These are gray, gold, and silver.

Its brilliant 6-inch touchscreen has HD display. At its thickest point, the device is only 20mm thick. This means that not only does the device have the functionality of a desktop and the sleek appearance of a smartphone, it can easily be slipped into a pocket.

Further, it was designed to function silently. In order for this to work, the Sirius A does not use fans to cool itself. Instead, it is designed with a heat sink. Using this small, powerful computer will not irritate nearby people.


The key to the device’s effectiveness as a versatile and dynamic computer is its ability to connect to a variety of sources. Firstly, it comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and a Wi-Fi chip that allow it to be a fully functional mobile device.

As well, it has several ports for connecting to other devices. These include three USB ports (two USB 3.0 ports and one USB Type-C port), a full HDMI port, a LAN port, a DisplayPort, and a headset jack.

The Sirius A is a device that is incredibly useful on its own, but has the wireless Internet access and diverse array of ports that allow it to satisfy any demand a person could have for a computer.


In order to be a truly portable device, the Sirius A features a Lithium battery. On a single charge, users can look forward to over 3 hours of use. This allows users to have access to all their files and applications on the go.


Early buyers can have the Sirius A for only $559, although the discounts featured on Indiegogo are quickly selling out. The full retail price of the computer will be $699


  • Length: 150 mm
  • Width: 85 mm
  • Thickness: 6 mm (narrowest), 20 mm (thickest)
  • Material: Anodized aluminum


  • USB 3.0 x 2
  • USB Type C
  • LAN
  • HDMI
  • DisplayPort
  • 3.5 mm Headset jack
  • Power (12V/3A)


  • System: Intel Atom x7-Z8750
  • Storage: 4GB RAM, 64 GB flash storage, micro-SD
  • Display: Full HD, 4K and UHD support


The Sirius A by Ockel is an innovative, revolutionary personal computer that fits in the palm of a hand. It is able to offer the functionality of a desktop computer and features a full Windows 10 system.

As well, its touch screen and wireless connectivity make this device perfect for social media, streaming services, and controlling smart home devices. It is a truly unique and versatile computer. Even more impressive is the fact that Ockel built this amazing computer to have a sleek and compact design. Every user will be pleased that this computer does not compromise on functionality, mobility, or design.

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