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10 Things You Didn't Know about Christopher Hopper

Christopher Hopper is the head of Aurora Solar. They provide power for homes and businesses with solar energy. Hopper has been in the industry for over 20 years. He was formerly an engineer at General Electric. He as also the Vice President of Technology Development at Horizon Solar Power Company and Chief Operating Officer of Enphase Energy Corporation. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 things you didn't know about Christopher Hopper!

1. Education

Christopher Hopper had a degree in business administration from the University of Southern California. He also finished his internship at The Walt Disney Company. He worked as an Executive Assistant and got to work with Robert Iger. His post-graduate education includes attending the Imperial College London. He received his Master of Science in Engineering there.

He also attended Stanford Graduate School of Business. He got a Master of Business Administration and he finished it. Christopher Hopper has completed a Doctorate of Business Administration. It is an advanced degree. Christopher Hopper is now an honorary Fellow at the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. Christopher Hopper's degrees are in Management and Economics. He speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

2. Former US Navy Officer

Christopher Hopper served in the US Navy for five years. Then he decided to become a businessman. He served on ships and submarines. He traveled around the world. And he got his sea legs when he was at the home base too. This person said, "The best days were those spent traveling and experiencing other cultures." Hopper left the navy and then he went to Stanford Business School. He got his master's degree in management.

3. Career at Citigroup

Christopher Hopper worked for Citigroup. He was a vice president in the investment banking division at Citigroup Inc. He helped companies find the money for what they wanted to do. He worked with companies that were in the healthcare and technology industries. He helped people buy and sell over $100 billion's worth of things during his time with Citigroup. He helped Cigna Corp. buy Express Scripts Holding Co., and Clearwire Corp. by Sprint Nextel Corp., and arranging for financing for AT&T Inc.'s acquisition of BellSouth in 2006.

4. Works for Bain Capital

Christopher Hopper has a good resume for a person who has worked in different places. He also worked at Bain Capital. Christopher was the youngest person to ever be promoted at Bain & Company. He became a partner there before moving on to start his own company. Christopher has experience in many different industries.

5. Co-founded Aurora Solar

In 2007, Christopher Hopper co-founded Aurora Solar with Matt McGovern. Christopher has worked in the solar energy industry for over 10 years. This man is the CEO of a company that makes clean power technology. He has done a lot of good things to help make more clean power. Christopher Hopper has been in the solar power industry for 20 years and has seen a lot of changes over time. Aurora Solar is a company that makes solar panels for people.

They want to make clean power more affordable and accessible. Christopher Hopper made Aurora Solar the biggest company in five years by bringing experts from different levels of the solar industry together. The team designs and implements solar solutions for a variety of customers. They also work on new markets.

6. Member of the Board of Directors for SunPower Corporation

Christopher Hopper is a member of the Board of Directors for SunPower Corporation. Christopher was appointed in September 2016 and has been on their board since 2014. Until 2020, this person will be the director. He will leave at that time and an independent person will take his place. Christopher Hopper is a person who helps guide the company's strategy and operations.

He also provides counsel on important business initiatives including mergers and acquisitions. Christopher has helped make a lot of deals happen. He is good at making deals, and he has helped with SolarCity Corporation, Total SA, and Enovos.

7. Adjunct Professor as USC's Sol Price School of Public Policy

Christopher Hopper is an adjunct professor at USC's Sol Price School of Public Policy. He teaches a course on solar and the environment in spring semesters at USC. In his teaching time, he has seen some of his students change from not believing in climate change to thinking about how they can help the environment. He has seen his students go from being environmentalists to environmental entrepreneurs. He teaches a class about solar power in the fall semesters. He also talks about renewable energy at conferences all over the world. He wants more politicians to take action against climate change. He also wants them to do something about other problems that have arisen in the past few years.

8. Co-author with John Farrell

Christopher Hopper is a co-author of John Farrell, and they wrote The Next American Energy Economy. The Next American Energy Economy talked about how America should use all sorts of energy. It said there is renewable power like wind, solar, and biomass. This content is about going green and how it will help America be less dependent on foreign oil.

It is also a way for Christopher Hopper to promote Aurora Solar, which he currently serves as CEO. Christopher wanted to work with renewable energy because his dad works at Bell Labs and they are working on solar cells. This book will teach you how to save money and reduce your environmental footprint. It will also teach you how to make America more independent from foreign oil.

9. Family Oriented Man

Some people didn't know that he spends time with his family on their farm near Dallas, Texas. Christopher Hopper lives in New York City with his wife and three children. He spends time with his family every day and has dinner together most nights.

10. He Loves Meeting People

When Christopher was at school, he would talk to people instead of doing his work. Now you can see that this has paid off because he is successful today. He likes to meet new people, so he does things like hosting parties at the office or going to lunch with coworkers. He also learned the importance of listening.


In conclusion, Christopher Hopper is a great leader in the solar energy industry. He changed his company Aurora Solar with what he did. That change would not have happened if he didn't do it. He is able to keep the company going and build it bigger. That shows that he has good leadership skills. Christopher Hopper has done a really good job leading Aurora Solar. He will do even better in the future.

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