Offline Advertising That Still Works

Advertising and marketing is one of the most important fields when it comes to business. A good product is the foundation that a company is built on, but without advertising and marketing to make your product known to the world, you’ll never build higher than a single floor. The two are inextricably linked. In recent years advertising has shifted majorly. No longer are expensive and lengthy billboard campaigns the norm (although they’re still used); many companies have focused their advertising budget to online platforms and native advertising campaigns instead, in the hopes of targeting more nuanced audiences. But while Facebook, Instagram and Google are great ways of reaching audiences, the potency of tried and tested offline advertising methods shouldn’t be forgotten. Which methods exactly? Take a look at these suggestions.


Often overlooked, brochures are a cost-effective way of displaying the information of your product or service in a convenient and easily understandable manner. Their format is a great opportunity for liberal use of color and other eye-catching advertising techniques which can be used to ensure maximum retention for whatever you’re trying to advertise. Unlike digital articles, because brochures are physical, that their usefulness is less ephemeral and throwaway than something like a sponsored post on Facebook. Brochure printing through companies like print24 is also extremely affordable when produced in bulk, and easily distributable through any number of different means.

Word of mouth

Regardless of technological change and progression, one of, if not the most effective way of disseminating information is by word of mouth. It has something of a viral effect, one person telling another about something that impacted them in a positive way. That message then has the power to spread exponentially as each person tells their respective groups. It’s the concept social media replicates online, and is about as social as it gets when referring to offline advertising methods, and definitely one that should be utilized.

Promotional swag

Everyone likes free stuff, right? Right. That’s why it’s one of the best ways of promoting your business or product while also providing value to your prospective customers. Attaching your name or brand to something useful means that whomever you distribute your free swag to will see your brand whenever that item is used. Pens are obviously the most cost-effective and proliferated in this regard, but consider less mundane objects such as USB drives or sunglasses. The more use your product has, the more likely your brand will be remembered.

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