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10 Things You Didn't Know About Alpesh Patel

Alpesh Patel

Alpesh Patel is a British deal maker for international trade and a famed hedge fund trader. He has made a fortune in his career in investments and is known throughout the world as an expert on the topic. Here are 10 things that you might not know about Alpesh Patel that might inspire you to check out his educational offerings.

1. Alpesh Patel attended King's College

According to his LinkedIn page, Alpesh Patel started his education at King's College in London at the University of London in 1989. He studied law and earned his LLB degree in 1992. While there, he chaired the Debating Society. He wrote his dissertation on the powers of Parliamentary Select Committees. He studied at inns of Court from 1992 through 1993 and earned his Barrister degree. he studied corporate chancery and commercial disciplines. While there he was a member of the Student's Committee, Lincoln's inn. This was a Bar vocational course where he learned corporate and commercial law, civil litigation, advocacy, and negotiation skills.

2. He was an exchange student

in 2004, Alpesh entered an exchange program in an agreement that existed between Oxford University and Boston University. He spent a semester working as n Congressional Intern for Congressman Eliot Engel. He served his internship at the US House of Representatives.

3. He was a United Nations Director

Alpesh Patel served as a director at the United Nations Association. He joined the organization in 2009 and remained for 3 years until May of 2012 at the post. Mr. Patel oversaw the activities of the organization to promote its activities in the international organization that is committed to promoting world peace as well as overseeing efforts to ensure efficient flow of business, economic and humanitarian causes.

4. Patel served as Deputy Chairman of Council for the Commonwealth Gates Council

In 2010, Alpesh Patel joined the Commonwealth Gates Council as Deputy Chairman of Council in London, England. He served for 6 years at the post until June of 2016. Patel's job was to help shape public opinion of the Commonwealth. He worked with the media as well as brought in speakers to deliver the intended messages. He also worked with the Armed Forces of Great Britain as a part of his regular duties.

5. He was a director at the UK India Business Council

In January of 2005, Alpesh Patel became a founding director of the United Kingdom Business Council in the United Kingdom. This is an organization that is led by businesses to promote trade and investments between India and the United Kingdom. Part of Patel's job was to facilitate increased trade between the two countries. Programs he oversaw and administered encouraged skill development and other activities that would promote more trade between the UK and India. He remained at the post for 11 years and 8 months, leaving in August of 2016.

6. He co-founded the Indus Entrepreneur's board of the UK

In 2000, Mr. Patel became a co-founder and director other the Advisory Board for The Indus Entrepreneurs of the UK, called TIe. This is a chapter of the Indus Entrepreneurs that was founded in the Silicon Valley in 1992 by a group of corporate executives, senior professionals, and entrepreneurs who had their roots in the Indus region. The purpose of the group is to mentor, network, and provide educational resources that foster entrepreneurship. It's a part of the movement to increase skills and encourage more people from the Indus region to embark on business ventures and increase trade.

7. Mr. Patel started trading as an adolescent

According to Udemy, Alpesh Patel is a world-famous instructor who teaches thousand of students about international trade. He is highly educated and he has a high degree of expertise and experience. He began teaching small groups at first. Soon his audience grew to thousands and he was teaching throughout the world.

8. He is a famous author

In addition to teaching about trade and investing, Mr. Patel has written several publications. He outlines his methods for successful trading strategies on the pages of multiple texts, offering education and advisement in print. He wrote "The Online Trading CourseBook" as a guide for personal investing that is read by beginning traders as well as professionals who have been in the business for decades. Mr. Patel has an interesting history that includes starting his career as a trader when he was just 12 years old. He borrowed money from his aunt to make his first trades. He had a proclivity for trading from the time that he was just a young boy. He pursued education to increase his skills and it helped him to use his natural raw talent to become one of the foremost authorities on the topic in the world.

9. He is a financial journalist and columnist

Patel is also well-known in the media as a journalist and columnist. He consistently writes about trading and the financial markets, providing his audiences with behind-the-scenes opinions about current affairs as they relate to the world of finance. His personal experience as a trader and the founder of a hedge fund makes him uniquely qualified to provide the information to others.

10. Alpesh Patel is one of the most in-demand, guest speakers

Mr. Patel is a successful entrepreneur who operates his own hedge fund company serving high net worth clients. He's one of the top dealmakers, working with governments and one of the leading authorities on trading and investment. As such, he is constantly in demand all over the world. He possesses a keen understanding of how to make the best decisions and investors constantly clamor for his advice. He appears over various forms of media with expanding networks televising his recorded interviews and guest speaking appearances. He was named a Visiting Fellow on Business and Industry by Oxford University. He frequently lectures on trading. The demand for the trading education he offers has gone up exponentially. This inspired him to set up a series of online education courses just to keep up with the high demand.

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