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20 Things You Didn't Know about Outschool

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What do you know about Outschool, the popular online school enrichment program that has been taking everyone by surprise? Their popularity has increased dramatically during the pandemic, as more and more people are turning to places like this to help ensure that their kids are well educated. Clearly, you probably want to know as much about them as possible before you actually turn your own kids over to them. If you're curious, here are 20 things about them that you might want to know.

1. All of their classes are interactive

Every class they offer can be taken in an interactive manner that allows kids to engage with others. It's basically like having the best of both worlds. Kids have the opportunity to engage in all kinds of classes with other students, all through the safety of an online platform. In addition, they have the added benefit of being able to engage in various types of classes without having to worry about traveling to a specific location in order to take classes in person. This obviously benefits the busy lifestyle that most people have these days. In fact, it's something that can actually make the difference between having the chance to take a class or not. Therefore, this particular platform gives children the opportunity to take classes that they might not have been able to engage in otherwise.

2. They have more than 140,000 of them to choose from

If you want something that has a lot of options, this is definitely going to be at the top of your list as well. That's because they have more than 140,000 different classes from which to choose. That's obviously far more than any single student could ever actually participate in, but the benefit here is having options. If there's something they're interested in and their local school system doesn't offer it, they can take a class through this platform. By the same token, they have the opportunity to enrich the things that they're already learning through their local school system by taking additional classes in the same subject.

3. Anyone from ages 3-18 can enjoy a class

This particular platform is very inclusive, allowing students as young as three to take classes. By the same token, students can enjoy classes through this same platform until they are 18 years of age. That gives kids who have specific interests plenty of time to engage in the things that they are most passionate about. In reality, it could even set the stage for careers that they might not have otherwise decided to pursue.

4. They also offer one-on-one instruction

Of course, Outschool also offers one-on-one instruction. The last thing they ever want to do is have someone struggle through a class. While students have the ability to participate at a level that suits them best, those who need additional one-on-one instruction also have the opportunity to get the help they need so that they can enjoy the classes offered by Outschool and continue to excel at the same time.

5. They have tutors available for virtually any subject

For those students who need a little additional help, Outschool also has tutors available. Anyone who's ever struggled through a math class at their local school knows how beneficial it can be to have a tutor that truly understands the subject. Outschool makes it easy for parents to find tutors that can help their kids with virtually any subject they might be struggling with. It really can make all the difference between having a successful college career and going on to achieve great success versus struggling with a particular subject for the rest of one's life. As such, it's just one more benefit of using Outschool to enrich and enhance the classes that your child is already taking.

6. They vet all of their teachers

This particular company doesn't allow just anyone to come in and teach a class. Instead, all of their teachers are carefully vetted to ensure that they have the skills and qualifications necessary to properly teach the class that they want to teach. As such, a lot of licensed teachers spend their days in their local school system and their nights creating classes on Outschool. That means that students have the benefit of learning from some of the best teachers out there whose passion is matched only by their skill.

7. Students can enjoy small class sizes through their online platform

Another potential benefit of using this platform is that they maintain a relatively small class size. While students participate in video-based classes, the classes are kept very small so that everyone does indeed have the chance to participate. This is important because it's easy for students to get lost in a big group, especially when it's an online class that doesn't allow for any face-to-face interaction. Outschool purposefully keeps their classes small in order to avoid the chances of this happening.

8. They give kids the chance to learn about the things that interest them

With so many different classes available, it only stands to reason that they offer a lot more options than you'll find at even the best schools. Even colleges can't come close to the number of different subjects that they offer classes for. This gives kids of all ages an opportunity to learn about the things that really interest them, even if it's something that's relatively obscure and not offered in any local school system.

9. They offer private lessons, too

Some classes just don't lend themselves well to a group setting. Doing an online class with five or six other students is one thing when you're talking about math, but it's an entirely different subject if your child is taking voice lessons. Fortunately, they offer private lessons as well as the classes offered in a group setting. They really do go out of their way to ensure that students from all walks of life have an opportunity to learn in a manner that is beneficial to them. As such, the specific method for teaching a class may change depending on the class in question or on the students' needs.

