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A Closer Look at the Omega Swatch Moon Swatch

Omega Swatch Moon Swatch

Omega and Swatch are among the world's largest luxury watchmakers. These two companies have collaborated to create a masterpiece Omega Swatch Moonswatch. The solar system inspires the theme of these 11 collections of watches.

The Omega Swatch Moonswatch collection represents Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch which is the first watch Apollo wore on his first mission to the moon. The newly invented collection serves as an affordable version of the luxurious watch in the market to help many people to own this iconic masterpiece.

The Omega and Swatch Collaboration

It is a collection of eleven watches, and each is named after the recognized planets in our solar system and the moon. The model they named after the Moon resembles the original design of the Speedmaster Moonwatch, and it has the original specifications like a tachymeter scale and white hands.

The other models in the collection are named in order of the planets; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. There is also a model named after the sun. Each model is specified as a mission to….' The models are also differentiable using their unique colors.

Mission to the sun is golden, Mission to Neptune is blue, and Mission to Mars is fiery red. The watch's battery is located at the rear part of the watch, and it is endowed with an image of the solar system that it represents.

Figuring it All Out

For example, if the watch is blue, it represents Neptune, and at the back of the watch, it will have an image of the planet Neptune. The case back edge is inscribed with writings such as Dream Big, Enjoy the Mission, Fly Higher, Reach for the Planets, and Explore the Universe.

The watches resemble the original version of the Speedmaster Moonwatch in all eleven models. According to Swatch, each watch measures 42mm on the case, and they all have a Velcro strap that emulates the color of the planet they represent.

A similar Velcro strap was used on Omega Speedmaster because this type of strap would fit on top of astronauts' spacesuits when they traveled to space.

The Watches also have a signature called 'dot over ninety,' which details the tachymetric scale bezel with a unique Speedmaster subdial. However, there are visible differences when compared to the original model. The new models are manufactured from bio-sourced plastic and a blend of ceramic, while the original model is made from steel.

Essential Information

Since May 26, 2022, people have been seen in long queues as they wait to own a piece of the much anticipated Omega Swatch Moonswatch. The watch is made from ceramic and plastic, making it incredibly lightweight. It is comfortable and relaxed when compared to the original version.

The fact that it is lightweight makes it a fun watch to wear, and it is one of those watches that you cannot forget to wear. The Moonswatch and Mission to Mercury have a close resemblance, and they could be easily mistaken for each other. If you are familiar with these watches, it will be easy at a second or third glance to distinguish between the two watches. The moons watch looks incredible at first glance.

It has visible recessed subdials, and the raised rest of the watch makes it come alive. The hands are well made and of a higher quality than the original version.

Availability and Price

The good news is that these watches are not available in a limited version. The watches are now available for purchase. For now, you can only find them from selected stores. We expect they will soon be available for sale on the official Swatch website.

Even though the watches are not a limited edition, they may only be available for a limited period, according to a statement that is written on Swatch's official website. So, if you want to own this luxurious watch, hurry up while stocks last. The report released by Swatch also states that they limit the sale of one watch to one customer.

We anticipate that the watches will be available in selected Swatch Stores in the coming weeks, although it is not a limited edition. Currently, they are requesting customers to be patient as they impose the one watch per customer policy. They promise that they will soon establish the two watches per person policy. According to Swatch, the Omega Swatch Moonswatch costs $260.

Technical Specifications- Omega Swatch Moonswatch

The Moonswatch has the exact specifications as the original Speedmaster. The diameter of the watch is 42 mm; it has a lactologue that is exactly 47.34 mm, and its height is 13.25 mm.

The above technical specifications help the watch to remain flat on your wrist. A unique characteristic of this watch is that the case material is not made from ordinary stainless steel, but a material called bioceramic. The back case is 60% ceramic and 40% sustainable plastic, similar to regular plastic.

According to Esquire, the watch is lightweight and weighs 29 grams, which is light compared to the original version, 150 grams. The Moons watch is beautified with crystals like the other luxury watches. The strap is Velcro material which is a smooth and synthetic material. The only disadvantage of the material is that it tends to collect various materials it is attached to.


Omega and Swatch watches have reinvented the way we display time. The model collection is unique because they display each watch in a different model depending on the planet they represent in the solar system. You can grab the red watch if you consider yourself fiery or the blue watch if you are calm and collected.

The Moonswatch is the most outstanding model. It is comfortable and cool and you can't forget to wear it. If you are looking for a statement watch then this is the watch to buy. Everything about the watch is precise, from the shape to the case plus the comfort of wearing it. The design is simple, making it one of the best-looking watches.

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