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10 Things You Didn't Know About Perry Rosenstein

Perry Rosenstein is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He currently serves as the chief executive officer of the company Gatheround. We wanted to learn more about him. After a review of his personal and career history, we made some interesting discoveries about him that might be helpful for new entrepreneurs, as pointers for how to become successful in launching your tech endeavors. Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Perry Rosenstein.

1. Perry Rosenstein is a co-founder of Gatheround

Mr. Rosenstein is not only the CEO of Gatheround, but he is also a co-founder. According to The Org, he and his partners launched the company in 2018. It's a new take on a business that was previously called Icebreaker. It's a social media platform that helps people to connect on a more personal and social level. Gatheround is geared towards making online contacts more culturally attuned to help ease the loneliness and isolation that so many have felt over the past two years of the pandemic.

2. He is a digital strategist

Rosenstein brings valuable skills to the Gatheround group of co-founders. He has more than a decade of experience in the strategy and technology arena of business. He is talented in taking novel ideas and transforming them into real applications that have extra value-added to make them unique. Rosenstein is a powerful asset for any new startup and he has made significant contributions to influencing the differences in Gatheround that helps it to stand out above other platforms.

3. He worked for the Obama Administration

When Barak Obama was busy on the 2008 campaign trail, Perry Rosenstein was one of the people involved in the general election campaign. He held the position of New Media Director in Nevada. He has a high level of credibility with exceptional experience under his belt. Gatheround is used for helping to reach out to voters, thanks to his input. It allows campaigning organizations from all industries to more effectively reach out to their constituency with their messages.

4. Perry Rosenstein is also the co-founder of Hustle

Before joining forces with the team at Gatheround, Mr. Rosenstein helped to launch another company called Hustle. Hustle is a peer-to-peer text messaging operation that served as a precursor to reaching out to supporters and voters from advocacy organizations. This was an experience that he brings with him to the similar platform of Gatheround. Perry Rosenstein is on his way to becoming a serial entrepreneur with two successful startups to his credit.

5. Perry's expertise is in demand

As the co-founder of two successful social media startups, the knowledge and expertise that he has gained are in high demand by others just getting started in entrepreneurship and management of communication platforms. He is a current member of the Board of Directors of State Voices. He is also a special advisor for a variety of technology startups including Remesh and MobilizeAmerica.

6. He has international experience

According to Crunchbase, Rosenstein has international leadership experience. Hustle is a San Francisco, California-based company that specializes in CRM, Enterprise software, Messaging, SaaS, SMS, and Software production. Gatheround is a company that is headquartered in Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France. This gives him experience with international business and adds to his level of expertise. The rules of governance for operating a business vary from one country to another. Perry has learned to work in different countries of the world with knowledge about conforming to a variety of different rules and regulations.

7. He realizes the importance of human communication

According to Reno/Tahoe, Rosenstein is not just a tech guy that can link people up with a communications platform. He knows that it's essential to add a human element to this type of contact. He's a guy that is in touch with his own emotions and he understands that people need to truly connect on a more personal level.

8. Perry Rosenstein moved to Reno to manage his stress

Perry spent most of his life growing up in the San Francisco Bay area. it's a busy place, and creating two startups is even more stressful. He shared that his decision to move to Reno, Nevada was to find of more relaxing and beautiful place to live. The city is surrounded by Mountains and it gives him a reprieve from the stresses and strains one endures the owning and running a large business.

9. Perry Rosenstein is a family man

In addition to being a business owner and executive in the business world, Perry has a family. He married his wife when the two met in San Francisco. he is also a native of the Bay area. The two decided to move to a more relaxing place. His wife is a classically trained ballet dancer by profession. She is currently a choreographer and teacher working at several Reno studios. Perry knows that it is essential to maintain a good work and life balance. He isn't all about one thing or another. He has found that perfect balance between working hard to accomplish his career aspirations, and balancing that with a healthy personal life, and maintaining his connections with friends and family. His home is an hour from his parents' home, and on the weekends, he likes hanging out with friends, hiking, and enjoying the beauty of nature.

10. Perry Rosenstein has two degrees from Stanford

According to LinkedIn, Perry enrolled in two courses of study during his time at the prestigious academic institution Stanford University. He started classes in 2003, in the Symbolic Systems program. He also studied Economics. he graduated in 2007 with a bachelor of science in Symbolic Systems, and a bachelor of arts degree in Economics. What we found the most remarkable about this is that he earned two four-year degrees in just four years. This not only suggests he is academically inclined, but he is also a hard worker.

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