10. They currently employ more than 10,000 teachers

Teachers recognize the value of Outschool just as much as students do. That's why over 10,000 of them are currently working with this particular platform. Many of them use it as a source of additional income that can supplement their day jobs.

11. They provide an avenue for success

Outschool provides an avenue for success that may not otherwise exist. If you have a student that goes to a school that only offers the most basic of classes, your child may not have an opportunity to engage in things that genuinely interest them such as theater, drama, film, writing or music. The same is true for those who are interested in taking art classes or in learning specific languages. Outschool provides an opportunity for all of these things and more, thereby opening doors for students that might have otherwise remained firmly closed well into adulthood.

12. Some of their classes cost less than $10

A few of their classes cost less than $10, with one even being offered for just $9. That's a great option for parents who are strapped for cash, yet who also want to make sure that their children have the best opportunity when it comes to education. Obviously, not all of their classes are offered for such an economical price. A lot of it depends on the length of the class in question, as well as any materials that are needed. It should also go without saying that the more intricately detailed a class is, the more likely it is to cost more money.

13. Other classes are more costly

Some of their classes cost upwards of $200. For example, they have a history class that lasts for 14 weeks that is available for $245. That might sound like a lot of money, but consider the fact that most municipal schools only have first term classes that last for six weeks. As such, this is basically like getting two classes in one, with a couple of extra weeks thrown in. It's also a comprehensive history class, which is one reason why it costs more than some of the other classes provided by the platform.

14. They also offer classes on sex education

Outschool wants to prepare students for life in the real world. As such, they offer classes on sex education. It's meant for purely educational purposes and was offered as a result of the declining trend to offer these types of classes in public schools. Since all children can't depend on learning what they need to learn in a home setting, Outschool provides an avenue for them when they need it.

15. They even have a class about smoking

By the same token, the organization also offers an educational class about smoking. That class also covers a few other drugs as well as alcohol. It in no way promotes the use of any type of substance. Instead, it is provided to help students gain a better understanding of what these types of substances can potentially do to the body and provide scientifically backed evidence that allows them to make informed choices as they grow older.

16. Teachers can even set their own hours

One reason that teachers love the platform so much is because they get to set their own hours. Clearly, this is beneficial because it gives them a chance to work around other employment. That fact, coupled with many of the other benefits that have already been discussed herein, is why so many teachers choose to teach additional classes through this particular platform.

17. They also get to set their prices for each class they teach

Anyone who teaches for Outschool also has the opportunity to set their own prices for each course. This also goes a long way toward explaining why some courses are incredibly affordable while others are far more expensive. At the end of the day, it really comes down to the individual who is teaching the class in question and how much they feel they should be paid for their time and effort.

18. Outschool both hosts and promotes the classes they offer

The company hosts any and all classes that teachers decide to head up. They even promote the classes on their behalf. This can be a huge benefit for anyone who wants to share their knowledge with a wider audience, yet doesn’t know where to begin when it comes to promoting their own classes.

19. They charge a fee in exchange for promoting classes

As you might expect, there is a tradeoff for all the work that Outschool does with regard to hosting and promoting other people’s classes. Outschool charges a fee for their hosting services and for the promotion of each class. That fee equals 30% of the total enrollment fees for any particular class. That said, there is no fee to post a class, so if it doesn’t get enough students to make enrollment, no money has been lost.

20. Teachers can work full or part-time

The platform lends itself to allowing teachers to work either full or part-time. Many of them have full-time jobs with their local school district and then teach classes on Outschool on a part-time basis. Others make this their full-time career. It really depends on how much effort you want to put forth in order to make the amount of money you need to make. It also helps that educators can set their own hours, as this gives them the opportunity to either work around another job or schedule several classes on the platform without worrying about them getting in the way of each other.

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