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A Closer Look at the Panthere de Cartier

Cartier is a well-known luxury brand that is recognized in the fashion community for providing high-end watches for men and women. Among these fashion accessories is the Cartier Panthere watch. This iconic timepiece brings high functionality and usefulness and illustrious fashion together in one piece. It has in some sense provided for a gap in women's watches for those who complain about women's watches being too small. The sizing has helped to bridge the gap by increasing the size slightly. The model is worthy of a closer look to fully appreciate its merits.

The Panthere de Cartier watch collection

The Panthere de Cartier is offered in three new pieces to give loyal patrons to the brand and the model a choice. It is available in a small two-tone variant, a medium-sized watch in steel and medium-sized watch in rose gold material. These are recent releases in the line that follow the re-release of the Panthere de Cartier that kicked off the craze in 1983. The watch quickly became a classic. The model seemed to disappear in the early 2000s and the stage is now set for it to make its re-emergence into the world of horology in 2020 in a new re-imagination.

Examination of the case

The new Panthere maintains the DNA of its famous predecessor with a square case. It is available in stainless steel material, or in rose gold. There is also a choice of 2 sizes. The small version measures 22 mm in diameter and the medium selections in 27 mm width. The bezel is fastened to the case with eight tiny screws. A feature that makes this square case stand out in the crowd is the way that the edges have been curved. To further complement the design, the crown guards and lugs are also curved to complete the aesthetic and give it a fluid appeal. The back of the case is applied in the same manner with a solid stainless steel plate that is attached with tiny screws.

A look at the dial

The dial of the new Panthere is presented in a flat white color as the background for other elements of the dial for a classic look. Applied Roman numerals that are slightly elongated with the Cartier signature at the 10 o'clock position. Almost whimsically, the numerals and the dial also feature the rounded curves within the square that give the indication of a wraparound effect as they make their way around the outer part of the dial. The minute markers are inset in black, which matches the color of the hour indications, within two thin lines that create the borders that create another unique design effect. At the bottom of the dial near the 6 o'clock position is the indication that lets everyone know that this watch is Swiss made.

The details of the small stainless steel

The Panthere de Cartier small steel version is powered with a Swiss quartz movement. The crown stands out not only because of the curved crown guards but also with its silver-tone and the inset synthetic blue spinel to tip the winding feature. The dial of this petite model is silvered with hands crafted in a sword shape and made of blued steel for a lovely contrast that enhances legibility. This is complemented with a stainless steel bracelet in link fashion that matches the case. This watch is water-resistant up to 3 ATM. It is available through select authorized vendors for an average selling price of $4,000.

The two-tone option

The two-tone Panthere de Cartier is basically the same watch with a slightly different treatment. Brand new, it retails for $7,350. The case features stainless steel material with a brilliantly polished finish and the addition of 18k yellow gold for the bezel and 8 tiny screws that hold it in place. This treatment is also applied to 2 interior rows of the links which are finished in 18k yellow gold to give the bracelet an attractive two-tone appeal. This is a dressier version of the new Panthere de Cartier in a medium-size, but there is one that we found to be a little more fitting for more formal events.

The rose gold Panthere de Cartier

Perhaps the most exquisite variant of the new Panthere de Cartier collection is the small model that is offered in pink gold and diamonds. This watch is designated as the Panthere De Cartier Reference WJPN0008. Everything about this special variation is the same when ordered in either the small model or the medium, with the exception of the application of the jewels and the materials.

The case measures 22 mm x 30 mm in width and 6 mm in depth. The dial is silvered with blued steel hands in a sword shape and elongated Roman numerals that wrap around the outer edge of the dial. The crown is set with a genuine diamond. The case is made of 18k pink gold, and the bracelet is made of the same material. The case is set with brilliant-cut diamonds around the edges with petite designs of pink gold to give it a special ultra-dressy opulence. As with other members of the new collection, this timepiece is water-resistant up to 30 meters. The use of such premium precious materials has increased the retail selling price of this very special edition to $23,500.

Final thoughts

The Panthere de Cartier has recently made a re-emergence in a new modern collection that retains the DNA of its predecessors. The new line launched with 3 basic choices available, but most recently we've seen some spectacular special editions released which are simply breathtaking for Cartier enthusiasts and collectors. Regardless of the iteration of your preference, the Panthere de Cartier follows the tradition of a small square wristwatch that oozes with charm and tradition with a hint of modern stylization that gives us reason to believe it will be as popular as the first Panthere de Cartier released in the 1980s.

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